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Parasites / Demons
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Published: 17 months ago

Parasites / Demons

A very smart Dr. believes "everything" inside "YOU" that does not belong there----is a form of demonic possession.

In that, such things as parasites are eating you, pooping in you and releasing hormones seeking to control you.

Something controlling you could be considered a demon.

many scientist today believe parasites control animals and humans no different.

EVERYONE KNOWS humans can easily be controlled by way of education, peer pressure and the hypnotist. The hypnotist proves they can take a human body and 100% control it---some evil governments take that to extreme and turn kids/women/adults into bombers.......once the body has been taken, the bad person uses it for bad intentions.

Worms / Parasites out number "you" by the hundreds of thousands/millions inside each body------every living parasite is pooping and seeking to control the environment so it can live......

PARASITES are always at war with other endless parasites---the human body only supplies X amount of food and the parasites depend on how well they control their food source.

There is endless proof demons can be removed instantly---so those demons would not be the physical parasite.
This great dr. today, believes your demons make you do what the demons enjoy and that those that enjoy horror movies showing death and torture are extremely possessed by these demons that are all about torture and death of humans on earth.

He goes on to explain how belly fat is a demon..........why? Because belly fat is something that does not belong on the human body-----

all of medical agrees---NO HUMAN really should weigh more than 165 pounds if they are 6+ feet tall male.

The accumulations that make a person weigh more than 165 do not belong there in a healthy male.

large bulky muscle is not healthy muscle----everything not healthy should not be there, so it is alien.

EVERYTHING that accumulates feeds the worms.......

All humans realize they are possessed or driven spiritually at times and do things they really did not want to do.....when caught or think about it later, some will say the devil made me do it---meaning they really did not like what they did.

Prisons are full of millions of people that were possessed or prompted to do something that landed them in trouble with the gov.

the good doctors conclude the human body is a vessel that is influenced by many things and they use their toxic drugs to do just that----influence the body.

Poisons directly influence the body, just as worm poop and worm hormones influence your body non stop...

humans are poisoned endlessly
no wonder so many loose control of their functions and mind and can't remember their own name the last 5 years of life.

Demons could easy in fact be considered everything that is inside you, that harms you.....

NO ONE wants to admit what they see in the mirror, because they have watched them selves become over whelmed with accumulations that has aged them, harmed them and driven them to do bad things...

This fact has lead to the doctors killing people at least 6 months prematurely and education to get people to ask for medical assisted suicide...

remember, torture/death/murder would be true signs of demonic possession.....killing unborn babies would be an extreme example of murder on a demonic level of biblical magnitude.

At least 1 doctor that has been de-worming humans for 40 years believes worms are the DEMONS....

How powerful are the thousands/millions of parasites inside you?

Diet correction, removing poisons from your life, learning orange juice fasting, learning about de-worming herbs, and seeking to exterminate the bad things living inside you----should be the goal of all humans...

The dying are an example of being over whelmed with poisons......and toxic parents having toxic/deformed babies creates people with so many problems in life---------but all can choose to live better. Just the removal of worms can make a huge difference and the reduction of poisons should extend life greatly...

Humans and actually all living things were born into a war zone.. plants / trees, everything fights for space to live........humans are no different and they are at war externally non stop and externally their entire lifetime...

Human want to believe they are the drivers of their body and that their body is not them.....they want to believe they are a spiritual being that is just a bad controller of the body God supplied for them......they know they have abused their body, mostly because their parents abused their body and they are just the end result of nothing but centuries of abusing the human a result, they come from families of misery....they do not know anything different---they were born with the same worms that their family was born with for thousands of years....

as the world becomes more toxic via pollution and various other man created and natural reasons, the human must take care of their body more than ever, because the war has became great and those that ignore the war easily succumb.

Modern day politics / wars are proof humans are humans greatest enemies--same as with most species, it is your fellow specie seeking to harm all others so they have more space to live---a dog eat dog existence....humans want to believe they are better, but history proves otherwise---humans hurt humans more than all else...

WORMS FEAST on the deformed--everything that Nature wants dead, feeds the worms.

What controls humans surely is the largest subject in human history and year after year they continue to discover more and more human parasites--literally hundreds of thousands of various parasites living inside the human body.

YOUR BLOOD and YOUR BLOOD ALONE is what controls the health of your body........healthy blood declares war against all bad things..

Herbs aid by way of supplying nutrients for the blood to create strong bones and flesh.............along with sun's energy in every breath of air.... all correct foods are herbs of the tree and plants.

EVERY BAD CHOICE ends in more parasites mentally and physically---call them demons, call them what you like----they are freeloaders that eventually lead to your death.

HEAVY METALS accumulate and kill over time.....

The more heavy metals you have, means your bones are affected, your flesh affected and the worms feast.

There are thousands of reasons you will not live a full lifespan.

Humans want to believe their spirit lives on after they have carelessly killed their body---if so, so in theory does every living thing, because every living thing is crated by the same God.........and most obey nature far better than humans ever could.........

Most living things love as much or far more than humans do.

The belief only humans live on---would be about as false as false could possibly be.


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