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Re: Will you defend the religious system's false doctrines. or..
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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: Will you defend the religious system's false doctrines. or..

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I begin by responding with a few more quotes:

"Biblical inerrancy is a creation of the Church. It's a case of misapplied faith, a form of idol worship."

"The written word is human, it becomes a replacement for faith in the Living God."

"The authors of the Bible books didn't claim divine inspiration or inerrancy [in their own writings]. The institutional church uses inerrancy to [derive their authority and to] maintain control."

"God is the only perfect reality, but lacking a visible presence of God we tend to make the books about God the perfect reality. This notion came from church leadership who needed scriptures to be the authority upon which they established theirs. The flock then bullies each other with competing authoritative positions based on the same conflicted books."

"The church has too much pride invested in their own doctrine of inerrancy to concede the obvious errors."

"At some point a new religion about the Bible being perfect replaced faith in an inerrant God."


Now in my own words...

I suggest the mistake is in simply accepting that the institutionalized religious system, its scribes, its counsels all are trustworthy and correct including in it's declaration that its bible is 100% inspired of God in spite of all the evidence to the contrary including the many absurdities and atrocities ascribed against God's character within parts of that book. The mistake people have made is in placing so much faith in the religious system and in what this system has insisted they must believe, rather than in choosing to allow the Holy Spirit in their heart to help them to discern this for themselves. Clarifying this point by listing a few of the atrocities religious men have ascribed against God's character was the intention of the original post.

When you say you don't feel comfortable declaring things against God and when you imply that challenging parts of the bible is arrogant, you are equating every part of the bible with God as if they are indistinguishable and inseparable. I suggest in response that declaring things against God is exactly what people are doing when they place their faith in the religious system's doctrines of a perfect bible and when they wholeheartedly without the slightest willingness to question and without blinking an eye are so quick to agree with the slanderous accusations of atrocities the religious system and its bible ascribe against God. Myself, i am declaring that my Heavenly Father, the Father of Jesus, is innocent of these false charges against His perfect and infinitely loving character.

God alone is perfect, not this collection of books written and chosen by fallible men who then ascribed perfection to this collection of books as a tool in helping to establish their own authority.

Placing full trust in the religious system's bible as being perfect is a form of idolatry, seeking after a substitute god, treating this system's bible as a golden calf. Many other religions have made the same erroneous and idolatrous claim about their own book and institutionalized "Christianity" is just one more tainted and corrupted religion committing the same idolatrous abomination.

I know that people who have placed their trust in the religious system in this area and who have chosen to conform to and submit under this system where its doctrines of the bible are concerned have a hard time separating the true Living God of Jesus from the god of atrocities as depicted in parts of the bible. They feel they have no choice since they have been pressured by the religious system into believing that they are not allowed to let the Spirit of God help them to discern for themselves whether this system's proposition of a "100% perfectly inspired bible" is true or false, and so they simply conform to this system's expectations and live in obedience to it, turning their discernment switch off in this area.

If you or anybody else based upon their preconceived notion of the religious system's bible being 100% perfect has decided that there is nothing wrong with multitudes of innocent babies being murdered by the god of this bible, i kindly suggest that all such individuals have been indoctrinated by the system in this way and desensitized against how deeply horrific this truly is.

If one really allows oneself to honestly reflect upon this, how is this widespread murder of innocent babies along with every other bible atrocity ascribed against God any different from what Satan would cheerfully do himself given the opportunity? If one did not preconceive a 100% divinely inspired bible that was supposedly a perfect representation of God, do these atrocities really seem like behaviors the all loving John 3:16 Heavenly Father of Jesus would commit?

Since complete loyalty to this book and to the religious system's doctrines of perfection ascribed to this book... have become so central to the religious convictions of these individuals, they have become unwilling to question any parts of the book, no matter how absurd and no matter how atrocious. They don't realize that this questioning is not against God Himself, but rather against whether or not a book written by men and ascribed as inerranty by men is accurately depicting God in these ways. Through incorrectly preconceiving that their bible is perfectly inspired by God, and through becoming convinced that this idea about the bible is incontestable, their loyalty has thus become far greater to a book than to the Living God Himself.

As such and in large part, the book has actually become their god. The voice of this book is the only voice they are willing to hear, absurdities, atrocities and all... and when the true Living God of Jesus attempts to speak into the hearts and minds of these individuals in a way which encourages them in love to question and challenge the religious system's idea that their bible is 100% God inspired, they will say, "this 'still small voice' i am hearing or feeling can't be God, i have pledged my undying faith and loyalty to the religious system's proposition that the bible is 100% perfect and that their decision about this is also inerrant and infallible... and this idea has in large part become my foundation and my rock ... therefore this voice that is telling me that these atrocities were not of Him can't really be His voice."

It's also interesting that some people will challenge this authoritarian religious system in various other ways and say they are not a part of this system, but these same people do not dare to challenge this system where its self-serving doctrines pertaining to the perfection of the bible are concerned.

Blessings, Ed.

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