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Published: 11 months ago


The major problem with Iodine and most natural / organic sources is the fact chemical lab testing is designed to test for inorganic. making most all blood testing about worthless and promotes the use of inorganic vitamins/drugs.

Test for "organic" is not the same as lab test. Labs test inorganic "chemicals" ............

Things that are 'alive" they do not test well.... Example: the moment a doctor sticks your flesh with a needle and gets into your blood stream or muscle---YOUR BODY PANICS and simple words---EVERYTHING CHANGES INSTANTLY due to the body being attacked by that needle.

The same with blood---you steal a drop of blood from your body and that blood changes knows it is being killed.

LAB TESTING is all it can be----flawed and almost always based on fake science.

Humans are created to eat food direct from the tree and bush-----no one can ever collect food from a tree and bush and package it and be the same---because life can not exist once separated from the source.

Scientist make up their own values and work from that foundation.

with Iodine, 200 years ago they chose to use a group of chemicals and called it LUGOL's SOLUTION---Dr. Lugol Stole the idea from another doctor who was using natural organic sources and the medical world went with Dr. Lugol.

150 years later medical believed lugol's Iodine was very toxic and caused birth defects.......and everyone to this day knows virtually all drugs medical uses, comes with an endless list of toxic side effects and always eventually is determined not good and they make new drugs to replace old drugs.


Someone created the word IODINE.

Someone created a group of chemicals around 1812 and told the world--THIS IS IODINE.

The word is flawed and the scientist and labs only know what they were trained to know------

So when using ORGANIC from the tree, plants it is FLAWED to use the words the scientist made up....



What college professors agree to call something is all they know.....

So when using herbs, it would be "backwards" to use the terms created by scientist, because their fake words can not describe what NATURE MAKES.......because the scientist are so anti-nature, anti God, virtually everything they did was flawed and all the students are trained from that false foundation.

WHY are the scientist so flawed? Because they wanted to make what nature makes---so they come up with fake stuff and pout it in a jar and believe they are superior to nature.

the proper explanation of herbs is ORGANIC MINERALS, anything beyond that is guessing.

So for example:



Contents? Elderberries

WHEN you can not eat fresh elderberries or frozen elderberries-----then powdered or tinctured or syrups of elderberries would be your next option and the same theory with all herbs and foods.

Most labels on all foods is "fake" science or just fraud. An illusion created by the colleges.


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