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Chocolate by MH
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Published: 18 months ago

Chocolate by MH

Chocolate can be an addictive food source for some people. When I was a child---basically we went to town once or twice per year....lived on a gravel road, no indoor plumbing and no TV until about age 6 and the tiny black and white tv back then never lasted very long and yes----if you had a phone, it hung on the wall and you shared it with everyone living on that road.

Dad working in a factory in the city would often bring home 1 chocolate bar on pay day and we as a family shared that 1 candy bar........BACK THEN a 10 cent candy bar could in fact feed the whole family of 6.....for real.

So I grew up trained to love the taste of Chocolate.....and on super special occasions dad would bring home a Pepsi. When my dad was a kid, the big treat was a CLARK BAR and with me, it was the larger BABE RUTH candy bar. Dad could cut the babe ruth bar into 6 pieces.

YOU WOULD THINK living on all organic garden and no such thing as gmo or store purchased foods, that we would have PERFECT TEETH---but the opposite was the truth---the all - organic vegetable diet with hand pump / cistern water supply and cold drafty old brink house lead to sore throats/croup all winter and because we were all vaccinated at the local schools---all the kids had ever childhood disease you can name-----thanks to the vaccinations....these vaccinations and wrong diet lead to tooth decay and then lots of mercury fillings.

So as a family, we never keep chocolate in the house, same as we keep no milk, no pop, etc.....remove the temptations and you raise children not addicted to such stuff.

Many people hate the taste of herbs and use that as their excuse to not take them..........this winter I had the urge to try herbs in chocolate..........such as the most potent of them all---wormseed oil. the dosage for an adult male is 1-2 drops daily.

I obtained dark chocolate and a candy mold from an amish store and today, finally I gave it a try..I had never melted chocolate before today---so naturally I burned it...and had to ask my wife how you do it. So my second trial was perfect.

What I noticed was this:

The bulk dark chocolate is super hard, dissolves very slow in the mouth........

I made large candy drops--these are cone shaped drops, fairly large, big as a quarter at the base.

2 drops wormseed oil per candy drop.

The candy formed perfect, taste great. What was amazing is that the 2 drops of oil made the choclate creamy in your mouth and dissolved fast and cream like----yummy it is.....

When kids got home form school I gave them a piece and they loved it.

Such candies are extreme adult use only!

The idea is that you take 2 drops of wormseed oil per day for 30 days and then no herbs for 30 days and wait see if anything happens......nothing has more medical/herbal history than wormseed oil. Wormwood oil mixes equally as well and the super high 8 oil formula clark wrote of could also be blended with these 2 herbs.

naturally an empty capsule works equally as well---the chocolate candy is just a novelty way for chocolate lovers.



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