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Published: 30 months ago



Cant believe I made it back in.

I have learned so much. Previously I was writing about the cost of liposomal vitamin c, many of the advantages were misstated and it made me even more suspect.
Pauling states ascorbates are easily absorbed once they touch you gums.

The notion that anything oral absorbs better than I.V.'s is totally incorrect but recent articles have clarified that statement. Blood levels not so much but cellular uptake yes, especially in the liver.

I am now a proponent of lipo c as the costs are coming down and do not recommend MERCOLA as that is not completely lipolized.

It should not be stand alone therapy for vitamin c infusions. At the cellular level absorption may be enhanced but not necessarily the blood stream...

Lipo c should be added to IV protocol to keep blood and cellular levels from dropping too suddenly.

Love ozone... should be used in conjunction with IV c. The problem people face is thinking that somehow these things are cytotoxic. This results in large bolus dosing and not a stretched out continuous coverage.

Think that you are starving cancer and not killing cancer. If you are allowed to eat for one hour out of a day... you will not starve me. So continuous coverage
for both vitamin c and ozone must be maintained to start a starvation sequence.

I am seeing complete and total absence of disease over two year periods with no metastasis, no progressions or satellite lesions. Heavy aggressive dosings will shrink and reverse cancers, but can result in more toxic apoptosis which is an active death that is harsher and can spill stem cells.

Therefore iv ozone should be augmented with either ozone suppositories or insufflations. Drinking ozonated water is ok but remember how much water is in the body and a glass of water amounts to very small percentage of total water in the body.

Also Cesium Chloride is the single best anti cancer agent on the planet but has so many adverse side affects. Getting IV cesium is sketchy. FDA is coming down hard on practitioners. The GI intolerances are well documented and fall in blood potassium is documented as well. Any cesium protocol must involve potassium monitoring. Weekly.

It is true cancer pain can be negated in just two or three days of therapies.
But of course that does not pertain to direct spinal cord lesions or adhesions.

Bone pain, muscle pain... its awesome.

So what is the answer for getting around cesium issues and legalities?
Do we really want to pay 150 dollars for every infusion? Heck no! Do you pay extra for liquid cesium which is just cesium chloride dissolved in water. I think is fraudulently represented. Have you ever heard of liquid salt? Of course not.

Then it hit me. Lipo cesium! YES! Wow. Better GI tolerance for sure. This has been a life saver. The first cesium trials had 100 percent response rate, (not cure rate) It's mechanisms of action are several: Potassium competition which starves cancer cells, Alkalinity which inhibits RNA transcription, and oxygenation as oxygen will pour across cancer membrane that has ph of 8.0.

By mixing cesium chloride with nano particles of magnetic iron oxide, and traces of bentenite clay I have seen tremendous responses.

Due to the persecution and execution of naturopaths, I had to close down shop after some suspicious episodes of vomiting.

However, I help out personal friends with cancer only now and do not work with the public. My website was even taken down for security reasons.

There are several places you can get ozone suppositories but manufacturers are not experts in cancer. So consulting with them is a shot in the dark with respect to dosing, interactions, toxicities, die off symptoms. The lipo cesium can be found on a health related web site and I trust I can post a link to that lipo cesium without it being considered as advertising... This stuff saves lives.

I use promolife suppositories but sometimes get frustrated with customer service.

Also remember, anti fermentation meds like naltrexone and / or dca are necessary to accelerate starvation as these prevent formation of lactic acid which is preferred pathway for many cancers, ie., anaerobic.

You can get both items, meaning lipo cesium tagged with trace iron oxide nanoparticles, and the ozone suppositories at

Finally! Cancer die offs are characterized by paleness, skin bumps resembling sand paper, change in Body Odor , chills, emotional sensitivities. If you experience these simply cut down on dosing for a few days. Then restart once all appears back to normal. Some practitioners using heavy bolus therapies are bailing out their patients with glutathione infusions to help alleviate the oxidative stress and combat the effects of toxicities... drinking tons of water, hot baths are helpful as well.

Good luck to you all... really miss you guys, and you know who I am talking about.


Former founder and director of American Cancer Advocates.


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