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Re: Three Major Prophecies About Billy Graham's Death
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Published: 10 months ago
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Re: Three Major Prophecies About Billy Graham's Death

you truly want to brust my bubble don't you?

No, I really don't wanna brust your bubble. It will brust of its own accord, and under its own weight, without any assistance from me.

I just don't close the door to the fact that God may have some people out there that He speaks to.

Neither do I, but based on their record to date, even you gotta admit their hit rate has been pretty abysmal.

What I am supporting is Rainy and her right to be here and discuss these issues with us.

Straw man. So do I. I did not tell her to go away, and wish she hadn't. I love all of you just the same regardless of dis/agreement on eschatological matters.

You can get irate with me all you want. If it helps protect Rainy from the abusive feeling she will get from you...then I will take it. I'm not sure why you seem so frantic about it all, other than you hate that pentecostals are pentecostals.

Ad hominem. You attribute some very powerful and unpleasant emotions to me that I simply don't recognise, and would most likely be hypertensive if I did. My BP was fine last time I checked. My only agenda, if I have one, is the defense of truth against error, and I most certainly do not 'hate' pentecostals. I have no idea where you got that from, other than a possible desire to becloud the issue.

If I want to personally check the list of all the anti-christ types that this old world has seen...what is it to you?

Sorry, not a clue what you're saying here. I have no problem with you checking any list/s you want. I might even encourage you to do so if it helps.

If you truly think it's not a salvation issue...why are you so bent on changing people's minds?

Firstly, you really shouldn't confuse defending a position with proselytising for it. I simply present the case. The rest is entirely up to you, and I do not lose any sleep over what you do with what I post.

Secondly, I do not believe it affects the salvation of Christians who hold opposing views, but there is no doubt it can affect the salvation of non-Christians (such as unbelieving Jews, for example) who vainly imagine they can put off saving faith until their Messiah returns. Such ideas strike at the heart of the gospel, as both Galatians and Hebrews (and many other NT passages) attest. To teach there will be further opportunity for salvation following the second advent based on racial identity (or how the 'nations' treated the Jews) is a fundamental error, and yes, I will shout it from the rooftops for the benefit of anyone who will listen. 

National Enquirer mentality

Again, ad hominem.

You watch some video or read some book written by someone who wants to banish certain ideas other have, and you are an expert all of sudden.      

Straw men and ad hominem arguments all in the same sentence. You excel yourself.

I don't believe for two seconds that you ever believed similar to what I do. 

I don't doubt it for a moment. But minor differences aside, the most basic errors are pretty much the same across the board.

You concern me because you do not act like someone who truly believes this is not a salvation issue, like you originally told us.

Already addressed above, I believe.

Meantime, back at the palace, let's just agree to differ shall we?


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