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Re: Three Major Prophecies About Billy Graham's Death
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Published: 10 months ago
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Re: Three Major Prophecies About Billy Graham's Death

What I want to know is where are all the other pastors/ministers that you would agree with? Where are their videos or TV spots? Why are they not trying to put the gospel out there for the world to see? Don't they see a need? Surely all the men you quote are not dead?

You mean like this one:

.........or maybe this one?

How much spare time do you have on your hands? There are many more, of course, and it's not that hard to find them using appropriate search parameters. True, we don't have the volume of output that is characteristic of your group. Then again, we tend not to speculate, prophesy, date-set, doom-monger, Antichrist-bait, manufacture 3rd temples out of thin air, or attempt to calibrate or interpret the Apocalypse against the latest CNN news bulletins (ad infinitum & ad nauseum) at anywhere near the feverish levels indulged in by the 3rd Templar brigade. So we have a lot less baggage to carry around, and fewer delusions about what the future holds.

But since you appear to be so keen on such material, how exactly does that fit in with your oft-repeated claim that you pay no attention to the teachings of men? Or should I instead now assume that you have seen all the output from those you agree with? Coz if so, I hafta wonder how you find time for anything else, quite apart from the fact that at least half of that kinda junk has already been proved false by the trivial progress of anno domini. The overwhelming bulk of the rest will get its comeuppance over, what shall we say, the next 20 years or so?

Or, put another way, what we lack in quantity, we more than make up for in quality. I'd rather listen to just one hour of Walter Veith than a thousand hours of meaningless & profitless Antichrist-baiting drivel from your crowd. Their imagination and inventiveness appears to know no bounds, and their spectacular failure to read a single sign aright over more than a century also appears to offer no disincentive to their habitual reoffending. Neither has it dampened their enthusiasm for yet more of the same.

Read the record for yourself - Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Idi Amin,  Kissinger, (skip-a-few) Obama, Pr. Charles, Pr. William, Pr. Harry ............... I mean .............. really?!? There is apparently no end to this insanity in sight, and the next generation never seems to learn the lessons of the previous generation. They are therefore doomed to continue repeating the same errors until God decides it's time to bring an end to all their musings and prove them all wrong.

No, my dear. You're more than welcome to your trashy videos of self-appointed latter-day 'prophets', and I hope they provide you with many hours of apocalyptic joy, entertainment, and merriment.

But please excuse me if I fail to see the 'profit' therein. 


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