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baby's, children's, mother's, men's wellness
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Published: 24 months ago
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baby's, children's, mother's, men's wellness

Baby’s, Children’s, Women’s & Men’s Wellness
Life starts with a healthy mother; who has a healthy husband, who works together with the goal of healthy children. Remove any part of the human family and factory in the health of the past 7+ generations and that equals
“us” today. We are a product of our ancestors.
The great doctors believed the “ancestral” chains could be broken by way of the Sun and proper nutrition. They believed conceiving in the bright sunlight was very beneficial and the use of herbs to aid the body in the removal of parasites and supply essential organic minerals. Basically what was determined in 1957 as the Co-Q10 theory of how the stomach, liver & red blood cells make use of what we eat. In short, everything bad in human health is a result of deficiency; something farmers have always known about raising captive livestock.
A doctor discovered what was known as “iodine” by 1812 and sadly a French doctor with the last name Lugol stole the idea and made a synthetic / chemical version known as Lugol’s Iodine. This was spread world wide as a medical miracle to the point that when medical did not know what to do, they were trained to give their patients Iodine. From what research I could do, the first doctor was a good doctor and obtained Iodine from trees and I found commercial / industrial history where iodine was found in tree roots. I could never find any source that could explain how iodine could exist in the ocean or created in ocean plants. The commercial world believes fish and seaweeds are the only natural iodine and that is wrong. If anything it is only a mild trace of iodine in the oceans because “everything” ends up in the oceans. Otherwise iodine is in the air and I suggest it is our trees that make it.
Iodine, the missing nutrient is a worldwide subject and belief that all humans and mammals lack iodine. The world health organization 30 years ago believed that children are not smart because they lacked iodine while in the womb and that by age 5 the damage was permanent and no amount of schoolteachers could change that fact- I believe their theory is correct, but that all humans can live better.
By 1930’s lugol’s chemical iodine was added to salt and that resulted in a new chemical combination and was done to reduce / eliminate goiters. In years later they learned that goiters could exist anywhere inside the body, something we call today- tumors. The chemical iodine worked, but by 1950 was determined it caused birth defects in male reproductive organs and was listed as one of the top toxic chemicals. In fact, if you have ever applied lugol’s / commercial chemical made iodine to your skin or taken drops internally, you can take a hair sample test and find that the chemical iodine is very inorganic and made of heavy metals that your body will struggle with to eliminate from the cells for the rest of your life. The side effects so bad that it was taken from the store shelves by the late 1960’s and being phased out of salt. The doctors recognized that the tumors returned and some prescribed high dose lugol’s iodine to reverse the tumors and ignore that the metallic iodine has bad side effects.
When I ask around the world about the subject of Iodine, the pharmaceutical / herbal world seems to know nothing other than ocean plants and fish as their only source of iodine and seem clueless about trees and bushes.
It is my opinion all trees, bushes, fruits, herbs supply “organic” minerals and words like iodine are just fancy names given to plant / tree “minerals” and we should never ever use inorganic / rock like minerals for human supplements. All minerals must first be consumed by bacteria until small enough to be absorbed through the root bark of the trees. After the trees make use of the minerals, then they are truly organic in size and suitable for human health.

