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The ultimate fruit smoothie

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Published: 10 months ago

The ultimate fruit smoothie

The ultimate fruit smoothie would be the largest formula of fruits/herbs that a person could desire.
Such huge formulas would 100% follow the 1957 co-q10 theory.

New People in desperate salutations are the ones you can learn allot from. Those that medical has given up on or told they will die, etc. Those types tend to not seek to find excuses not to take herbs and instead tend to be willing to try many things.........those types, always end up believers in the Dr. Christopher BF&C theory and out of hundreds of various herbs and herbal methods---they end up liking what I call the Herbal Concentrates and the Maximum Herbal/fruit Smoothie method of consumption of large amounts of herbs.

Their situation always starts with age and weight and those that are too thin---seldom try. While those that are 50-200 pounds over weight often like the idea of living longer. The too thin have either smoked them selves to death, drank coffee till their muscles can never rest or just plain too far poisoned----but some will try and succeed. The too thin people just need more herbs.

The mains ingredients of fruit smoothies can always be obtained from local sources--but when seeking to use herbs in that theory---you can choose 50-200+ herbs and the more the better always in my opinion....

year after year after year---I believe Dr. Christopher was correct in the LARGE DOSE THEORY and the more herbs the better and the concentrates / smoothie is the way....THE WAY

The key is to make a smoothie you love to drink---then you start adding herbs.

Herbal concentrates are a way to supply dozens / hundreds of herbs and then ad that to the fruit smoothie..

There is no market for such things, but those that seek to save their own life---like the idea and like the idea of an all n one supplement....this all goes back to the theory of THE BOTTOM of THE BARREL type herbs-----or a little of everything and the more aged the better.

1 reason such formulas do not sale is people are scared of herbs and more than 1 scares them more than 1---if you put 200 in 1 jar---they would have to know all 200 and be told they are safe and would never believe anything unless the person was wearing a white coat and graduated from a top medical college.

Humans seem to require a small amount of all the organic minerals and those minerals are endless.

In reality---true medical 70 years ago believed the organic minerals we humans thrive upon originate from our SUN and as the space dust enters earth atmosphere the dust use to float for 100-200 years as it is consumed by bacteria and then eventually floated down in our air....................this was perfect until humans created factories and planes and rockets and bombs and destroyed our upper atmosphere with endless poisons....
It has been a full 100 years since our air was the way it was suppose to be and a good 200 years since we lived in a pollution free world.

it is no wonder thousands of years ago---humans loved our sun.....


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