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Who seeks herbs for Longevity?
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Published: 5 months ago

Who seeks herbs for Longevity?

Who actually uses herbs for their health?

Certainly people that did not seek herbs until past age 40 are more than likely doing it because of reading advertisements that promise everything but the truth. These consumers are impose buyers and rarely buy the same product twice and almost never ever consume the product past the first sample taste or they just ad it to their closet collection of supplements.

Odds are that 95% of all supplements consumed on earth today are due to false advertising.

The people most likely to use herbs have been raised on herbs as their parents method to help them avoid medical drugs.

The amount of people who were raised on herbs as a method to make their as healthy babies, healthy children, healthy adults----most likely is very rare. WHY? Because the people that tend to use herbs the best, tend to be very poor, so they can not afford to take herbs daily and are more likely to use herbs as their medicines.

in the past 20+ years; the customers that have consumed the most; often make less than $10,000 per year. Some make almost nothing and will ask relatives to pay for them, etc. Some will actually be in-between jobs or living with friends because otherwise they are homeless.

People with $$$$ that can afford herbs, often will be past age 50 and exploring ways to slow down their aging.

Often people that were not raised on herbs will not like the taste of herbs.

naturally there is an exception to every rule and theory.

Sadly the authors of books tend to be liars or confused and mostly only write in an effort to make more $$$. When it comes to books and teachers of human health---it is students BEWARE, because your going to go on a ride of lies and deceit.

one can not understand herbal use unless they understand human function........sadly medical hides as many facts as they can from the public in fear they will loose power.

You can not possible understand herbal use unless you first understand your stomach, your organs and your health.

The human body responds to everything and will adapt to most anything......

We humans are almost like a sponge and like all living things----we are a result of the total toxic environment.

EVERY THING we touch and EVERY BREATH of AIR we take----becomes a problem for our Longevity......our skin/blood must deal with it.

What is poison for one, may be harmless to the next person for the sole reason of the response of the blood/brain of each person.

OVER REACTION to poisons probably is the major reason for human deaths.

A simple example:

Normally cayenne is going to taste hot, feel hot and come out hot....when a person was not raised with cayenne/spices. While a person that was raised with cayenne or adapted to cayenne------their body has no reaction and zero hot taste, zero hot response. GOOD or BAD, it is how the brain/blood responds.


Your brain / blood can make your life good or very bad.

Your blood can respond in a split of 1 second..........many believe ever blood cell has brain capacity. The ancients believed your life is in your blood.

Physically everything with contact will affect you.......mentally some people believe they can affect you from hundreds, even thousands of miles away. While your magnetism / electric can be effected by getting near metals and just getting near other humans or basically anything that is alive---can affect you.

Life on earth most likely is a result of THE SUN and GOD that created the sun and the on earth is not made of the earth--if anything, life on earth ads to the earth after death.

A tree has no earth inside it, anymore than what you ate makes you who you see.

When the tree and the human dies---they add to the earth. The energy that enabled the tree and human to develop came from the sun.

AIR / SUN / ENERGY = all and the spirit of life comes from the creator God... the one thing all of medical and science avoids is THE SPIRIT--they can not explain spirit of life---the ability to be alive.

HERBS are FOODS. For the human, all foods are herbs of the tree/bush and as needed, the plant. The human body should make use of the herb and eliminate 100% of it as spent fuel.

What is physical and accumulates inside the body---is what kills is a contaminate and worms/bacteria/fungus feast on the waste...

the human body is like a furnace and the ash left inside an unclean furnace is what puts out the fire.

Humans like all life on earth are amazing creations----humans have the ability to create poisons and they poison the earth accidentally as much as they poison the earth deliberately to kill each other.

The most important use of herbs are as:

Organ Cleansers
Building blocks

A clean furnace puts out maximum BTU, while a dirty furnace and dirty fuel results in clogging, rust, failure.


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