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Adult De-Wormer herbs
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Published: 5 months ago

Adult De-Wormer herbs

No doubt the late Hulda Clark's ability to self-print her own books and flood the world is what enabled people to understand parasites and the use of herbs for prevention and treatment. Clark's study of Harry Hoxey and her goal to corner the southern California market, I believe aided in her choice of the black walnut tree----even though Clark being German, and Germany in the late 40's did study the black walnut tree and prove it had great de-wormer qualities, Clark chose to not follow the german studies due to the fact she was unable to obtain the early spring male buds from mature black walnut trees or able to obtain the immature walnuts. To obtain these, you need black walnut trees and the ability to collect from 60 feet high in the air. Clark chose to collect the mature / fallen walnuts 1x per year by driving a truck to arizona from what she told me. She basically believed as long as the walnuts were at least 1/2 green, that was OK, even though they may have already fallen to the ground. The late Dr. Christopher also used fallen walnuts, claiming they still had value even if you needed to dig them out from under the snow.

Why their issues with the black walnut tree? One lived in Southern California---desert area--not black walnut trees. One lived in Utah--desert area, very few black walnut trees. In Ohio, black walnut trees thrive. Actually, the Germans for many many years would fly over Ohio and locate forest of black walnut trees and buy them from the farmers and have them shipped back to Germany to be made into veneers. Very expensive veneers used in Germany Furniture making. The black Walnut Tree thrives with lots of water and Ohio climate perfect for the trees.
The black walnut tree will produce roots the size and shape of the mature tree top. So if the tree is 60 feet tall, the roots will be 60 feet deep. This makes the walnut tree a very hardy tree.

The German herbal studies after world war 2 is the made source that showed the black walnut tree was anti-parasite. American herbalist did not use the walnut tree for much----the herbalist/doctors could never make $$$ selling something people could find in their gardens or yards---so herbal history often is about the ODD PLANTS that people did not know about.........the more exotic the better.

Dr. Christopher was more unique, in that he was the garden herb doctor---he would weed people's gardens if they would give him the weeds.

Today it does not much matter what herbs/weeds/trees/bushes are used; because fewer and fewer people are gathering their own herbs. Few today raise their own gardens. Fewer hunt, fish, farm.......more and more are becoming dependent on others to supply their needs.

The gov pretty much declared war against all good books by 1950 and the greatest books were written between 1850-1950 in my opinion. The men of that period had no tv/radio to distract them and many did not go to schools to be corrupted....they learned from the native peoples and handed down education. The early american homes would carve the names of the herbs in a closet door; so that the mother could be find the medicines around the cabin/house......

The two greatest De-wormers I believe in history are wormseed and wood oils. These were the herbs of choice 100 years ago....and 2 herbs the internet hates the most. While other countries still raise and produce these herbs.

There are probably 50 various herbs known with anti-parasite properties---I like them all.

Over time, what people have liked the most, has been a blend of the Clark choice de-wormer herbs; blended with the Christopher choice de-wormer herbs---i call it P / W A

Parasite / Dewormer ADULT

Some people take every day and proclaim it saved their life, but in reality they are saving their own life.



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