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100% sure
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Published: 22 months ago

100% sure

I am 100% sure

That when you smell anything toxic--if you are somewhat a healthy person---you will drip a few drops of blood from your right side of your nose.

The same if you eat or drink something toxic, such as anything that has vitamin c acid in it.

This also applies to smelling something as simple as chlorine-----walk into a house or swimming pool where the chlorine is strong and instantly you should drip a few drops of blood.

Because all poisons INSTANTLY get into your blood stream and INSTANTLY your blood will expel it out your nose or into your stomach------in your stomach you do not know it is happening.

They can take drugs, do drugs, booze everything and it does not bother them---they have no immunity left---their organs have failed years ago.

the HOTEMA books explain the many wonders of the human body---something medical learned 100 years ago+

I am sure, the greatest doctors in the world today, are clueless how the human body functions---because the colleges keep what was learned---SECRET

Hotema/Bible/Branham all had similar interest in common and only if you read all three well until you understand that connection, can you have a chance of understanding the mysteries of this world...........thanks to the roman empire over 2,000+ years---has the world's education been stolen from the people---so the professionals can exist and treat poor people like "ignorant" slaves.

I am 100% sure-----humans are "connected" in unknown ways and that blows all atheist theories away......all the planets, all the universes did not appear out of nothing or set in place with extreme perfection so we ended up with a self cleansing earth.......................everything is a creation of the unknown GOD and every human an equal creation and God's Plans for all is perfect.......the greatest lesson is to ignore the world and worry about your self and your lessons before you. Why did God create you--that is your only concern in the end.

What ever happens, it had to one can change it.

I swear all children learn nothing in 4 years of high school by design of the school cross paths with enough wealthy people and that is what they will tell you and feel sorry for you.....A current actor on SHARK TANK told his story how his single sick mom made his lifer as poor as poor could be, so he figured his best chance at life was to quit high school, get a job, take his GED and take college, get into law/politics and within a shirt time and allot of luck he is now wealthy enough to be a shark tank member giving others $$$ to invest with others.....he was so smart as a super poor kid, to understand he was being screwed in high school.

labron James did something similar...he understood college sports to be a 100% rip off and refused to waste 1 day in college and waiting and the pros picked him up after they knew he was not going to play the college scam.

KIDS 100 years ago at age 12 were driving teams of horses, got their car drivers license, and were workers by age's schools makes 12 year old kids scared to do anything and so sickly and puny if their parents followed all the vaccination suggestions and drank their milk, ate their eggs and took vitamins.


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