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So your Knee Hurts
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Published: 25 months ago

So your Knee Hurts

Medical today is so bazaar and it seems like the more $$$ you have, the more bazaar doctors will do for you..

a 18 year old athlete complains his knee hurts---so what do his doctors do? They go in and chop around and mess with the tendons.........this makes it so he does not walking on that knee, so he puts his weight on his other knee and after 6 months that knee is hurting and developing a little spur---so his fancy doctors seeking his daddy's wealth says lets purify your blood as your treatment-----

so they pump out his blood, treat it and pump it back in for his hurt knee.............

THIS IS HOW INSANE doctors today are----literally their methods are border line Frankenstein / mad hatter stuff you normally would have went to Mexico and allowed crazies to chop on you as they train you to do coffee enemas until your life is destroyed.

HIS KNEE hurt because he was putting much of his weight on it, because the doctors screwed up his other knee.

THIS IS HOW medical turns something SIMPLY into something that wrecks the rest of your life-------

This particular young man, gets to play college basketball-----unless the doctors chop him up too much. He is not tall, but apparently could play well before the doctors chopped on him. When it comes to colleges, the best do not always play sports, those that their daddies are connected to---get to play....via $$$$ more than anything else.

IN THIS CASE, you walk into college your first day of basketball on crutches---then your pretty much screwed.

MEDICAL consist of very smart students that are then trained extremely wrong in order to get their degrees in stupidity. They spend their lifetime poisoning and chopping on people and that is all they know and believe they are doing good.......

The smartest M.D. I seen in person was 90 years old and explained to a group of Cancer Doctors that for 50 years he killed people out of stupidity as a cancer doctor and ONLY after he retired and he got his first computer and typed in cancers-----then he learn of herbalist and natural methods and start to discover why people develop cancers and what in their life poisoned them---starting with their dentist trained to give kids cancer.

In this young man's sistuation, his problems are the same as his father's problems---their well water, their diet and their DENTIST.......their dentist is one of the worst in the nation----still filling people's mouths with loads of mercury...........the dad's mouth is one of the worse cases of mercury mouth I have ever seen, as bad as the dentist were back 50 years ago........

the knees go back to the water

The bad water clogs the kidneys and then go your joints-----

YOU DO NOT REMOVE YOUR BLOOD in an effort to dissolve your spurs.

YOU CLEAN UP YOUR WATER and if you want to use herbs, herbs work like magic for spurs by way of cleaning the rock out of your kidneys, because your kidneys cleans your blood and removes the spurs.

IT AMAZES ME how ignorant dentist an doctors are.......those kids were the smart kids in school, but when they went to colleges they were destroyed by corruption and evil professors.

THE GREAT DOCTORS were between 1895- 1970....after 1970 their college educations have made them all idiots.


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