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Parasites, can anyone HELP!!!
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Published: 3 years ago

Parasites, can anyone HELP!!!

I have recently contracted s couple uncommon parasites. Been to 5 Doctors, they all think I'm either experiencing psychosis from drugs or crazy. I live in Lexington KY. I had specimens for the he Dr., And she threw everything away. I need have pictures that evryonw else can clearly see but the last 2 doctors input was so off point that now idk where to go or what to do. I am a Swm, 46yrs old. I'm currently living in a building that Catholic Actions, a homeless shelter, used for years. Currently I have scabs that seem to have some type of worm that passes thru. There are connecting trails undery skin from one to the next. I felt something hard under the raised skin by the scabb and when I dug it out it looked kind of like s fish scale with a red dot in the center. I didn't think much about it until I saw another one appear in it's place and the bleeding stopped imediatley. The Dr's have given me promethesine ointment and it is a very temporary fix. These scaley creatures seem to have lined the major arteries and veins of both my hands and arms. You can plsinly feel them under the skin. I didn't notice the s verity until my last usage of the ointment. It seemed like they clustered in a couple areas. I initially thought to pull a few out, then realized how futile of an attempt it would be be. I was talking to an exterminator and asked if he knew about parasites. He said all he knew was household insects, scabies and bed bugs. But assumed the Dr's would have I done a lot thorough examination as he does. To look in all dark damp places and crevises. I'm glad I did, but at the same time wish I wasn't the one to find what I did. I first looked around my genitalia by using my phone on 4 times zoom. Omg, not good. That lead to looking at my rectum and then inside mouth. I have internal parasites along with the fish scale things and works. It could be the works and I'm just ignorant of their growth cycle. I have small white worm looking things around my gum line, appearing to be under my teeth and have pics of a couple small brownish works. The shield ones are very small. My history over the past 8 years us not good. I was injured, put on very high dose of 290mg of opiods for 4 yrs. Then my insurance changed and Dr didn't accept. I began using heroin. IDK how let myself succumb to opiod addiction, am clean for over a year. I didn't properly take care if my teeth and have several cavities. I when to jail for first time in my life, spent 7 months. Got out and friend owns this large property. I am be only inhabitant. Indogent people had been breaking in and he wanted a presence at the place. He offered his home but I'm not one for charity and knew I can get back on my feet. I can't say for sure, but think my immune system was the lowest in my life. I was stressed out, not eating it sleeping much and my hygiene was poor due to having no running water for a month. Had to put in my name and had no job, money or anything. I'm sure this left the door wide open for this all to occur. I was successful before my injury and "functional addict", if there is such a thing. Self employed and did very well. Never had considered how much different you r treated when you are very poor. The Dr's treat me as I'm sure they'd the homeless. My drug history didn't help and I never should have mentioned in hindsight. They all have nink I'm crazy or was high. I need help My stool has creatures in it, my mouth is something from a horror movie and my rectum is scaring the he out of me. I will try to load up pics of mouth and creatures. Not good with these things. Have worked construction my entire life. These afflictions have cost me 4 jobs. I wouldn't go in public with dcabby hands and arms. I'm becoming a recluse AF fighting depression. This is not who I am.ive never given up, but feel like it now. I hope someone can help me with some guidance in this matter I just gave the tale end of that is going on now. Left out a couple parasites, one Wich made an urgent treatment Dr almost jump bacjwsrdsehen I took my shirt off. Idk what kind of worm it was on my chest but had 2 long black hairs. When light or how f my hair was lightly touched would go on to skin and the two long hairs were only thing visible. When I showed him and asked what they are, he said he did not know. It isn't their job to find out what it is,just to get rid of it. They haven't come back, I'm glad bcuzthey did cause pain. I think I incurred the perfect storm of parasitical indulgence...

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