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Human health
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Published: 7 months ago

Human health

There are no real mysteries in human health as far as nature is concerned. The only mysteries after the past 100 years are the endless list of poisons the chemist have developed and gotten into our water/food/air; but poisons are just that, stuff that needs to be avoided and once entered into the body, help the blood stream remove as much as possible.

Real Medicines have always been foods--- ALWAYS

"EVERY" good food, is an Herb and always has been

Additional non food type herbs are medicines only because they supply additional organic minerals for the blood to make use of.


Why the people of earth seek to complicate human health is just as simple---because they want to make $$$$ and have control.

Nature has no "complicated" rules.

Naturally we humans are the only creation on the planet that seeks to fight Nature or change Nature.

Nothing wrong with trying to live better and longer.

The big issue most humans always have is TRUST.
Due to false education most all humans do not TRUST.
TRUST is the key to Longevity!

Is it that hard to accept?

I learned by age 22 that Medical/Hospitals are nothing that I was trained to believe they are. My first visit to a chiropractor cost me $8 to "CURE" my problem in 1 minute; a problem that had been causing me great pains and issues for months that lead to the point I could not work my job at age 19 and was put on light duty; thanks to 2 hospitals and doctors "ALL" CLUELESS" and had managed to take $10,000+ $$$$$ back then for absolutely NOTHING-----100% NOTHING...they were CLUELESS PEOPLE unable to understand anything....

The chiropractor in 1 minute identified the problem and in 1 minute corrected the problem and could not help laughing when I had entered his office and explained the doctors/hospitals had x-rays showing I was crippled, unable to work due to great kidney pains. That was 40 years ago. For $8 he cured me...........

CURE is a word is medical is trained to NEVER USE. To Cure, would put medical out of business, out of power.

As a result, for the past 40 years, I have never taken pain pills again, never seen or had a family doctor and most importantly, we have raised the children medical FREE. The children have not seen a M.D. after they were born. Never taken a vitamin or drug of any form........they are taller, stronger and smarter than their fellow friends as a general rule----only because they are LESS TOXIC

IN THEORY we would need 7 generations of drug free, poison free humans to RETURN to a TRUE HEALTHY HUMAN. That is never going to happen.......all life on earth for the past 100 years has suffered from man created germ/chemical warfare that will never stop. Survival today is far harder than it was just 100+ years ago when you mostly just had to defeat nature and not all the people that want your space/life.

The FACTS are this simple---YOU ARE ALONE.

There are NO PROFESSIONALS to go to for help or treatments..........




THE ONLY PERSON you can TRUST is YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Especially the older you become----what medical calls the ELDERLY---you know, those past age 40.

By age 40, you basically have beaten the SYSTEMS---you ADAPTED and now became a problem and problems have targets put on their backs....

IF you live long enough, you will understand just how much ALONE you TRULY ARE....and lucky you are to have so much time to Turn to God for Help and Love. Actually you are NEVER ALONE "IF" you just TRUST GOD.

God created everything, all the laws of the planet and galaxies----EVERYTHING. GOD'S Laws are SUPREME no matter what any book could ever try to change.

GOD'S LAWS apply to you 100% and everything not natural, is against God's Laws. No human, no thing can defy the makers laws.....they are perfect and literally set in stone.

Simple question---does drugs and operations follow God's Laws? Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. born after the civil war was one of Medical's finest surgeons---until he became ill. When he knew he would die, he turned to nature and discovered he could cure himself with orange juice and diet education...He did and it fascinated him so much, he wanted to know why and how and he discovered ALKALINITY and stomach health.

Dr. Hay put down all drugs, never picked up his knife again and opened the sunrise clinic and cured the next 63,000 patients by way of EDUCATION or better stated-----UN DOING BAD EDUCATION.

All of medical agreed with Hay, they published his name in their yearly hardback medical journals as the doctor with the cure for all.By 1950 harvard/yale/rockerfeller all agreed.

After Dr. Hay died, they destroyed the clinic, burned his books, removed him from history the best they could....

