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The perfect storm for a parasitic infection
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Published: 3 years ago

The perfect storm for a parasitic infection

A micro pathogenic SHITSTORM:

It's easy for me to see now, yet hard to explain. For you to fully understand I have to give you the history.

A little over two years ago I wound up in the hospital for alcohol over-dose. What happened that night was actually the perfect recipe for a micro pathogenic shit storm in my gut which later spread all over my body. When I left the hospital I came home knowing the drinking was over. I scared myself sober basically. The first day I was home I could not stay awake for longer than 30 minuets. Each time I woke I would try to move around and come to, but my body would not let me. I was sick! After about 3 days of staying awake for 30 minuets to an hour then sleeping for 3-6 hrs at a time and 12-14 over night I finally got to a point where I could wake up and function so I thought finally my troubles were over and I could start living my life the way I was supposed to.

I found a really good group of women to support me in recovery and walked the path of being a sober human but my body was still not functioning well. My bowels always floated which l knew was not normal and not the way things were before the accident. I discovered this was due to mal-absorbtion of nutrients and also could be caused by the pancreas not absorbing fats properly. I sought the help of a gastro intestinal specialist who did not find anything wrong with my pancreas or gallbladder but did find a tubular adenoma (polyp) in my stomach and a cyst n one of my kidneys. The polyp was removed and I am due for another endoscopy to make sure it did not grow back. The GI doctor never told me what he thought caused all of this but did not seem concerned about my hospitalization. I found the frequent gastritis(IBS) flare ups I was having to likely be the cause so I changed my diet a little (cut out gluten). This was only the beginning of my troubles.

After a few visits to the GI doctor leaving with nothing but a pamphlet for rectal polyps and a FOMAPS diet to stick to I decided I needed to seek another opinion. I went back to my regular PCP's Nurse Practitioner(the only one who helped me and believed me through all of this)with another strange ailment, my fingers began to wrinkle, as though I had been swimming. I mentioned the IBS issues as well and asked if she would run a complete thyroid panel on me. Nothing about the IBS was addressed that day.

April 2017, after just arriving to Port A I got "the call", "We think you may have Hashimotos". By this time the fatigue was already kicking back in full force. I fell asleep for a few hours in the middle of the day with my daughter outside swimming and I knew this was a problem! I would never do something like that and I had not been awake for very long. My world came crashing down that day. I was shocked and in disbelif and, not even sure of what it all meant, I just knew this was going to be a battle. My sister didn't have any worries, "Oh lots of people deal with thyroid issues, you just take medicine and your fine". WRONG! It is an autoimmune disease that affects your entire body.

I went back to my PCP yet again with more questions. Why? How could this be possible? It does not run in my family. My PCP had no clear answers but reassured me I looked fine and that I'd be okay. We ran additional testing which showed mostly nothing but a positive ANA(a test for autoimmune) was detected which would back up the guess for Hashimotos since my thyroid antibodies were elevated to 119(they are supposed to be under 9 or not there at all). My family did not believe me or any of these findings but by this time I knew better as I began to have a solid knot in my throat(goiter), nodules started to appear on my thyroid and I began to have more symptoms, joint pain,fatigue, brain fog, night sweats, teeth grinding, muscle spasms, IBS etc. They referred me to an endocrinologist.

The endocrinologist visit was more pleasant and uplifting than I thought. She was not extremely concerned at the time about the antibodies but suggested we do an ultrasound to check for nodules. This would also be a way to diagnose the Hashimotos . I went back in for an ultrasound and there was a small nodule on the right side of my thyroid but it was not large enough to biopsy so we planned to wait and watch. I was warned by many people to be prepared to get pushed onto a synthetic hormone such as levothyroxine or synthroid but this particular doctor was very conservative with medication and actually mentioned that changing my diet could help although she could not recommend that as a treatment option for me. I left her with a great deal of gratitude and respect and have yet to take any thyroid medicine but I did get a natural version of thyroid hormone called armour thyroid from a functional medicine doctor later down the road just in case my symptoms continued to get worse.

