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Published: 10 months ago


5 out of 6 games

14 year old scores touch down on first possession of the ball----3 of the 5 games on the first play of the game. Always a 65 yard play.

Sports is one of the better longevity educations you can give your self------look at each sport and the kids that play them; as well as what the parents are like----that tells you ALLOT about the environment you live in and the damages caused by vaccinations, bad diets, chemical aerial spraying since 1949, city water, commercial drinks....

"IF" medical and science was based on the health of kids---the colleges would destroy all their medical and science departments---if they were good people. Good people are saddened when they see chicken wing boys playing with boys that have to be careful not to break their arms when playing together.

Then you have the schools where wealthy parents relocate so their kids have special trainers, special chef's and the best of everything so they get into the colleges they want----and the common public schools are rightly scared to death of those kids who look like monsters compared to an average kid from a working family.

1 in a million sports kids makes it to the point everyone knows them and they make a living from sports and history shows in the sport of football, many of those famous men were vegetables by age 50---so sports over all, as a school activity should never leave the school---there should be zero competition between schools and never ever have sports practice or games after school......sports was a pass time kids did at lunch break and it should have never developed past just being fun. Today wealthy parents send their kid to specific large schools for no other reason than they can buy their way onto a college team.

By 8th grade you can have a tiny kid 100 pounds playing side by side with a 250 pound kid that looks and acts like they are ready to have a heart attack---the obese kids often loose their balance or have trouble standing back up and the tiny kids just try to stay out of the way of getting smashed.

By high school it is a totally different beast---they announce over the loud speaker that the schools are all friendly and good---while the radical coaches train the kids to hurt the other side.....prepping them for military use when they graduate.

The military recruiters of today are traded to use hypnotism on the juniors and seniors---for a month after the recruiters enter the high schools--the kids all want to join----that is how dangerous high schools are....the gov believes they own the kids and no matter how they can train/trick them to join the military---they do it and the high schools part of it.


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