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Re: Pics of eggs, pics of fibers under blacklight, EMP treatment...?
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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: Pics of eggs, pics of fibers under blacklight, EMP treatment...?

Is this forum moderated at all? Like this guy needs this kind of abuse right now! F.luke should be banned immediately!
Love only,
Please don't listen to that a**hole!
You might try and take pic with your camera phone zoomed in under the right light.
I'm really sorry about your situation. My heart goes out to you and your family. I can relate to the panic you feel when you first notice that your body and home has been invaded by some unknown parasite. Are you sure that these are mites. Have you seen a mite or are you basing this on the rash and crawling sensations?
I can tell you from my own experience, symptoms seem to get much worse once you start treating before they get better. I think this is partly due to die-off in the body which does cause more itching and even more skin sores or other manifestations. Its sort of an exacerbation of the symptoms and can be confusing. I also noticed you begin to shed more of the parasites when you begin treating, most of which are dead but I think some may survive or maybe the egg/larva carrying females release their eggs when they die. Regardless of the reason, there seems to be more in the external environment (hair, skin,clothing, floors and even to the air, via dust) once you begin treatment.
I think you may have been a little aggressive in your initial treatment and this is why everything seems to be getting much worse. The fenbendazole especially seems to rile things up when you first start taking it. This subsides eventually. Unless you know you have mites I wouldn't continue the permethrin cream on the skin.
One good use for permethrin that I have found was to use it to clean the external environment. Not the cream but the the 10% concentrated liquid. You can find this at tractor supply or I think it's on Amazon too. Put an oz. or 2 in mop water and mop thoroughly. Dilute with water and put in a spray bottle and spray surfaces. Clean your walls and even ceiling. Spray your vacuum filter frequently. Vacuum at least daily, maybe multiple times daily in the beginning. If your clothes seem to be affected, you can soak them in this in the hottest water possible before washing. Clean out lint filter everytime and you can even spray a little on that too. Dryer sheets help with the static electricity so it helps to push any stragglers away from the clothes and into the filter. Don't forget to treat the insides of your shoes. Have inside shoes/slippers and outside shoes. Never go barefoot, even in the house. You can use diluted premethrin on upholstery and carpets. It definitely seems to help alot. Make sure its diluted properly and I think it may be poisonous to cats but I'm not 100%. So do a little of your own research as far as dilution and safety goes with that.
Get a good mattress cover and pillow covers. Change bedding daily.
When was the last time your gutters were cleaned? Make sure you have no plumbing leaks too. If you've had any water problems I your house previously make sure all effected material is removed. Until you figure out what's plaguing you and your family I would keep my drains covered and use disinfectant/bleach tablets in the toilet tank. Ya never know! Get disinfectant wipes and instruct your family to wipe the toilet seat everytime it's used too. You might think about turning your hot water tank to it just heat setting for a while and let it run through all your faucets. This may sound insane but you must cover all bases when you don't know where its coming from. Be careful with the hot water with your little guy though. If the air in your home is damp think about getting a dehumidifier. Moisture makes everything worse! Keep everything dry. Seal everything! Treating your home may help your symptoms significantly.
Im reluctant to mention any other physical treatments as I'm worried that in your panic, you'll overuse and harm yourself in some way. Sometimes these infestations take awhile to clear regardless of what you throw at it and the overuse of antiparasitics won't speed this process up but only stands to cause more harm and even parasite resistance. This is not me judging you. Trust me I understand the agony and the want for this to just go away and move on with your life. Try to calm down a little. I know this is torture but your not going to die from it. You have recognized there is a problem and you are going to figure it out and your family will get better. It might take some time. Just be very careful with the chemicals please.
That being said, the pour-on ivermectin diluted in a spray bottle has provided me a lot of relief. I spray my hair and body through the day. I sometimes add a drop or 2 of dmso into the mix to help penetrate but this is not nessesary.
Post your pics if you have them. Someone here might be able to identify and then you'll have more direction in regards to treatment.

Hang in there. You will get through this and you're in the right place.

Take care,

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