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Re: Religious Arrogance...
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Religious Arrogance...


You are deeply aligned with institutionalized religion and several of it's doctrines which i believe to be false and which i also believe to be primarily unsubstantiated from within your own bible. I know that conversely, you feel that since i am not aligned with institutionalized religion and not in agreement with these doctrines which you believe to be indisputably true and not open to peaceable discussion that you feel entitled to launch into personal attacks.

I also know you hold to a position that the bible is a specially and precisely chosen book that comes strait from God whereas i believe it's just what we ended up with based upon free will writings of men partially inspired of God and partially not that were popularly circulating at the time. You seem to believe that simply because books were popularly circulating in the early church and that eventually men chose a number of these popularly circulating books to be canonized, this automatically proves them to be 100% God breathed, inerrant, and infallibile, but i believe this to be an outrageously irrational leap to make and that nothing could be further from the truth.

To me it's a primary example of religious gullability, a sweeping grand scale religious delusion which is the polar opposite of wisdom and healthy discernment. You believe it makes God happy for you to have faith that this book is 100% perfect and 100% aligned with His heart and i believe instead that it deeply grieves Him that this preposterous religious deception has become so popularized and propagandized, including by people like you, most especially because this book in addition to containing beautiful truths in places, also contains horrific atrocities, absurdities, double standards and contradictions which slander Him in other places.

Aside from whether or not this book is 100% perfect, you believe the bible is clear on certain positions that you hold to including in your belief that God is a trinity, but in reality it is not at all clear and indisputable and you are simply not being honest with yourself or at least you are simply not seeing that this is not nearly as black and white as you are making it out to be. It becomes even more questionable and suspicious when certain pro-trinity verses were scribed in later... or in other instances mistranslated with a pro trinitarian agenda, both of which i believe the honest evidence overwhelmingly points. Even if i did believe in a 100% God breathed bible that did not contain agenda-driven forged fraudulent verses, even still i see that relatively few verses seem to support the trinity position while thousands of other verses seem to oppose it.

The bible had vast numbers of opportunities to simply state, "God is a 3 person God", "the three person God created the Heavens and the Earth", "the triune God spoke to Moses", etc. Instead God is depicted throughout thousands of verses as a one person, one personality God which is the obvious default. If you were able to be more honest with yourself, rather than thinking biasedly like a trinitarian apologist, at least you would be able to admit that your own book seems to lend immense support throughout thousands of verses to the position that God is one person... and far less seeming support to the idea that God is three persons.

Rainy: I'm sorry to be so offensive to you, but the truth can be offensive.

Ed: My truth about the bible not being 100% perfect is obviously extremely offensive to you, so i am sorry that you find this truth to be so upsetting.

Rainy: I get my truth from scripture.

Ed: You get both truth and lies from your bible and you are unable to tell the difference. This is because your hands are tied by your false doctrines of the 100% perfect bible. The advantage i have by not believing the false parts of the bible to be true is that i get to discern and filter these false parts out and to believe only the true parts. What you also get from your bible is your interpretations which are not the indisputably correct interpretations you seem to believe them to be.

Rainy: The Holy Spirit bears witness to my beliefs.

Ed: Anybody can say this Rainy. The Holy Spirit bears witness to my beliefs and the Holy Spirit is telling me that you are wrong.

Rainy: You are now in serious error. You have let false teachers sway you with their false doctrines.

Ed: You have been in serious error for a long time Rainy, most likely ever since you went to fundamentalist bible college. You have let false religion and its false teachers dating back to early catholicism sway you with its false doctrines.

Rainy: You are in a battle for your very soul.

Ed: You are a part of the harlot institutionalized church system which is itself a major cult and you are deeply deceived by its many lies, but God loves you nevertheless and you're going to be ok.

Rainy: You seem to be drawn to strange doctrines by demons.

Ed: You seem to be drawn by demons to fundamentalism, to institutionalized religion, the harlot church and to its doctrines of demons. The Holy Spirit tells me so.

Rainy: I just never expected this from someone who seemed to be so on fire for God. To be honest, I was expecting you to be a spiritual giant with all the zeal I saw in you.

Ed: Someone could only ever be a spiritual giant in your eyes if they agree with your harlot church doctrines including the doctrines of the 100% perfect bible. Everybody else is disqualified.

Rainy: I am racking my brains out trying to figure out what went wrong.

Ed: You ended up placing your trust in the harlot church and anybody that is not aligned with your false church is someone you imagine to be off course. You are racking your brains trying to figure out why i did not join and submit myself under the counterfeit institutionalized religious system as you have done. If ever you come out of her and gain your freedom, you will be able to stop racking your brains trying to understand why i am not a part of that false system.

