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Published: 5 months ago


Hair is something all people can agree with-----the quality of your hair tells the world your general health.....those that loose their hair health, tend to shave what is left--off.

Hair takes a lifetime too loose as a general rule...but many by age 16 can be in serious trouble or even worse, way too many are born with diseases that can make their entire body free of hair.

Hair as a standard rule is slow to return, like eyesight and hearing....even slower; teeth. Organs can repair/replace quickly, if not, we humans would not live very long because worms love to eat our organs and flesh.

in the herbal world, you have endless choices. Generally people do not like choices, they prefer 1 or 2 over having hundreds/thousands to choose from. Herbs are the only true plant/tree medicines and chemicals/operations are not something anyone should do for "prevention".

170+ years ago it was discovered that many women's hair could turn red/reddish if she became a fasting expert and restored her health beyond what she was born with...naturally many women do not like that idea, but those that self-experiment can prove it with some women.

Perhaps there are 2 main reasons we loose our hair----1. heavy inorganic minerals/metals in our diet and environment....every human on earth can prove their hair has residue from the bombs dropped in world war 2, as well as everything the military has ever spread in the air since 1949 by design.PROOF your lymph glands can gather these heavy metal poisons out of your blood stream and push the poisons up and out your skin/hair. The same thing happens with all vitamins/drugs/metallic supplements...your blood wants rid of what kills you.Your water supply often is the number 1 source for large poisons and your air world wide is sprayed to insure that all humans do not live too long---you all are loaded with aluminum/titanium dioxides that military jets and city water systems have been distributing world wide since 1949.....they determined it was more humane to kill humans with medical/chemical/military drugs/poisons that to line you up and waste a bullet or bomb on you....people that can not understand such history, will forever to the end just be the next victim.

As you die, your organs fail and worms consume you...

Common sense suggest you would want to live better as a method to avoid failure as the best method to prevent a worm take over.....humans are born into so many wars that they in general can care less, thanks to dope/booze/false education that keeps them dumbed-down ignorant as to why they die.

People will not take herbs for many reasons---mostly taste and volume required. Those that can not affo0rd herbs because of various other priorities, such as food and shelter can easily just read a few books, walk outside and learn to take care of your self...herbs/weeds/trees are everywhere around you.....if you were born in a cement city----make it your goal to escape prison before it is too late for you. If escape is not an option, the same rules apply---make your space your castle and learn to protect it..

2. people with tight scalps have choked out hair
people with loose scalps, then to have heavy thick hair.

HERBS used for hair health, are always dual purpose:
what goes on your hair/scalp will enter your blood stream and eventually be expelled through out your elimination organs.

Herbs on your head are going to enter your brain----------your blood, your organs, your body.

After work, your day is done, your setting in your couch/chair---that is the perfect time to use herbs for your head.

ALL herbal essential oils and tinctures can be made into a spray.
ALL oils can be applied as an oil formula. Oils are important for people with choked out hair.

The tinctures/essential oils sprays are easy---I call them TOPKNOT based on the topknot statues of Easter Island.

The beginner should start mild
then advance each year to stronger and hotter herbs.

YOU can apply most anything to your scalp and the golden rule always is that if you put it on your skin or hair, then you are eating it......if you buy toxic crap from commercial stores---well, then you are more of a slave than you ever wanted to reaalyze.

YOU can apply the greatest most potent herbs known---to your hair/scalp nightly.

The goal?
Restore circulation to the scalp
Feed the Scalp
Stimulate all the glands inside your brain----YES, that can happen, your glands can shimmy and shake once they become flexible and working again... YOU have no idea what can happen, other than just trust your blood.

Your blood is very much alive, it knows what to do.

Lets say there are 40 different extreme adult use only herbs available around the world---all of them can be applied to your scalp nightly---wash out when ever you decide.

IDEALLY you spray or apply nightly for the rest of your life.

Currently I am making what I call a life-time supply of Topknot---in that after 30 years I have settled down to this and that theory and "EVERYTHING" I want, goes into 1 mega formula and generally that means the formula is large enough that I will never have to make it again......this base formula naturally can be used as a base or in the future have new additions as discovered or desired.

SO "EVERYTHING", such as natural tree/fruit iodine, de-wormer, minerals--everything can be applied to the hair in various strengths as desired and extremely easily for the fact it is not in your mouth.

So anyone can do that---go to a store of choice, buy what you like---apply it to your hair.

Many of the extreme use herbs, you will not find sold in America. Do you need them? Surely not, you have lived just fine with out them----you can use what you can find within 100 yards of your home--if your not lost away deep inside a city.

I like the meanest stuff available on this planet---stuff that just 1 drop per day is about all your can handle....these in general will be extreme essential oils and many herbs are not available anywhere on earth as an oil, so as tinctures blended in a suitable base formula the body will accept---it how you make enormous q-10 type blends and yes, the rare chinese elite q-10 is within any great formula.

There are some oils that are great and to an oil blend, all essential oils can be added, but never a tincture.

DO NOT use pure essential oils direct on the skin/scalp, they must be properly diluted first.

There are a handful of lab created supplements that can influence hair, such as Biotin and others....when taken internally, biotin affects all the hairs on your body---so internally in a pill is not wise....same with various other lab created concentrates.....this year I am going to experiment with such man created things used direct on my hair and see how the blood makes use of it---

HECK, you can even spray your under arms daily as a method to get your daily herbs----many different ways.

COMMERCIALLY / INTERNET you are only going to fine what they have paid a for-hire author/doctor to write about and then flood the markets endlessly with garbage. THEY NEVER sale anything that works---it would scare them to sale something that actually worked.

YES, everyone is at a different hair health level.

Those that do not like to read, will slip through life with the "average" people.......

Nothing wrong with being "average"------average people love average people.

Topknot / Q-10 / Silver Cord

A combination of these 3 names would be a proper name for such a formula---but such a formula, can eternally be made stronger and better decade after decade as people learn.


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