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Cervical Cerclage
warriorone Views: 999
Published: 5 years ago

Cervical Cerclage

I'm 4 months and 2 weeks pregnant, but since doctors go by the last day of your period, I'm 20 weeks according to them. Well, I had a babymoon with the husband, we drove, I ate about 6 or 7 large pomegranates during the drive which was 8 hours there. I had been drinking tons of organic pure, pomegranate juice to begin with, not knowing that it can cause the uterus to contract. In addition to the real pomegranates I ate on my trip, I also drank tons of real pure Lakewood organic pomegranate juice and some from the brand Pom during the trip. I started feeling pain in my lower abdomen while we were on the trip, after we arrived and got settled in our timeshare, I looked it up and saw that a lot of women at 4 months were calling it round ligament pain, so I assumed that's what I had. I did one hike during my trip, cancelled a few hikes with the husband, I just wasn't up for it, felt tired, the hike I did wasn't too strenuous but it was 100 degree weather and I just wasn't hydrated enough. Well, I came back, the pain in my lower abdomen got annoying, I couldn't even sleep one night, so, I scheduled for the appointment I had missed with my doctor. The drive to see her was very uncomfortable, I complained to my husband the whole time. When we got there, she examined me and sent me immediately to the ER, she said my cervix was about 2-3 centimeters dilated and I was in preterm labor and at 20 weeks, my baby was not viable. We got to the ER, tests were done, conversations with experts were had, which included possibly giving birth if my cervix continued to dilate or terminating the pregnancy if there was an infection. This was a nightmare, this is not what we planned. Finally we got presented with the option to do a cervical cerclage. I'm one to avoid hospitals and surgery at all cost, I' m extremely natural and like to let nature take it's course and gently assist it, but finally with the help of family and husband, I decided on the cerclage. They kept me overnight to observe what my body was doing, they performed the cervical cerclage 2 days ago. My doctors were amazing and I was awake during it, at first the anesthesia didn't work because I could still move my legs, then with patience they waited long enough so when I couldn't feel my butt and my pelvic floor, they performed the cerclage. I did feel some pain and a lot of pressure and maybe spoke in tongues a couple of times but the doctors didn't hear me due to the oxygen mask and there were 3 others there, just comforting me by my head and talking to me, they were amazing! I am now on bedrest, maybe for the duration of the pregnancy but I am visualizing something else. My question is, anyone on here had any experience with a cervical cerclage? The main thing is to keep my stools loose as to not strain when I number 2 and stay in bed to avoid weight and pressure on my cervix but any other sound advice would be appreciated. I already have figured out the spiritual reason for it which means I can reverse it, but any advise and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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