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Re: Vision issues...
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Published: 26 months ago
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Re: Vision issues...

Years ago---



were not fearful of e-mailing/calling etc...............and would supply testimonies and by these testimonies EVERYTHING ACCELERATED------because by way of testimonies I knew what worked and how people liked or disliked a method; etc.............

By the the time everyone had a smart phone---the world changed. PEOPLE learned to be fearful---scared to say anything, scared to use their name, their picture-----ANYTHING, because they learned quickly how many predators fill the internet world.....

TODAY.......most people under the age of 60 are scared to say anything.........via internet.....

ACTUALLY, the amish people today, ate using phones and their children are leaving by the thousands because they got hold of cell phones and the entire amish civilization in North America is rapidly changing and about the ONLY PEOPLE today that we hear testimonies from..........otherwise a few older people by phone and long time customers will say this or that------

THE DAYS of open testimonies are GONE----IN THE PAST; the same reason why people are fearful of posting or asking anything that they are scared another person will see.........

So the stories are getting OLD.

Sadly 90% of the cool stuff will never be known by others---because it has became impossible to have that kind of communication any more.........and of the cool stuff that people did know of 15 years ago---perhaps 10% is popular today and the original customers still seeking to purchase.

EVERYTHING learned new----- will never be learned for the fact people are too reminds me of city kids 30 years ago that would never ever open their windows in fear their neighbors would see them and never open their doors because they did not want to pay their bills and they live in seclusion and depressed....

So a few years ago I updated everything of any value from this forum and exploring herbs for 30+ years and put it into 1 paper back 502 page book with an option of a filled USB full of more books and files than anyone would ever read...BUT IT WAS TOO LATE, the people scattered and scared and all seek beautiful websites with fake doctors saying: BUY this little bottle of XXX and all your troubles will be gone.....and like moths to the flame, they seek false claims and worthless the point today, 98% of everything sold on the internet
is fake trash; basically fake news.....people buy it, collect it and never consume it---like zombies.

YET, the real stuff works as good as it ever did and the oldest order amish still seek such herbs---the ones that resale will buy hundreds of gallons of this and that and sale by the bottle in their little mom and pop stores...

So the day of real herbs is fading quickly---very quickly. I would say in less than 20 years what I make will be obsolete and a thing of the far as people have interest; but I believe the kids will make such things for them selves the rest of their lives, because it is the only healthy thing they know of---they have never seen a M.D. since after they were born and no need for dentist, fact, the children ended up becoming the testimony---my only way of knowing how well things work beyond myself...

Base Spray 1 was a life changing formula. Something I had never ever read of or could believe could ever work in the ways it many cases, it works so fast it is beyond belief. YET, over time, everything fades away slowly. Often the best of the best fades the fastest....some of the greatest things I ever made have faded quickly......and eventually, everything that has no demand will eventually fall off the product list for good.

I started using herbs with the idea we make what we use and not care about anything else, unless someone ask. At one time so many were asking that it became a large daily job.........and I learned allot during those days. Enough to believe the 1957 Co-Q10 Scientist had the correct theory as to how the human body functions. Along with Hotema, Christopher, Jackson and many many other great past authors---everything was provable and correct. Only everything could be made better and easier......and Herbal Spray 1 goes beyond anything the old doctors knew of---way beyond, because they had no clue the power of the skin and how fast herbs can work.

In fact, some did know we are no healthier than our last breath of air---but were not into herbs and did not discover how right they actually were.

Herbal Spray 1 lead into dozens of spray formulas---but people had no interest because there were endless options and that destroys all chances when people have many to choose from. Spray 1 lead to what I call Air Freshen. Air Freshen changed all our lives forever......yet, near impossible to make and sale today.....such things people have no interest in due to cost, etc.....even though in reality it is one of the cheapest things a family could do for their health.......actually air freshen could be greatly advanced, but due to lack of interest it never made it to the second stage of a second formula.

The same with Herbal Spray 1----for 10 years I have dreamed of a Herbal Air/Spray water therapy room.....because I believe it it could be life changing experience....Those that understand the Sitz bath book and garlic book on my USB would have an idea of what I am saying-------but people also do not read anymore.......their cell phones have consumed their days and time is flying by rapidly for all.

This link is to the old website created for this forum----the stories are old; because there are no new stories other than the old folks that order by phone and their stories are as amazing as it ever was-----

I continue to learn daily, be guided to new things all the time and new people from around the world----I just call it the miracle of 108. No one on earth today I believe can explain 108, but they seem as real as they ever have been in earth history.......I recently discovered a source by a man that created 380 educational videos, I figure that will take me years to explore.......he seems like a brother from another mother and he has been de-worming people for 40 years; I do not agree with many things he believes, because he does not understand herbs and still does many things the hard way, like enemas, etc.

The Dr. Howard Hay M.D. Way was the known medical cure for all diseases and I believe it can be 10x easier and 10x better when herbs are used correctly............and sadly most of the world could care less. One of Harvard's Teacher's / Blue Blood doctors who spent her lifetime in the chem trail program; told me life is like:

setting along side a river and watching history pass by.

Please read the herbal spray early stories before you try a bottle. I can tell you now, all the herbal sprays are best when used daily for LIFE.

1 bottle will not solve the world.


daily is best.



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