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if you have diabetes can you fast?
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Published: 15 years ago

if you have diabetes can you fast?


(Records of Dr. Ohyama)
Figure 1 indicates the results of administration of Taheebo tea to six patients with diabetes mellitus. In all cases, the blood glucose levels were measured over a period of 3 months or 6 months. In four patients, the blood glucose values improved greatly, but deteriorated in two. Diabetes is a disease that requires self-monitoring of the weight and diet. When the tasting blood glucose exceeds 200 mg, oral drugs (drugs that increase insulin secretion) or insulin injection is needed. The two patients who deteriorated will be discussed first.
The first patient had been receiving 20 units of insulin daily, but with the start of Taheebo decided to discontinue the injections on his own. Three months later, the blood glucose had risen to 270mg. The second patient believed that Taheebo would improve the diabetes and completely discontinued the dietary restriction. As a result, the blood glucose, which had been at 130 mg, had risen to 230mg.
These two patients worsened while taking Taheebo and a correct interpretation is that Taheebo is an excellent adjunct to the Western medical treatment. We now discuss a patient who was able to discontinue insulin because of Taheebo.
A 42year old woman, diagnosed with diabetes 4 years previously, had the tasting glucose increased to 300 mg two years ago, and the patient was thus started on insulin 20 units per day. One year later she began taking Taheebo tea. Three months later, the blood glucose had decreased from 220mg to 160mg, and insulin was decreased to 10 units. Six months later, insulin administration was discontinued, as the blood glucose had improved to about 120mg. Thereafter, the patient continued to do extremely well.

Figure 1 Change in Blood Glucose in Diabetes Patients (tasting)

Hypertension, Diabetes (45 year old female)
I was diagnosed with hypertension at a city health examination and have been taking hypertension medication for 1 6- 1 7 years. I also have been told that I may have diabetes. As my mother died of cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 62, I could not feel too secure.
As I am not the type to be depressed, I started to make an effort to treat myself to decrease the amount of medication I was taking. for example, during the headaches from hypertension, I tried taking royal jelly, or tried taking a morning bath or swimming 100 meters in the pool. I tried many ways to stabilize the blood pressure.
I began to drink Taheebo in August of last year, by infusing log powder several times a day. I used up three boxes in one week. As a result, the volume of my urination increased, and the blood pressure rapidly improved.
Thereafter, I continued taking Taheebo, and examination at the end of the rainy season showed that the blood pressure was 120 Over 80, which was normal, but the blood Sugar had increased to 129.
A the end of August I was tested for diabetes only, and the blood glucose was 144, and in the diabetic range. However, the glycohemoglobin had decreased from 1 8 to 7, so the doctor stated that the diabetes also was improving.
Currently in October, I am continuing my diet and Taheebo, and I continue to be in great physical health.

Diabetes, Numbness of the Hands and Feet (64 year old female)
Several years ago, while changing a light bulb in the kitchen, I lost balance while standing on the chair, and experienced numbness in the right foot and right am. I was hospitalized for a month and a half. A detailed exmination by CT scan showed that I had a 5mm cut in a blood vessel in the head. There was a period of anxiety, as I had numbness, difficulty walking and weakness of the right hand. My blood pressure reached 200 over 1 60, and furthermore, with a family history of diabetes, my blood glucose was 300.
After discharge, possibly as a result of after effects, I had persistent numbness of the posterior part of the right foot and weakness of the right am, along with severe constipation, and I was disabled. I stopped taking Kampo herbal medicines after about three months, and as I was living a life of difficulties of the mind and body, Depression ensued.
A few months later a friend offered, "I just made some Taheebo tea, try it." I drank it at once and immediately felt better than how I had felt during the three months of Kampo medicine. The sensation on the right foot eased and walking improved.
Two weeks after that, I began to drink Taheebo in earnest. I put 5 grams of Taheebo powder in a 200 cc container, dissolved it in hot water each time, and drank it three times a day, in the morning, noon and night.
After three weeks the constipation resolved completely, and the food began to taste better. I became grateful for each bite of food. The diabetic diet (1800 calories a day) was changed to a regular diet (2400 calories a day). Routine examinations showed blood glucose at 100, and there were no other notable findings.
I have been telling everyone, "With diabetes, it's usually necessary to limit the calories to decrease the blood glucose, but with Taheebo, the blood glucose stays normal no matter what you eat, as I have experienced myself," and "Before starting Taheebo, I always felt cold, and in the winter I would carry waning packs with me. But now, I feel hot and want to open the window during business meetings."
Currently I am healthy and continue to work as administrator at a food company. When I was ill, I often made mistadkes, but now, I make no mistakes even with difficult arithmetic calculations.

