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Iodine and human health
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Published: 20 months ago

Iodine and human health

1950 Medical published a book explaining the top 50 most deadliest drugs and Lugol's Iodine was high on the list. Stated as a birth defect / toxic drug that can cause male birth defects.

The WHO (world health organization) was saying basically the same thing as this fellow over 30 years ago. Saying school teachers and schools can not make children smarter, because 97% of the world population was conceived and raised on a iodine deficient diet.

This video has the standard talking points about iodine.

Like all authors/doctors they always selling something toxic.

Note the typical lie: ORGANIC IODINE and avoids the simple subject that their iodine is a 100% chemical created by labs.

"IF" you put chemical iodine on your skin or in your mouth---I ASSURE YOU that a simple hair sample test will prove that the chemical iodine will clog your body's cells and these heavy metal man created iodine solutions will be found in your skin/hair/tissues the rest of your life. I KNOW women who take even a few drops of these chemical iodines will have babies that will test toxic for the same chemical iodine---PROOF her body will even expel her toxic metals into her children as a method to cleanse her body.

HEAVY METALS are what these doctors/scientist make iodine solutions from. These crystals are extremely toxic. The fumes they put off can kill you as they burn your lungs if you breath them.

The iodine chapter in my book is the best I could do after researching the iodine subject for many years.......
It is a fact, the secret of every liquid herbal formulas I have ever made---I ad what I call Green Tree Iodine Tincture. I seem to be the only person on the planet that has such interest.

Green Tree Iodine is actually a huge herbal formula of TREE and BUSH nuts and berries. I came upon this subject almost 30 years ago when I made my first herbal tincture which happened to be a very pure iodine formula that burned my skin 100% identically as pure lugol's iodine will---ONLY my herbal method was in deed---100% plant, 100% natural----NO HEAVY METALS / CHEMICALS.

I agree 100% that iodine is the greatest health subject----only the scientist/doctors are LAZY and choose chemical made iodine chemicals.

After reading all I could on the subject, I believe man discovered iodine in trees/bushes and that the ocean does not make iodine---it is our trees/bushes.

Natural Green Tree Iodine Tincture in my opinion is one of the world's greatest natural herbal formulas and I quit talking about years ago, because people just ignore it and want what doctors/chemist/scientist come up with.

They want to treat you like a bag of chemicals.

NATURE is never heavy metals, never toxic......Nature uses trees, bushes and plants.

Green Tree Iodine:

1 dropper daily for life
(Some people have taken teaspoons and reported miracles for their heart and past health issues)

as an Oil, rubbed on your skin as desired or can also be taken internally if desired----oil extracted is extremely mild, just because it is very hard to produce and no one has interest in buying it, so I use it in salves and oil formulas.

Iodine Herbal Spray
A Miracle people ignore.

What I call Air Freshen while you sleep
YES, Putting the Iodine Spray Formula in the Air Freshen Machine would be a bit expensive, but odds are it would be a Miracle.

I gave up writing about such stuff after I printed the paper book called Self-Applied Prevention---why? Because people do not want to read, such books are near impossible to sale even if you sale them at cost of printing.

People today seem to want to watch guys like this and buy what they are really being paid to promote.

In my opinion Natural Green Tree Iodine as a spray is at the top of the Miracle Totem Pole. It was actually my very first ever experience with herbs.

IT is impossible to measure organic green tree/bush iodine or most any herbal formula just for the fact that labs use chemical testing based on known chemicals---they can not measure/test real organic natural minerals.....

So when people want to know how much iodine is in a bottle of herbs----it is impossible to know and proof they do not know what they are asking---those types need to stay with their chemist.......

PLANTS/TREES are not heavy metals, they do not accumulate in the human body----100% of what scientist/chemist all promotes, will accumulate and affect you the rest of your life.

Put their iodine or their silver water on your skin and a simple test many years later will prove their solutions were poisons.....they are too ignorant to understand this...........their higher education has blinded them.



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