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Living under false Christianhood: the decepton of Satan on Earth.
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Published: 3 years ago

Living under false Christianhood: the decepton of Satan on Earth.

I'm writting this to try to open the eyes of the so most called christians, specially the ones under the Roman Catholic Church, which in reality is almost everyone.

In the bible there are quotes by where it says the devil is the ruler of the world and that Satan is the dragon that deceives mankind.

What if I tell you that you the christianity you profess is in reality false and is made to deceive you to make you do things that God dislikes and make you fall to hell because the ignorance of the Law is no excuse?

I ask you not to believe me but to research and do your own homework and do not fall under deception or feel like you can choose to believe whatever you want or who you want cause that is not freedom, that is bondage and the main characteristic of the Sodom and Gomorrah society we live today.

There has always been 2 churches, the persecuted and the persecutors. Who do you think the persecuted were? yes that was and that is the real church of Christ. You can see christian persecution to this day in the midddle east by ISIS. It was terrible at the beginning and it will be terrible at the end.

Who do you think the persecutors are? They are the victors, or so they believe till Jesus Christ comes and gives final judgement. Where are they? they are on almost all countries where christianity is to be found and is mainly flagged by the Roman Catholic Church and even on the other churches who call themselves protestants but are daughters of their mother aka controlled opposition.

Christianity as we know it was not stablished till the 300 after Christ so you might wonder what happened during all this time. After all Jesus said himself that no servant is begger than his master and if they persecuted him they were persecute his followers. And so happened. The real christians stopped sacrificing animals, stopped giving tribute to the false gods and the Romans blamed them for bad produces, bad weather and persecuted them and killed them by sending them to the Lions, others were crucified, others died by the hand of gladiators. There were the object of distraction in the Roman Circus with these atrocius deaths.

Nevertheless instead of the christian movement dying, it was increasing. More and more people were becoming christians. This is recorded on the history books. So the devil decided to destroy the christians by artifice instead genocide and they decided to create a new form of Christianity by merging it with the pagan religions they had.
The pagans would not stop kneeling and adoring images and idols so they just changed their names and the statue of Jupiter got its named to Saint Peter and this happened with all the gods they had.

Christianity was born under the hand of Constantine, a ruler known to be a sun worshipper. He said that he saw the cross on one of his wars and an angel told him that with that cross they would conquer.
In the Nicea Council it got decided what texts would they include and what texts got taken out. Things got changed, times got changed, the 10 commandments got changed.

Christianity as we know it is a fraud. It is a scam set up by the devil to fool christians into thinking that they are the authentic church of Christ.
Whereas the bible says multiple times not to make or worship images or idols and it specially forbids adoring the "Queen of Heaven". This is what we get in the pagan world we live in today. It is written in the 10 commandments in Exodus 20 not to make any image of anything on heaven, earth or below and to keep the Sabbath holy.
Instead what do we get today, we keep sunday holy. And it is not! Nor are any of the so called "holydays", because the only important days that are to be celebrated are written in the bibble and kept by Jesus and his disciples. Christmas is pagan, Carnival is pagan, St. Valentines is pagan, Halloween is pagan, Eastern is pagan and any feast made by men cannot be holy.

The calendar we live today is based on the Sun. Just what the hidden societies and the Catholic Church worship in reality, the Sun. Thats why they put big "aureolas" behind the saints, cause its a Sun. They worship demons who have different names and as crazy as it sounds it even says in the bible in revelation 9.11 that their god is Abaddon which in greek is Apollyon. Apollyon is the god of the sun, and of death and the profane also known as Helios. This is Lucifer taking the name of Jesus Christ to fool everyone. Even the Zodiac (who got born in Babylon), which are 12 animals around the sun is reprsented by God and its disciples.

Can you be surprised that many people are atheists after seeing this level of desception? The Roman Catholic Church killed real christians in the inquisition and crusades. "Holy wars". Killing is against God and his commandments however they use the Cross as a symbol to kill. A cross that really represents the Sun at the center of the Zodiac and one of the names used by Lucifer: "Tamuz". The adoration of the mother and the son is someting that is found on on many cultures at different times and it was originated in Babylon by Semiramis and her son, the sun god Tamuz. This is very real. Babylon where human and child sacrifices were made just like the elite and the "church" does in hidding.

In Revelation 17 and 18 it says how Babylon lives to this day and will end on final judgement. Revelation 17 gives a description of the Roman Catholic Church. You may say.. oh but im not a catholic, i'm one of those protestant religions. But here I see you celebrating Christmas, knowing of its pagan roots. Do you keep the Sabbath holy? So many protestants call the Roman Catholic Church the mother religion. The mother of harlots had her daughters. Revelation 18 tells us to get out of her to not receive of her plages. Jesus said that he did not come to change the law but to fulfull it and that he will return to bring final judgement. You can fool yourslef but you do not fool the Father.

I hope you so do understand that we are living in a world ruled by the devil as the bible says. The pyramids, all seen eye and many other satanic symbols are presents in most videogames, movies, singers, politics, sports, everything.

We are living in the last days.

Are you safe?


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