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Old Dquixote just might know what he is talking about : )
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Published: 3 years ago
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Old Dquixote just might know what he is talking about : )

And of course you know that you can trust anything the American Cancer Society has to say. After all, they just love alternative cancer therapies. Pfffft! Curious - do they recommend iodinie for treating breast cancer? Have you ever seen any alternative cancer therapy recommended by the ACS?

Perhaps you should add my series on the American Cancer Society to your reading list:

The American Cancer Society: Running WITH the Money and AWAY From the Cure - Part 1

The American Cancer Society: Running WITH the Money and AWAY From the Cure - Part 2

The American Cancer Society: Running WITH the Money and AWAY From the Cure - Part 3

No, the ACS totally embraces the failed mainstream cancer treatment paradigm of trying to cut out, poison out or burn out the symptoms of cancer (tumors) with surgery, chemo and radiation. Is THAT the kind of advice you want to take to your wife?

Yes, Grizz, the RAW oleander plant is quite toxic. However, when the right parts of the plant are prepared properly and the toxins removed, it becomes something quite magical. I thought you knew that! To paraphrase a head of oncology at M. D. Anderson (where many of the successful studies on oleeander have been conducted): "We don't know exactly how all the various compounds in oleander work together against cancer, we just know that they do work and work very well - killing cancer cells, and ONLY cancer cells, and stopping them from multiplying". 

Perhaps you might recognize some noted cancer-fighters and immune-boosters among this partial list of the 500+ compounds that have been identified thus far in oleander:

Oleander contains cardiac gycosides, long chain polysacharrides and other types of compounds including: Beta-sistosterol, Quercitin, Ursolic-acid, Linoleic-acid, Oleic-acid, Rutin, Stigmasterol, Lauric-acid, Oleandrin, Oleandrinogen, Oleandrigenin, Adynerin, Alpha-amyrin, Betulin, Foliandrin, Folinerin, Gitoxigenin, Isoquercitrin, Neriin, Oleanolic-acid and Uzarigenin.

There are in fact both naturopathic and integrative doctors who use oleander therapy, though not many since it is not an AMA approved therapy, the same as is true of iodine therapy for anything other than treatment of thyroid cancer.  How about mainstream Turkish doctor H. Z. Ozel, who has used oleander for over 40 years to treat cancers of all types with an overall succes rate of 72% - pretty remarkable when you consider that he is a mainstream doctor who does not incorporate any other alternative treatments and who, much like in the U.S.,, can only use oleander after chemo or radiation have been tried and failed or otherwise rejected.

My very good friend and mentor, the late great Dr. Marc Swanepoel, who developed the Sutherlandia OPC line of oleander based supplements, reports overall success rates of 85+% for stage II and IV cancers and 95+% for stage i and II for his oleander based protocol, which pretty much tracks with what I have seen with my own more comprehensive protocol (though I don't treat anyone, I just provide information they can use to treat themselves).

When it comes to testimonials, when you are reading my oleander series of articles (or my book), perhaps you will take a look at:

Unsolicited Testimonials From People Who Have Used Oleander Based Supplements for Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis-C, and More


Case Reports and Studies on Oleander

And Grizz, my friend, when it comes to recommendations on cancer by Dquixote, you and the missus can pretty well take those to the bank. I was not asked to be the local moderator of this forum several years ago because I give bad cancer advice or don't know what I am talking about.


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