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Video Embedded A true representative of the god that is promoted within certain parts of the bible.
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Published: 4 years ago

A true representative of the god that is promoted within certain parts of the bible.

To follow is the comment i made on this 4:28 video:

Thank you for the great video. It is wonderful for true followers of Lord Jesus like you to
challenge this non-Holy Spirit behavior and to accurately represent Jesus with your love.

Certainly i believe this hateful, rageful and mean spirited street preacher is a mockery against what it truly is to be a follower of Lord Jesus and is in no way representing the true God or the true Lord Jesus, but that rather he is representing the other team.

However, for all who have eyes to see - and this is the part of what i am saying that might be shocking to some believers and will hopefully provoke and/or challenge a lot of people's thinking - this street preacher with his hateful and horrific behavior is very accurately representing the many mischaracterizations of the true Living Heavenly Father as misrepresented within much of the institutionalized church system's supposedly 100% God breathed, inerrant and infallible bible, most especially throughout much of the old testament where the god of these parts of the bible sanctioned such things as slavery, rape, murder, and infanticide among other atrocities.

Since this street preacher is a true follower of the supposedly 100% God breathed bible - seemingly focused in particular on the very worst parts of it - and a true follower of the god as represented throughout much of the old testament, then should he not be applauded by others who believe in a 100% God breathed bible for the great job he is doing in representing those parts of the bible and those representations of the god of those parts of the bible that are truly there?

The Non-100% God breathed bible itself - and most especially along with the pervasive false teaching throughout the institutionalized religious system that proclaims this book to be 100% God breathed - are themselves to blame for this street preacher's fanatical and horrific behavior. He is simply a bible zealot, believing his bible to be a perfect representation of the Heavenly Father and incorporating the bible's own hatred into his street preaching.

He lacks the discernment to separate the true bible verses from the false ones, the true God of the bible, from the falsely represented god of the bible, but that is ultimately the fault of the institutionalized church system and its false leadership which has indoctrinated him and billions of others to believe in a 100% God breathed bible in the first place, rather than correctly teaching people that there are true parts and false parts of this bible, true representations of the Heavenly Father and false representations of Him, all of which need to be correctly discerned by the Holy Spirit.

It's easy to see why this street preacher became deceived into believing that he is truly doing God's work, because he started out with the extraordinarily popularized and propagated false belief that His bible is 100% God breathed. Then with this false teaching about the bible, and 100% of this bible itself as his foundation and his rock, rather than Lord Jesus Himself being this, living inside his heart in Living relationship, he has many verses and sections within his bible which fully substantiate and even encourage his fanatical and atrocious behavior. Truly he is simply acting like a passionate and deeply dedicated child of god. Not of the true God, but of the god represented within the many false parts of the bible.

Blessings to all.

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