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Probiotics Have Destroyed My Digestive System
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Published: 3 years ago

Probiotics Have Destroyed My Digestive System

Just a warning to anyone out there who are considering taking probiotics, I have given myself severe dysbiosis by taking them. The only probiotics I've found that my immune system tolerates are plain old lactobacillus acidophilus (floragen) and making scd yogurt from the yogourmet yogurt starter(I actually see benefit from these). All other strains my gut treats like an infection. I'll get loose yellow stool, diarrhea, and lots of mucous in my stool from anything else whether it's a lactobacillus plantarum probiotic, floragen 3 probiotic with acidophilus and 2 strains of bifidobacterium, or kefir. Before when I took these probiotics, my body was always able to compensate for the poison I was putting in it. I would have loose yellow bowel movements with undigested food for days after taking it but I would still be able to eat most foods except for sugar/ very carby for a while. It would always return to some sort of a balance. But now, my body is so compromised the only foods I can eat are meat, fat and herbs. I cant even tolerate low carb vegtables my microbiome is so altered. My intestines hurt all the time and I have a lot of brain fog and fatigue as well. I also now suffer from panic attacks. If I eat carbs, I can sometimes instantly have a panic attack. At first I was able to treat this with herbs and got myself better for a while in early 2017. But then I went experimenting with probiotics (floragen 3) again shortly after stopping the herbs not yet realizing probiotics were causing my issues. Within two days of that, I was having loose yellow stool, abdominal pain, burning urination, and diarrhea. And with that, gone was my ability to digest anything but meat. If you look back at my previous post from 2015, I talk about my symptoms and how I got to where I was. I always thought it was the medications I was on that put me where I was. And don't get me wrong they were giving me some pretty serious problems, but I was able to track when things started to go seriously wrong during track season of my senior year of high school down to an order of "Garden of Life Raw Probiotics Men" on April 8th 2015. I was pretty much on my way to complete recovery before that thanks to stopping all the medications. (Again read my older post for more info, I'll link it below) I don't even know how to treat this anymore. Herbs and Antibiotics help temporarily but only temporarily and in the end don't make much of a difference. The only other thing that has helped are osmotic laxatives to help wash out some bacteria and fasting. I'm not sure how I'm going to approach this from here. I'm working with a very open minded GP and a naturopath and hopefully will be able to report back with some success eventually. Just wanted to get the word out that trying to be healthy can be dangerous. Especially when it comes to putting live organisms in your body that interact with your immune system. There's a fine line between probiotic and pathogen and our immune systems are all so different we don't know how they will react to what we put in it. There is no one size fits all. Probiotics can be amazing but start with simple first. Just a single strain is all you need and preferably just plain acidophilus. It is the most widely used and most researched.

Link to my post from 2015:
Also as a side note for the above link the probiotic the doctor prescribed me was floragen (Plain Acidophilus)


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