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Now you see it, now you do not
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Published: 25 months ago

Now you see it, now you do not

web sites in general have several goals---sale something or alter your education.

The 1 thing that defeats bad websites is "experience"

Websites that are "deceiving" naturally are the worse possible web sites.

Websites that let you know up front they are just selling something or anything are fine---the consumer has that choice. Websites that seek to deceive the reader, those are the really bad ones.

Many web sites never let you know who the magician is behind the curtain....if they are honest, you never need to know who that stranger is.

Websites with pop ads are just that-----but web sites that set out to deceive people, have the ability to block those ads to those they choose----they have the ability to "deceive" chosen people.

Those buying ad space do not care, they just want to sale their products.

Always beware any website that has "inserted" ads, they tend to be the lowest websites in the world---showing they are just "for sale" websites and will do anything to increase $$.

When it comes to human health, experience via spending your $$$ and your time; probably 20+ years, will tell you that most all pop up ads and commercial products are 100% lies and deceiving and those enabling them the same.

I have never once ever found a good product via website commercial websites using videos and people dressed up like doctors, etc. the standard rule is simple---the fancier the website, the more worthless their products when it comes to nutritional supplements.

The commercial world of nutritional supplements are selling lies. Their products are always neutral products that do absolutely nothing, in fact, they are always "fillers" such as sand and paper and they dare not use anything of value in fear some sick person will try it and have a healing crisis.

When using the zone, strangers will see endless ads inserted; proof the zone really has but 1 goal---get the new person to please click on their paid advertisers ads....the ads are their sole purpose of a website. Ads are how they make $$$$$$$$$

Paid ads are fine, when they are on the up and up---honest. BUT when the zone has the ability to hide ads from those they choose, to deceive them---that is just proof how low they go.

This is why I have said the zone has been the dead zone for at least 10+ years.

YET, the culture of today, they have been trained like moths to come to the light-------the fancier the website the more $$$$ they spend. The more ads they see, the more they spend $$$ the success of utube, twitter, etc. is proof people are suckers for ads.

The zone is such a creation, seeking suckers for ads.

The OCCULT Medical Authors are your ad free education----------occult medical authors had nothing to sale and always gave you a free education on how to save your life--------or in simple terms, they explains that you are eating your self to death and diet correction can save and extend your life..........these books had you return to nature and God's intended diet for humans.......pretty much that simple and by 1950 all the greatest medical colleges agreed and it scared them to death and they chose to deceive all their students and create a system of use of poisons for human health.

HOW can colleges train humans to use poisons for health? That is the power of teachers and education---humans are "trainable".

The zone sales everything and sadly 75% of what Dr. Hulda Clark promoted and sold was toxic and harmful to her red blood cells.....she could not understand and refused to understand why her red blood cells became fewer and fewer until she died..........she refused to believe acids were harming her and electronics were harming her. She ignored the fact that Royal Rife destroyed his brain by experimenting with what she called her zappers......they literally zapped their brains over time.

Worthless nutritional supplements flood the internet. Most are made by a company called EVERGREEN that mass produces endless brand names and always 100% neutral / valueless...........

BAD PRODUCTS require ads, sales people, promoters, false authors, bad books --------hypnotic type sales people using every possible method to deceive the consumer.......

GOOD METHODS / Products are always natural organic substances and they sale them selves by world of mouth...if something works, people tell their friends.

BAD METHODS / Products end up taking people's $$$ and time and often that means they die even though their goal was to extend their life or have a better last few days..

HERBS are never more than 1/6th your solution. Herbs can be wonderful, but if you ignore all the rest; then herbs are not going to be your solution. HERB BOOKS / Doctors wanted people to believe herbs are your alternitive medicines and they want to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ with what ever it takes to get your $$$$. These old herbal books may not have too many lies in them, but it is all the stuff they leave out that makes them deceiving.

Dr. John R. Christopher made it very clear in the beginning of his books that if you refuse to change your diet, you are just wasting your time and what he wrote about herbal use will not work for you.

Dr. Christopher did not go into dental disaster, medical disaster, germ and chemical warfare, etc., etc. because at the time, the entire state of Utah was trying to eliminate him. What Dr Christopher wrote about herbs was handed down by those that used herbs as medicines and 90% of it is correct, but HERBS will never be m,ore than 1/6th what you need to do.

YET, if you look at the pop up ads and the inserted ads, they all will say anything they can, to get you to buy them---they have but 1 goal, get your $$$$$$$$$$$$$

naturally these faked products will not sale them selves ever; they are not designed to, they are designed to get your $$$ 1 time and they know there are millions of suckers willing to "bite"...then they simply come up with new names for the same worthless products..........they are in fact selling you a NAME and a LABEL.

Name and how pretty you can make the label and bottle is eye candy that determines your sales for those that sale fake products.

The world of nutritional supplements is "fakes" can waste $20,000.00 and 20 years of your life with these fakes until you determine they are all frauds and worthless books.

Elderly People often are the victims of these ads and advertisers that target them.

The elderly will buy based on what they see and it makes them feel "better" that they full cupboards full of hundreds of nutritional supplements. The norm is this: they receive the pretty bottle and they take a couple of capsules that day and the next day they receive something else in the mail and they take a couple of capsules.

99% of the time they never ever consume the entire bottle. They eventually throw away bottles so they can have space for when you see inserted ads or pop up ads and the fancy websites..........most if not all are PREDATORS selling commercial evergreen mass produced bottles of waste filler.

You are not going to find an honest website, honest forum, honest anything on the web today----those doing the hosting do it to make $$$$$ and even worse is the fact that 50, maybe 90% of the stuff promoted is not only worthless, but toxic, such as chemical made iodine, silver water and the dozens if not hundreds of things bad people trick others into trying---such as drinking their urine or eating their poop or putting their poop into another person or doing coffee enemas, consuming pot, etc., etc. etc. there are endless perverts seeking to deceive those that search the internet and want to believe everything they read or see.

Human health / mammal health is relatively simple: you are the result of the past 7+ generations and if your family obeyed nature, you had better chances and if your family was lazy and ignored nature and used poisons and toxic lifestyle, then you have less chances of a good life. Otherwise parasites are God's Answer for justice. Parasites remove all those that disobey.

PARASITES are the end answer.

You have unlimited reasons WHY your sick, but the end answer will be parasites----that stuff they call bacteria/viruses/worms.

"IF" you ignore all the reasons why, then worms will just come sooner than later.

What ever your poison; parasites are the answer.

Taking some pop up advertised or inserted supplement like you see here on the zone, will do NOTHING to reverse your poisons and reduce your best, if they were honest and genuine products, at their very best, they could never be more than 1/6th your solution in my opinion.

Dr. Hulda Clark learned allot; just not enough to save her own life. This happens to them all........

Many of the great doctors wrote a book at the end of their career.
YOU can obtain books form the past, read them, combine them and choose what works for you.

YOU SELF-EXPERIMENT and you decide for you.

MARKET WISE, the people with the pop up ads, inserted ads make your $$$$

When you buy a nutritional supplement, make sure it is at least all organic plant/tree based; then at least you get some food value from it.

IF the ad tells you take this and it will do this----that is not true normally......why? because supplements are dead, just like your foods are dead and it is your blood stream that does all the work.

That is what dr. hulda clark failed to learn----her red blood cells kept her alive and most of what she believed in killed her red blood cells.


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