Rainy: I know those in false religions fast and pray to their false gods. Maybe that's all you ever had and I just didn't see it.

Ed: Two of your false gods are your bible and your counterfeit religious system, the harlot church. Do you fast unto them? I have known for several years that you have been in idolatry to your bible and what i am now seeing more clearly than ever is that you are also in idolatry to institutionalized religion. I believe the true God is in your heart somewhere for you, that He is your God in part but that these two false Gods are stealing quite a bit of your devotion from Him. My hope is that you will come out of false religion and the false beliefs that system propagandized into you and that you will trade in your idols for true and pure living relationship with the Living God.

Rainy: You used to believe in scripture when I first met you. I know you did.

Ed: If you imagine that i believed in a 100% God breathed bible when we met, then somehow you were deceived in your beliefs. I believed then as i believe now. That the bible contains a lot of beautiful truth and it also contains a lot of other parts that were never God's truth. I have known this truth for 25 years since i was first baptized in the Holy Spirit. At that time i was enjoying Living relationship with the Living God, experiencing Him very deeply, seeking His heart in prayer very deeply and to my surprise He very clearly spoke this truth to me. I have already known this truth for 25 years and I have fairly recently become aware of more of the specifics of how the bible is not the 100% God breathed book institutionalized religion has propagated it to be including but not limited to how several of the epistles are fraudulent forgeries, written by false authors pretending to be Paul or somebody else.

Rainy: Then the false teachers came in.

Ed: I know you like to project what happened to you onto me - your own deception by false teachers - but unlike you i actually have always over the past 25 years very deeply sought the Lord for myself. The truth about knowing that the bible is not 100% God breathed, inerrant and infallible came directly from God in prayer about 25 years ago, not as you falsely imagine from any man. When i heard this in prayer, it was the first time i had ever heard it because institutionalized church was certainly not teaching it. This truthful revelation was the exact opposite of what the institutionalized church i was attending at the time was falsely teaching.

As another bible related breakthrough that came later, i believe it was about 7 years ago that God began to show me how much the bible is treated by many, including yourself Rainy, as an idol, as their god, as a replacement for God's living voice, placed up on a pedestal, ascribed God-like characteristics (inerrancy, infallibility, perfection) and treated as being co-equal with God as if it were the 4th member of the trinity.

You have been deceived by the counterfeit institutionalized church system Rainy, the false harlot church, its false teachers and its false doctrines... and i haven't. i managed to escape from that false system 25 years ago and to remain free of its lies... but you hunger and thirst to imagine that i was the one who was taken in by the false teachers when actually it was you.

Jesus said that He would send the Holy Spirit who would teach all truth. Once i received the baptism in the Holy Spirit that Jesus speaks of, it is this Holy Spirit that i have always sought to learn from, deeply and directly... and not the counterfeit institutionalized religious system substitute that you have chosen.

You seem to make a lot of cutting comments against fasting unto the Lord, largely because you know i have done quite a bit of it, but i believe that sincere fasting unto God is one of the most powerful tools God has provided that can greatly help people such as yourself to break free from the bondages of institutionalized religion and from its various popularly propagated false doctrines. It's the very tool that could really help you to get the breakthrough you need.

You believe i am lost because i don't believe in a 100% perfect bible and i believe you are lost because you do believe in that preposterous idea which i consider to be a ridiculous religious lie given what i consider to be obvious both through simple discernment as well as through the obvious evidences to the contrary including but not limited to the fraudulent books written by authors pretending to be Paul.

I feel that you have learned to not think for yourself Rainy, that you have training wheels that attach you like a ball and chain to institutionalized religion's popular opinions and that you are trapped there and stuck there rather than being free in Christ. I think you are looking upon that system and its popular beliefs as a solid safe foundation, but instead you are stuck in falseness and you have remained stuck in all the years i have known you.

Maybe your experience in bible college deeply indoctrinated you to think as a fundamentalist, deeply damaged you, and deeply diminished your capacity to discern correctly. In any case it seems to have turned you unshakably into a full fledged bible zealot that refuses to (or is possibly unable to) see the truth about how the bible (including in its original form) is most definitely not the 100% God breathed, inerrant and infallible book the counterfeit institutionalized religious system has deceived the masses, including yourself, into believing it to be.

i don't expect to be able to help you to gain freedom in all of these areas where i feel you are in serious error and in bondage to the enemy and i think you know that since i am free from institutionalized religion that you are not going to be able to change my mind and drag me back into that counterfeit harlot system.

Ultimately I agree to disagree with you.

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