Diabetes (Stomach Ulcer, Duodenal Ulcer. Gallstones - 51 year old male)
I was prone to illness as a child. When I was 18 years of age, a stomach ulcer diagnosis was made at a University Hospital. Thereafter, I was always sick and was not blessed with good health. In 1982 I suffered from hemorrhoids and had almost daily episodes of severe bleeding.
In March, 1997, while hospitalized for a hemorrhoid operation, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was told that I needed immediate treatment and required 26 units of insulin. I also took Kampo herbal medicine, but I did not get better.
Beginning on October 10th of that year, I began taking log of Taheebo tea daily, in addition to the 26 units of insulin and a gastrointestinal drug four times a day.
October 13 to October 18 20 units insulin
October 19 to October24 15 units insulin
October 25 to October 28 13 units of insulin, the digestive system feels improved
October 29 to December 13 10 units insulin, began brown rice diet on December 1
December 4 to..... 6 units of insulin
As above, at three months after beginning Taheebo, the insulin dose was decreased to six units, and the blood glucose has now improved dramatically.
I have an 88year old father and 82year old mother; my father has had a tendency to have fluid accumulation in the knees for several years, while my mother has had kidney disease for 50years. After two months of Taheebo, both feel that their illnesses have improved. They continue to enjoy their farm work.

Diabetes Hyperlipidemia, Liver Disfunction (42year old male)
I was diagnosed with diabetes at a company physical examination. Because of business related dining and entertainment, I drank and ate too much. The 1800 calories per day instructed by many physicians was difficult. I was overweight and had a family history of diabetes.
I began to drink Taheebo 10g/day on September 1998 and in two months I had improved and surprised my physicians.
September 5 November 5
gamma-GPT 80 55
Cholesterol 262 216
Neutral lipids 274 161
Hemoglobin A1c 9.9 7.8
I continue to have a hard work schedule, with a poor diet and my weight remaining the same. However, I look forward to the results of the next examination.

Diabetes (55year old male)
Since two years ago I have suffered from diabetes with sallow skin color and blood glucose of 210. I attempted to cut food intake in half, and exercise by mountain climbing. With home treatment and Taheebo at 15g/900cc/day, I could work up a sweat and my appetite improved. After three months the blood glucose stabilized between 70 and 110.
Currently I take no special precautions in my diet, and eat more than the normal amounts of my favorite food, thin white noodles.

Diabetes (39year old male)
April, 1998, blood glucose 300 mg, with poor vision, easily tired. Had no sense of satiety after eating, and lost weight.
July, 1998, began Taheebo at 15g/900cc/day. Was somewhat suspicious of the effects of Taheebo, so took it along with insulin, which lowers the blood glucose. Gradually felt better, with improved color. November, 1998, blood glucose stable at 100-120, and weight control is good. Thereafter, despite stopping insulin, the blood glucose and weight remain stable, with no feeling of fatigue. April, 1999, in good health, and with improved vision.

Commentary on Diabetic Patients: Taheebo tea extract had been used for many years by the Inca Indians for the treatment of medical conditions including diabetes.
The evidence presented has demonstrated that Taheebo tea extract has helped several of the patients. What ingredients in the Taheebo tea extract are the important ones could be difficult to determine. The mechanisms of biological activity of Taheebo tea extract are many, including antioxidant and uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation inhibitor of electron transport in liver mitochondria, etc.
Dr. Accorsi in his book has discussed the many diseases for which the Taheebo tea extracts have been used. The evidence presented here is that the Taheebo tea can help maintain healthy body function and normal immune system.
It seems almost a "too good to be true" or a "snake oil medicine" which may rely on a "placebo effect" to initiate results in treatment. The placebo effect may be as much as 33%. However, the data on diabetic patients show positive results with cannot be explained by a placebo effect alone.

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