Noticed results of supplementing with natural tree iodine have been thicker / stronger fingernails, and the thyroid / hormones / heart rhythm depend upon it. Children raised on iodine rich herbs tend to not only be smarter / memorization, they tend to be taller / stronger and excel in sports.
Iodine by its nature must be as a liquid and is not available as a powder. The chemical iodine known as Lugol’s would be ok to apply to garden soil, but never for use on our skin or internal. Lugol’s may have fast results because it is so toxic, but once in the body, it accumulates and becomes a lifelong problem. I have an entire chapter in my book dedicated to the iodine subject.
Mother and father must have not only proper iodine minerals; they need every organic herbal mineral their blood requires to keep their body in perfect health. Every mineral they lack will result in the baby’s development. Naturally mother’s health is the most important once the baby is conceived. If mother’s diet does not have everything required, she will give her health in the effort of the creation of her baby. If she does not have the correct diet, each child will have “less” than the first child. Proper diet is “everything” for mother’s health and the future of her family. No amount of $$$ can compare to the health of the developing baby for the simple fact that the child will be forced for the rest of their life to deal with the problems created in the womb. This is how chains are formed and when health is neglected the chains become thicker and stronger until sever birth defects are passed onward until the family has fewer and fewer children and eventually fade away.
No doubt the medical world believes Iodine is the most important supplement for human development and longevity, they just use “chemical” or “fake” iodine that has bad side effects and it seems all of medical went that route long before I was ever born. My opinion is that “organic” iodine is the true missing link that medical first discovered by 1812 and it is medical that normally makes the great health discovers, because they have the $$$ and the interest; but they fail every time they attempt to replace nature with synthetics.
Organic - Natural Iodine does not exist to the medical world, if anything they promote false sources such as sea weeds, fish, etc. and only believe in mixing two chemical compounds together that they know as Lugol’s Solution and use that as their test base. The entire vitamin world is a similar system, their testing never test for “organic” and always inorganic and they use inorganic supplements / drugs. The number one question people always have is “How” much iodine is in Natural Tree Iodine / Minerals and the answer is none, because what medical knows as iodine, is their two chemicals they blend to form Lugol’s Iodine and to them nothing else exist. When it comes to herbal testing they treat herbs the same, they use a few base herbs to compare everything. Their only interest is inorganic rock-like chemicals / minerals they know as vitamins since 1920 and use that as their foundation.
When it comes to testing, the only thing they ever test for is mold. The chemist that make herbal “extract” powders by way of identifying what they believe are the medical qualities of herbs; they concentrate those parts of the herb and try to make it much stronger and those extracts are an herbal medicine, in that they are no longer natural and will not follow nature. Amazingly the largest company in the world that makes these chemical herbal extracts completely “ignores” the iodine subject and suggests iodine is obtained from fish and ocean sources. So when people ask how much iodine? That is an impossible question to answer for all herbs and Dr. John R. Christopher believed it is best to not make a chemical extract and to leave the herbs in their whole state, because man will never know how the human blood makes use of the whole herb. This is why I believe the 1957 Co-Q10 Scientist came up with the best theory on how humans make use of their foods and that herbs are just foods.
Many herbs are rich in potassium and dark purple / black colors and “real” concentrated iodine will burn the skin, just like their chemical lugol’s iodine will. I believe nature’s iodine produced by trees is the true organic source and that organic never accumulates and never has ill side effects when consumed properly like a food source. I assume because no medical / lab testing exist for Nature’s Foods, especially on the subject of iodine, the commercial world ignores the subject.
“Pica” is an old name given by farmers for animals that “lack” essential minerals. They know their horses, cows, sheep, goats, etc. will literally eat the wood their barns are made of when they lack the proper nutrition. These animals will eat the wood fence post and eat the bark and limbs of the trees in their pasture lot. Trees are a source of minerals and a starvation food for many mammals. To accomplish the 1957 Co-Q10 Theory the proper supplement would supply “all” that humans require for perfect health. This seems to be a small amount of all that herbs / trees can supply. The blood then makes use of what it requires daily and once used the herbs are properly eliminated through the elimination organs along with the access organic minerals. Leaving no accumulations for parasites / fungus to eat. No inorganic rock / metallic accumulations to clog the organs and circulation of the body.
With herbal supplements the larger the herbal selection the better people do on them in my opinion and based on historical use of herbs by herbal doctors that made formulas. Prevention is the keys to success, a healthy mother has one baby every three years at the most and she and baby have all their proper organic herbal minerals. The healthy father has a mineral rich diet that enables him to provide and protect the family. Every proper human food is an herb, all fruits of the bush, vine and trees are herbs.
Natural “Green” Tree Potassium / Iodine Mineral Tincture
A variety of vine and tree fruits made as a tincture with fruit cider vinegar. Suggested dosage: 1 dropper daily.

As an All Purpose Daily Supplement: Syrup / Tincture formula: “Pica” Iodine / Potassium Minerals
Suggested dosage: 1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon daily

Also available as a Strong Potassium / Iodine Minerals Concentrate Paste, Herbal Sprays, and added to all large combination herbal formulas and all Concentrated paste. Added to all Syrup / Tinctures.
Baby’s, Children’s, Women’s & Men’s Wellness in my opinion depends upon Nature’s Green Tree herbs rich in natural organic Iodine / potassium. When humans lack iodine, they seem to accumulate salt and little potassium and some suggest that leads to diseases and cancers. I know that when I first tested for minerals 25 + years ago, my test was all salt and little potassium and the first herb I ever made was Natural Tree Iodine Minerals and I had no clue how powerful it was and I actually burned my skin and I quickly learned and years later after listening to customers to consumed such an extract by the drops or droppers and a few even took teaspoons daily and I concluded that the World Health Organization (WHO) was correct, because our children that grew up not iodine deficient are healthier in many ways than children that grow up in a iodine deficient commercial diet. I concluded the 1957 Co-Q10 Theory scientist were also correct, but like the entire commercial / medical world, they too messed up when they chose non-organic / herb sources.

Baby Calm, Kids B Well are syrup / tincture liquid formulas and made as a Thick Concentrate. Women’s Wellness, Women’s Wellness Pre-Cleanse and Men’s Wellness and Men’s Wellness Pre-Cleanse Concentrates all have a small amount of Natural “Green” Tree Iodine Mineral Tincture in the formulas. Capsule formulas and bulk powder formulas do not.

I highly believe in a small amount of Natural “Green” Tree Iodine / Minerals in the daily supplement. All Herbal Sprays have the iodine tincture and an easy way to use daily. Iodine on the skin will be used differently than iodine taken internally. Everything applied to the skin will be carried away by the blood stream and eliminated through the elimination organs. Herbs in the air as we sleep will be used differently as well. Herbs are in fact, just forms of food. When used singular and in specific dosages, yes; that would be using herbs to obtain a medical effect and many if not all old herbal books have endless history on medical use of herbs. I believe all good herbs are always good and always just foods and we humans make use of the organic minerals.

Once a person obeys the basics of aiding their digestive and elimination organs, then they are suitable to choose a lifetime parasite prevention and lifetime daily herbal / mineral supplement to their diet. Naturally the more proper the diet, the less $$$ they will need to spend on herbal supplements.

Herbal Sprays
To be continued:


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