"I" today, 100% believe what Dr. Hay, M.D. did, worked as he wrote it worked, the same as what Dr. Christopher wrote about herbs, works as written.

I believe the HAY WAY is 10x easier and 10x better with the use of herbs and detox.......which would suggest I believe 10x more than what Harvard/Yale/Rockefeller all believed.........

WHY? Because all that works, will follow God's Laws........stop fighting Nature and perhaps you will start winning in life.

Education is "EVERYTHING" and the great authors wrote their books to set people "free" of the professionals.

Health is so simple, it takes very little to explain how humans are suppose to live and it takes endless books explaining all the problems people have when they do not live properly.

Most people reject herbal use because of taste and expense, yet they will spend their $$ on things that taste horrible and expensive---so in reality it is all priorities and not cost.

With herbs, the same as most all substances, what is on your skin, will force your blood to come and remove it and by removing it, the herbs are going to travel through lymph glands, arteries, elimination organs, etc... When taking herbs internally, your saliva and stomach gets first contact.

People today understand how parasites can enter your brain and literally kill you by way of water getting into your nose. THESE TYPES of humans have such poor immunity and are very much medically/environmentally damaged in my opinion.

REAL means it affects the healthy identically the same as the non healthy people. REAL POISONS and REAL PARASITES are not going to care---but a healthy blood stream will try its best to save your life.

Herbs can do wonders......herbs can be taken internally and certainly if worms can enter your brain from touching the inside of your nose, then herbs can be inhaled, put on your skin, in capsules, liquids, etc.

Herbs applied to the back of your head will be absorbed and have little choice but to travel through the blood stream, same as applying anywhere on your body. There literally is not excuse to not use herbs, unless the person can not obtain herbs by their own will........which would also mean they would be dependent on others for their very life.

De-worming the brain, bones, muscles, tissues is a lifetime job for all humans----if we are not in 100% health, then parasites have the God given job to eat us.

It is very easy to kill worms internally and even see them--but lazy / fearful people will never do goal is a simple herbal formula that anyone could rub on their skin and physically see worms wiggle up and out of their body-----these skin worms hide from your blood stream in the oil glands and surface of the skin because the blood constantly hunts down and wants to kill, dissolve and remove parasites of all kinds.

I have never been a big believer in the so called FRIENDLY PARASITE Theory---I know we can consume allot of bacteria, but that does not mean they are healthy for us, if anything, it is proof we can tolerate billions of such tiny creatures living in and on us.

I think once a person can see/experience worms exiting their skin---they will likely flip out or if they are healthy people who like living; they will wake up and want every friend they ever had to start removing their worms.

You would be amazed how many people can not handle seeing worms come out of their body and will never do it again--as though they are being controlled by their worms of just want to keep them alive.

I know of no logical reason to keep worms inside and on your me, the only good worm is a dead worm.

There is no doubt electronics can drive worms nuts and even kill various parasites, but way too much proof that when suing electronics, too much of the body is not affected and even worse, when your blood did not kill the worms, all you did was create a dead worm that then feeds fungus---so electronics really do not work.

THE ONLY electronics I have ever tried / seen that has some value is the russian made stainless steal capsules that use a small hearing aid battery and a single transistor designs to shock you every few seconds. These devices can last up to 500 hours. When taken internally properly, they can do wonders. In America they manufacture these as ECCOMED anbd 20+ varieties, but american doctors do not use them and they are made to disolve, which is very toxic and I tried 1 of them many years ago and would never ever try one again. The internal electronics shocks your pancreas and liver and literally blows out your stones and your worms, they also strengthen your colon muscles. They were designed for space research.Humans can not live with out gravity, so they require a method to keep the body exercised and not just eventually expand until you busted open.

Herbs are so simple, but there are hundreds of variations and taste---so it complicates their use. TRUE herbs are things like apples, peaches, oranges, all the tree and bush fruits and most people ignore that. People will only give $$$ for herbs they can not easy find in the common store and what people will give $$ for is the only stuff people try to sale.....



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