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Prostrate Health
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Published: 11 months ago

Prostrate Health

One area of human health that easily allows people to experience better health via herbs is prostrate health. That said, old medical openly stated women have a prostrate, but in current medical you never hear that subject discussed openly. Stating a specific organ is meaningless anyway, because when you consume anything---your treating the entire body, never just a certain organ or area.........

THE BLOOD does all the work.

Those that wait too long are the problem people.......prevention is in fact worth more than gold.

Men who strain to urinate understand they have problems and medical all too glad to prescribe drugs and operations and eventually diapers.

The prostrate can have a formed stone inside it---those that use kidney cleansing herbs should easily alleviate that problem in time. others it can be 100% a nerve problem and a great chiropractor may solve that problem in 1 visit and if your nerves are pinched, all the herbs and drugs on earth will not change that.

Herbs, many different herbs can have a super fast effect on the prostrate function as a WHOLE---by a whole I mean everything and not just the organ by its self......

So nerves, physical and mental "all" form what people are daily in life.

When there are sleep issues---a person is not "relaxed" , the muscles too tense and the muscles torment the body 24/7 and I believe something similar goes on with the prostrate function as a whole.

As babies we are LIMBER and LOOSE and sleep so sound that we are hard to wake we eat wrong foods and drink, we load up with heavy metals and fungus and we become "stiff" and no longer can fully relax.

With the prostrate---relaxation would be the KEY..........unable to relax and the urine is going to have troubles coming out.

With the male, he understands each time he goes to the bathroom. He "knows" soft verses not soft. In reality he may not even remember "control", a VALVE PROBLEM. With the male function the valve health is EVERYTHING and must be kept in total control of the brain.

A valve that does not drain completely will leave blood in the system that does not belong there.....and result in a situation of less than perfect softness. This value issue could easily creep with age and the person never ever realize it as a problem.

There are many herbs that have history of helping the prostrate and surely many more unknown.....plenty more that are unknown.

I believe the ones that can relax the muscles/valve are the herbs of value and these herbs can have results in literally hours or a few days.....

Medical wants men to believe their prostrate thickens and turns hard and none functional---who knows, perhaps they are right, could be because of the drugs they have been taking, their diet, their drinks, etc.....surely beer drinking are asking for the loss of their kidney and total health....all drinks loaded with lime will harm your total body and we know how many beer drinkers there are in this world. Well water can result in the same.

The 1 thing you can rest on is the fact that if you take a few herbs and your prostrate relaxes and your penis relaxes for the first time in 40 years, then you know the doctors are full of #### and your problem is not a result of hardening/thickening.

The medical test is a bunch of ### as well. People can change the test by just taking cabbage pills daily and cabbage pills would not be healthy. Testing in general is not something you can trust totally. When diet/herbs and your chiropractor can no longer solve all your health problems---then maybe see a decent M.D. and get some ideas, but odds are, all you needed was to correct your diet and habits more and you can avoid medical your entire lifetime.


The 1 clue is a simple clue---your sleep. "IF" you are sleeping 2 minutes after you go to bed----odds are your doing OK, especially if you sleep 6-8 hours and get up at the same time each morning.....

IF you have sleep issues, wake up and have to pee, have dreams, etc. then you know you have basic problems.

GOOD SLEEP is worth more than your gold and silver.

Ideally stay up till close to midnight...go to bed---be asleep in about 30 seconds and wake up at 7---few to no memorable dreams and if you do dream, train your self to forget them instantly as you wake.

STRESS destroys your health, your sleep...


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