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Re: Antibiotics ?

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joegrane Views: 1,505
Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Antibiotics ?

Do your homework before getting the Amalgam fillings removed. They contain roughly 50% mercury. The drill will vaporize some of it and you will inhale it.

From some unscientific polls I've seen in detox groups, a good minority of people will get some health gains in the months after Amalgam removal. However detox consultant, Andrew Cutler, PhD Chemistry, often warned about the subsequent 3-6 months, what he called the stall or dump phase. The organs are "dumping" their mercury after levels in the blood stream have declined.

The following is an old discussion from one of the Yahoo detox support groups. Sorry I don't have the link in my notes.

> I mean, how long do you estimate I should chelate and will there be platues and/or regression? I know that you can't totally answer the last question but could you just give me some type of idea of what to aspect (good and bad).

"You may wish to make reference to figure 15 on page 52 of Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment for what to expect. Again, study this, it is important."

"Usually there are a few months of improvement, then a many month long period of stalled progress or regression during which it is important to keep chelating, then progress eventually resumes. "

"This is always confusing when it is happening. Usually after it is all over you can figure out what happened when. At the time you just worry a lot. That's why it is important to understand what to expect, and that there is no precise timeline. How long things take varies from person to person."

Cutler discusses this topic in the following discussions.

Supposedly people with more of a lead problem than mercury tend to not get the early gains. That includes me. I only got some minor improvements in energy in the early months after the removal of the last of my amalgam fillings. By 1.75 years of detox I had achieved my goals and got health improvements that changed the trajectory of my life. Since most people don't have the degree of heavy metal toxicity that I had I don't expect they will get the same results; however, in our toxic world I would expect most people with matching symptoms to get some health improvements.

If you decide to do some heavy metal detox after removing the amalgam I suggest that you learn about the options. There have been too many unpleasant reports in the detox groups here, at Yahoo and FB. For example...

Guys with PhDs in Chemistry made early mistakes while detoxing from heavy metals, so you can bet MDs and average folks will too. C Shade shares an experience here.

Cutler describes his experience and the basics of his conservative, low-dose detox protocol in this interview with a chiropractor who also got much improved from his amalgam-related health problems.
You'll have to right click the link at this site and download the mp3.

Vitamin C, E, selenium etc are antioxidants that will help to protect your body from the vaporized mercury. However, oral vitamin C can interfere with pain meds. You'll likely want to consume some sulfur-containing foods so you are not low in those important sulfur-containing liver detox substances however some people are sensitive to kicking up HMs with those foods.

Sauna is another nice way to remove many toxins but that assumes you still can sweat and you have adequate adrenal strength to handle the stress.

The iaomt association of biological dentists has more information on amalgam removal.

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