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The psychological terror of morgellons and itís effect on relationships.

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Published: 3 years ago

The psychological terror of morgellons and itís effect on relationships.

hi i am much more of a reader than i am a writer. i never post. Many apologies in advance if I am not following forum standards.
So a few weeks ago
i discovered them in our food. that was the beginning of a new horror .
I am coming to terms with the fact that
my new home is infested with parasites. Our car is infested anything that travels in car gets the parasite. Us and our groceries.
We donít have friends anymore. Which is uncharacteristic of us.
We got Sick from previously living in a moldy home that
we were not notified about . Yes, we are taking him to court.

The parasites have infected :
myself ,
my partner.
our car.
any thing we cook in the house.i just checked the dryer and they flew out in the dehydrated lint ball state.
can you tell me how to get rid of them? I think we keep getting reinfected but Iím unsure.

That is when the uh oh we have morgellons comes up. We have a scope and we have fibers. And many photos. Not many lesions but lots of stinging, stuff coming out of our throats and hands/feet and the threadworms I think that is what they are.super silky and so thin that a tweezer cannot get them and sticky and kinda transparent. They are all over our home and us. Then there is the flukes that I see in the dryer. They bug up the vent. every time we dry I get a baseball sized ball of fluke lint. No joke.

That being said
im running out of ideas. And the energy to clean house everyday ,change all linens and launder every night. I havenít gone to bed before 3:30am In forever.
my blood flow is feeling very slow. coulagulated. is that possible? it's a weird sensation i feel like a i am being drawn to a magnet . and the inner hum tremor thumping wtf!
i know they are definitely in my body( not cray) because i spit them out.. I have taken an enzyme bath that ended up being a straight up a parasite soup, and a hot spring private solo tub that had healing water that is very sulfuric.. another parasite soup. I couldnít look at myself in the mirror for weeks I was so disturbed. I have no idea why little bitty scourge gross people out as much as they do..myself included.
this scum is eating away at my sanity. i've been trying to clean my home for weeks only to be attacked by them , mysteriously dirty house in next day and terrified of a objects
that shouldn't move. Does anyone else see fumes coming from objects? The same fumes I see coming off my skin?
i need to understand how i can reduce the numbers in my home. please help me. Btw our carpet is alive. I see the sway of the fibers all the time. I know there is dirt under us but have no idea what to do to fix the issue and do not know how to tell our curmudgeon property owner who already thinks I have a few screws loose because of the well water issue(see below)

i am a cannabis grower.. i live in the santa cruz mountains. im also an hsp. Highly sensitive Clair-sense person, try to keep a good head on my shoulders and not fall into the Conspiracy theory trap.. knowing that some of the findings are absolutely valid. ie: agenda 21,man made wtf transgenic Agrobacterium...catch my drift?
i can't help but wonder if i am resonating at a high frequency much like an electrical charge. I know that my HSP has been feeling muted as if itís being transmitted somewhere else. I also have healing hands.. my right one specifically-guess which part of my body is affected the most? Yep, my right hand. I have begun to tell my hand that it needs to fight and I love has helped.
Does anyone have any info or heard of any psychics, healers, Intuits that are struggling with this? I often wonder because of my electrical resonance/high frequency if I am attracting them to me?
I know for certain that they were also in our well water. Hell yes we both are traumatized from realizing that we had been taking showers with parasites in our water. we never felt clean and had this strange grey stuff from time to time on our towel after drying off. Then we found that a bypass had been engaged and water from a tank that had been standing for 5 years was what we used for 1month.
something made them grow in numbers in our home over the last 3 months. We just purchased Kleen (omg itís how much?)Green. I hope it can give us some relief.
my partner and i have been through the most challenging year i have ever had. and the worst part is our relationship is strained. we have stopped touching each other for fear of transmissions.
we are watching our love deteriorate due to this.and we are fighting to keep our love alive. i look at the love of my life and want to touch him hug him and take him away from this horror
only to remember that i cannot touch him because i have parasites on my hands,on my lips, in my eyes
i've had enough of this invisible terror.
so i am trying to figure out how to dismantle it completely.
i don't give a ****
the scum has stolen my happiness and i demand to have it return to the rightful owner.
I am grateful for all the support I have received from curezone.ive never posted before and have been fighting this for almost a year.
Before I realized that this could be contagious,I was a social person who went out and made friends everywhere I went.
The day I realized that something was terribly wrong I had to drop out of a energetics course that I had worked so hard 10 years hard.. to get in. The last thing my instructor said to me was
ďYou fight this thing and give it all you got and when you feel discouraged here is a mantra for you and your partnerĒ
It helps immensely and it has created the drive to believe that
we will make it through this.
Our mantra:
it's a miracle we made it through this
a sacred mantra
it's a miracle we made it through this
I hope this will help someone else
The psychological damage is unfathomable.
i am a survivor of rape.. my bnl took my virginity while i slept. i was paralyzed by intimacy. i didn't understand why. so i ran away from home. after 25years of yoga,clean eating,meditation,tantric training,chanting myself back to my self - reclaiming myself.
i am paralyzed again. honestly, having this .. whatever IT really is
has been worse than being raped. my body that i reclaimed and love and thanked and gave everything i could to have me back... has been taken away by morgollens. by the rotifers. by the pinworms the threadworm,and now by shistomeasis ..assulted with nowhere to run away to. it's ...idk i guess what i want to say is it's gotta go. i want my body back. i want to eat food from my fridge(infested) and i'd like to shower(infested )
is it typical for parasites to be in everything anything that i cook
anything surface i touch. my hair. i refuse to eat food that has been contaminated by them i know we probably inhale so many daily that why shouldit matter. i can't force myself to eat food that is wriggling on what looks like a nematode made of onion skin. so i haven't eaten very much the last year but I look like Iím gaining weight ?. im hungry and i'm disgusted.
Bae has picked up his guitar and to hear his pain through his beautiful voice.. is heart wrenching.he was one of those lucky ones that had not experienced much adversity until this.he is having a very difficult time coming to terms with it. I miss the sparkle in his eye, you know?
I refuse to lay down and take this. I will fight for myself. For bae. For the children we wanted but doesnít look like we will be able to make and for all the ones who have had to lay down for whatever reason. This 43 year old woman of colour who has had to fight to be just be seen and heard WILL KEEP FIGHTING.
Oh yeah A SHOUT OUT TO THE DOCTORS OF SANTA CRUZ HEALTH SERVICES AND THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH thanks doctors for telling us we were crazy instead of looking under a microscope. You ruined our chances to be amazing loving parents because we DO have schistosomiasis and it is in our reproductive organs.THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN.

how is this happening?
I am self dx I have a medical background and have pretty much DIYíd microbiology,infectious diseases,parasitology courses. Iím actually considering going back to school.
Weíve been medicating.. well mostly I have. My partner is anemic and Iím not confident that all the meds are going to be good for his already fragile Iím seeking out alternatives which is teaching myself pharmacology. Meh.
Iím in a pickle looking for Thiabendazole. And wonder if anyone can give me solid feedback on ridding themselves of schistosomiasis, threadworms, and what I think are rotifers.
no thanks with dr chau .we can not afford 1000 at the moment.
So curezone community:
would you help me if you can? or point me in the correct direction to do so?


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