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From the Knees Down
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Published: 25 months ago

From the Knees Down

the bottoms of your feet were designed to touch dirt your entire not only pinch your feet, they make your feet less healthy in just about every imaginable way.

HEAVY METALS are all that crap in your water and with manufacturing / jets etc. today's water has so much invisible death in it------the average grocery shopper buys bottled water with hopes they are doing better and sadly some bottled water can be worse as city water.

WRONG FOODS, like vegetables are loaded with inorganic rock minerals-----basically just call it HEAVY METALS because once in, it is not coming out easily.

ROCK / POISONS by design will be expelled out your feet when you are not able to exhale them, sweat them or pee them out......and they will come out inside your hair and skin for ever.....

CLOGGED FEET is a common, if not expected health problem for modern humans.

WORMS can enter your feet and perhaps that is one good reason to wear protective sandals. Otherwise health human feet are wide and gaps between the toes and the toes strong and supportive.

SICK humans expel acids and waste along with their heavy metals out the bottoms of their feet----when this avenue is blocked, their legs fill up with trash---what they call TRASH LEG. Trash Leg can be a result of taking vitamins / drugs which have heavy metal waste in them. Trash Leg can just be a result of wrong diet over a lifetime.........and lead to open leg sores. The heavy hog diet can easily lead to open leg sores--what old medical believed was a pig anus developed on your leg to allow out excessive waste.

Rash from the knee down is a way the body saves the life when the body is over loaded and unable to expel the waste.

THE SKIN breathes air, lots of AIR.

THE SKIN is the largest ORGAN you have.

THE SKIN is something you have access to, unlike the organs inside you.

THE SKIN shows the condition of your inside organs----the more your organs are failing inside you, the less healthy your skin will appear.

THE SKIN saves your life as long as it can------as the kidneys go, your skin will try to take over all the duties of the elimination organs....

YOUR FEET are a major elimination organ to begin with.

SICK FEET tell predators like large cats, reptiles, wolves, bears, etc. etc. there is a sick human in the group and if your going to chase a heard of humans; you want to track the one with sick feet, because that human is not healthy and your best chance to catch that human before it climbs a tree or can out run you.

Dr. John R. Christopher is the only author and video documentation education that claims a damaged young girl that no longer could swallow water or food---she suggested be fed through her skin. By way of soaking her in water several times daily and rubbing olive oil into her skin as her only food source----he goes on to say she lived like this until medical was able to make her an artificial throat. He ends his story that this girl that ate no food, was not only very pretty as a result, but the most healthy girl he had ever seen.

HUMANS die from fears more than anything else and it would take a very desperate human that wanted to live---to try to live on water and food through their skin---was Dr. Christopher making up such a story? I doubt; because the skin does breathe and what touches your skin does show up in your blood stream moments later........there is no doubt if a person had to try to live this method it would be possible if they could control their fears.


The human body can create extremely powerful acids as a defense method. EXTREMELY STRONG and at amazing speed---most cells can create this acid in less than a easily example is touching the skin/tongue with a hot cayenne pepper or more extreme: fire. The skin will react at extreme speed.

When these acids are out of control, they can accumulate and cause extreme tormenting itch as they ooze out of the skin and often out of the feet and toes. Pockets of itchy fluids. ON THE MOST EXTREME out of control acid production is very rare, but has happened many times around the world in most every culture and language of people-----in that a human just burns up where they are setting or standing. Their body becomes so hot with their own acids that not only does their flesh burn, their bones literally burn and it takes allot of power to burn your bones.......people who are placed on a human cookie sheet and placed in fire to eliminate their body---leaves behind the bones that are then put in a grinder to get rid of---YET, humans can over produce an acid that has literally burned people alive where they set........and this acid eats their bones and leaves ashes, yet does not burn the chair they were setting in.

There have been rare cases where the person was burning up in a crowd and and crowd pick the person up and palce them in cold water and the process stopped and the person lived. The water did not put out a fire--it shut down the production of acid that was dissolving the person in literally minutes.

THE HUMAN body has so many amazing designs within that humans study the human body when they are searching for answers......who ever made the human body, has the wisdom of the universes.

