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Help/ info with Strongyloides parasites
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Published: 4 years ago

Help/ info with Strongyloides parasites

I have seen quite a bit of info posted on these nasty buggers, but need some I canít seem to find. Currently Iím on fenben, doxy, and levamisole. Iíve already been on rounds of ivermectin, albenza, Alinia, Mebendazole, and others. Was also treated for Lyme with co-infections and went through all these living nightmares for the past 6 or 7 years. Apparently Iíve had this Strongyloides infection for a very, very long time. FIRST time I was hospitalized for it, actually acidosis caused from SIADH (syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion) was around ten years ago. Started having seizures and massive CNS problems after that. Of course they never found the infection, I DID about a year ago, but isnít that typical? I should honestly be dead from this by now. Iíve been past the ďdisseminatedĒ stage for a while now, thinking when I was hospitalized for acidosis/SIADH was ten or so years ago that is what was going on. I honestly feel as if I have barely escaped death.
Iím assuming that my agonizing lower back pain has also been caused by this, and my disc problems?!
The rashes I have are starting to clear up some. I have rash on upper arms and back. It has came and gone about 3 times recently. Not sure why it keeps coming and going? Anyone else have this problem?
Several questions I have for everyone thatís familiar with this parasite and doesnít mind sharing with me. Ladies, do you have female problems from this?
Have tons of these throughout my muscles that twitch after I take my meds. Not sure if they are dying or just being disturbed by the meds. Can anyone clear this up?
Looking for dosage mg/kg for levamisole and piperazine citrate. Can anyone share experience with piperazine citrate. and how did it work for you? What about diethly? I have 100mg tablets, whatís the dosage for these? Any other meds I should look into?
The ITCHING!! Ohhh the itching, what is happening with this? Why does it get worse? Are these things trying to escape meds? When does it ever stop??
Both of my dogs are infected as well. Does anyone know how much I should be worming them? Everyday, week?? Iíve been using fenben on them as well, but theyíre both over 100 lbs and itís super expensive even with goat wormer. Itís around $23 a day for me to worm them with the liquid goat safeguard!!!
This parasite has GOT to be so very contagious. Both my husband and I have it, plus both of my dogs. The dogs do NOT sleep with us on the bed, or get on the furniture. We donít have carpet and I keep my house clean, mop and clean floors every day, we are clean people!! Can NOT understand how on earth did we ALL become infected?!?
Had go back to my vet and tell him that heís misdiagnosed my dogs may times. I hated having to do this since the man has been practicing for over 30 years. But he was wrong and diagnosed my dogs with hookworms, and itís not hookworms. All I can hope is that he listened and isnít doing this to other people now. Hope it made him aware of the issue. Because Iím starting to think it is a big, big problem here.
Are any of you aware of where you may have picked these parasites up?
I have an infrared sauna that I was using through my Lyme therapy. Does anyone know the temp that these parasites die? And has anyone tried using a sauna for them?

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