The big mystery of longevity is the balance of magnesium and calcium and no doubt, humans that can control their acids is equally important. TOO MUCH ACID makes you old prematurely.

Should your skin ever have cracks and wrinkles? NO, if you do, then your dried up, cracked up and weathered away........filling your cracks with make up is an insane thing humans do.

WHAT your skin looks like is a mirror to what you look like inside.

Organic plant / tree oils

WE HUMANS do not lack anything, we instead have way to much of everything and then we try balancing that imbalance by consuming more.........which leads to a miserable death.

Use Iodine as an example: we do not need it, it is in our air and in the proper human foods---BUT because humans are loaded with poisons, we lack iodine based on our accumulations of the all the wrong stuff. This leads to a lifetime of imbalance.

To adjust balance by consuming more----is insane, but what people try, because they can not get back to a correct toxic free balance.

OLD MEDICAL seen this issue as a simple theory: DO NOT PUT THE WRONG STUFF IN YOUR MOUTH and that way you do not need to pay a doctor.

Since modern day pollution and germ and chemical warfare, humans have no choice but to breath heavy metal air
and modern day life inside a house and wearing of clothes and shoes, etc. , etc., humans are just toxic and living in a dirty environment daily.

They have proven that your skin has 2 choices----reject what is touching it by producing acids that will turn your skin red, cause burns, create boils or accept the substance into the skin and expel it via the blood stream out your lungs and in the toilet............and this is proof enough that wild humans will have a better chance than tamed / farmed humans dressed up in cloths and kept in houses and fed toxic wrong foods.

Make-up, perfumes, soaps, lotions, chemicals, etc., etc. all enter your skin, get into your blood and forces your body to deal with it or die. Dying your hair should make you panic and spraying hair spray or deodorant FREAK YOU OUT and make you want to run away....but you have been TRAINED to believe it is OK. You ares so toxic mentally and physically you are like a trained circus animal.

The Philippine fellow that made coconut oil a product, covered his skin in coconut oil daily........there are a few bad things about coconuts:

1. apparently chemist 70+ years ago believed they needed to ad perfume to it. The smell known as coconut is a very toxic perfume that 10%+ of humans are deadly allergic to. Real Coconuts have no smell. The coconut industry / market is a very corrupt market as they try their best to say your coconut needs to smell great and virgin/organic bla bla bla... simple fact is this---everything that you have ever purchased with that coconut smell has been a toxic perfume poison.

2. on the islands they did nuclear bomb testing--the scientist believed at the time the soil would be toxic for ever literally. When they went back many years later and tested the soil, they were amazed and dumb founded how clean the soil was. They set out testing to see where the fall out went to and found it in the coconuts; seems the trees were cleansing the soil or the fall out was so small in size that it could enter and poison the coconuts. So ideally no coconuts from that areas of the world......PERHAPS if you had clean coconuts, the coconut would aid in cleansing your body? There is a very small old book that explains the coconut cure.

The coconut cure went like this: You got on a plane or boat and you went to a clinic which was an island. On this island, you lived as nature intended---no cloths, no $$$ aka the socialist dream come true and you were all 100% equal. The care keepers gave you coconut trees to care for and your ability to live....I have to guess, but I think they gave you about 2 dozen trees and by way of those trees, the theory was that you stayed for 2 years. The story ended with the statement that the people never wanted to leave ever. What ever happen to that island? That is a good question. If you take a ship cruise of Hawaii they will tell you that laws made these ships leave Hawaii waters X amount of days per year and these huge cruise ships would sail further towards Japan down the string of Islands and park at an island inhabited with humans TODAY---RIGHT NOW and stay there until they could legally return to Hawaii. The ships tried to create a tourist attraction with these islands, but discovered the naked women were very tall, very strong and had not need for $$$$ of any kind and the sickly / puny visitors from around the world could not handle the reality of huge healthy people with no need for there silly ways of wearing cloths ideally all the socialist need to protest the white house and ask for a free ship ride to the islands where they can live as equals all their days-----by equal you have to work or free loaders in nature and in reality, socialist are just free loaders seeking slaves to feed them.

In that same era in America, a doctor took a woods / valley and divided it and put all the naked men on 1 side and all the naked women on the other side and all the sick old people were trained to dig a pit and live in it---THE EARTH CURE. You slept in the dirt and you could have blankets to keep the snow off at night, but no cloths........the large medical type book ended with the statement that after the treatment, the naked people did not want to leave. Sleeping down in the dirt made their skin expel the poisons out of their body.

MODERN TIMES we humans want a more simple and easy approach....many today would rather die that show their fat sickly body to the public---WHY? Because those that lived against NATURE are ASHAMED or should be.

it is simple to pitch your socks for is simple to choose shoes that breath and once out of work and in your home---never wear shoes.

GETTING RID of work shoes is FREEDOM and once free and your feet breathing properly again--shoes will make you sick. Shoes will smother you..........YOU DID NOT KNOW THIS when your parents forced shoes on you as a baby and child and were forced to wear shoes to school-----you adapted.


Dr. Jackson is by far my most favorite author.......he explored the human design. He used his body as the example.

He learned about cold

He learned that if your 99% naked, your skin automatically handles cold about 500% better than if you have clothing on or shoes on.....HUMANS have amazing abilities when set free. Being a near naked doctor, people made fun of him and amazingly in Canada, Toronto idiot authors to this very day make fun of him.

Plant / Tree oils have GREAT VALUE in human health and longevity today.........

You can explore that forever.

Same as clean water cleans the skin and the cleaner the skin, the longer your going to live. Dirty people smother.

I like salves and ointments.

"IF" you understand your skin and how your body functions---slaves and ointments can be amazing things...

For 20 years I have applied a tiny amount of salve on my throat at bed time. WHY? Anything on your skin is going to force your blood to come to that area and cleanse the salve away.....if you want easy / peaceful sleep---you want proper blood circulation in your throat.....essential oils / salve can do amazing things.

Wealthy humans not long ago were known to join clubs where they took steam baths and then paid people to massage them-----------how lucky were they........what a luxury that would be...."IF" you could tolerate some stranger touching your skin...........having strangers touch/rub you is not the bets idea---you would want that slave to be a healthy slave and not a sickly slave. Your better off having a loved one you trust not strangers you pay---either way that is a rarity today.

The Dr Christopher BF&C ointments are worth their weight in gold, even the BF&C tea he bathed your skin in.......but his formulas were based on bees wax and bees wax is just too heavy..............over many years I made all sorts of BF&C ointments and they are always a pain to make, because it takes allot of time and very messy and very hard to clean up.

When in Thailand they used a very small containers of greenish salves that i liked very much---I spent allot of time searching for their formulas and never found such a thing---so my smell and texture I made my own based on the Dr. Christopher BF&C formulas...........and over time I have made various batches and came up with my own formulas that use coconut more like the Thai people and you must use some bees wax or you end up like the Thia ointment that is too thin and has to be kept in tiny containers because it melts, etc....

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Bees Wax, herbs and as many as 30+ more tree and plant oils are what I like because I 100% believe in the 1957 Co-Q10 authors in how humans make use of all my herbal blends become exotic and impossible to duplicate twice the same....

You want your healing slaves to become stronger and stronger over the years.......because they are all anti-parasite and things like lymes is forever your enemy you were born with and they wait to eat you alive.

Salves/ointments which ever word you choose to describe them are great for your scalp and hair health---rubbing your thin balding spots regularly with potent ointments can do wonders over long periods of time and a great way to de-worm your brain and keep your brain flexible in my theory.

Salves will make you hair greezy----you can not avoid that fact. So you have to deal with that which ever way you choose.

Your skin on the other hand should suck up your ointments like food and in 20 minutes or less feel dry---or you put too much on. To cover your knees down to your toes and do your scalp, should only take maybe 1/2 or less teaspoon in total.

YES, if your a lucky soul and have someone that would cover your entire body in ointment, you would be a blessed one for sure. You would feel like the queen of the Nile.

Look at your skin, that is all the proof you need to know if your doing OK or failing at life. Not the size of your bank accounts.


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