So then I turned to functional medicine for a change, maybe they could help me. I had almost every panel you could think of run, hormones(for the night sweats), food allergy testing (for the strange gluten intolerance) Vitamin testing(found low b-12 and D as well as a little low progesterone. Epstein Barr also came up in my panel. Shortly after that I began to experience sore throats which actually turned out to be swollen lymph nodes due to a clogged lymphatic system. The functional medicine approach was helpful for me at finding some of these things but ultimately unsuccessful at fully treating me or healing me(I'll get back to that).

After receiving a few more important pieces of information on my medical mystery with functional medicine I wound up back at my PCP, still having floating stools, increased autoimmune symptoms and a terrible pain under my right rib cage that began to feel as though my insides were being ripped open. I also had cheated on my gluten free diet only to discover a belly that made me look as though I was 6 months pregnant and a strange rash that formed all over my belly.The bloating and pressure were unbearable . My N.P. decided to run stool testing on me to make sure nothing autoimmune was going on in my bowels. That led to the finding of blastocystis hominis, a protozoa parasite. Yes it is controversial but only in the eyes of western medicine. If you research this well enough you will find plenty of legitimate articles and findings between blastocystis hominis and an unhealthy gut as well as autoimmune disease. I knew I had to eradicate this but I had no idea how I was going to. According to my N.P. she had another lady who sought help from her and she could not seem to get rid of the parasites. I begged for medicine to cure it. I was certain if I could get this to go away I would no longer have an immune response or these debilitating symptoms, in fact I was willing to bet there no longer would be any auto-immune disease.

I went through several rounds of Antibiotics (which later I discovered was another huge mistake). During my 2nd round of treatment something went terribly wrong! I started to feel movements in my legs, like bugs! I questioned my own sanity during this time as I had recently stopped taking an anti-anxiety medicine I was given back in my 20 's when I was diagnosed with panic disorder by my PCP. Was this all in my head? Was it neuropathy? I was in a dark and helpless place at this time.

So, let's backup to the panic disorder diagnosis for a minute, because it is a HUGE contributing factor to this. In my early 20's, I think around 23, I suffered a panic attack that resulted in a 911 call and an embarrassing experience. We were all gathered in a neighbor's yard barbecuing when out of no where came this impending doom. I tried to shake it off but it was powerful, my vision began to fade and I began to hyperventilate. I was sure I was about to die. The paramedics arrived and by then I started to come back around. They said it was no big deal and that they saw it all the time. I wanted it to be over and to believe it was just a one time thing but no sooner than the panic attacks started they seemed to re-occur. I could not keep myself together and I did not have time for it either. I had a job, a steady relationship and two young children to raise. I did the only thing I knew how to do to make the anxiety stop. I popped a valium every day. 5mgs, once a day and just like that I was normal. I began functioning normally and didn't experience any adverse effects. It helped me sleep too. Bonus! At the time it was freeing and had been my only relief of symptoms so I began a 14year long life of dependence running on autopilot and wearing down my immune system.

The hospitalization was a wake up call for me. I knew the drinking was my problem but not the valium!!! I had anxiety for crying out loud! My doctor had explained to me I needed it just as a person with high blood pressure would need their medicine and that not taking it would be a mistake for my mental health. I knew better than that so over the next two years I slowly weaned off of it. It was rough and felt a lot like I was running for a long time and then suddenly I had stopped while everything else around me continued to move very fast. I couldn't keep up. My health declined rapidly. I often wondered if removing the valium was a mistake and whether or not it was good for me to have stopped it. I wondered if I needed to give in and stay on it so that I could at least get back to barely functioning. Thankfully I didn't, and have successfully been off of it ever since.

Now back to functional medicine. While I was exploring the blastocystis hominis diagnosis and experimenting with different combos of anti parasitic medicine and Antibiotics I went back to functional medicine and told my practitioner I felt that I had some how caused the infection to move out of my gut and into my legs. Of course this was completely out of her scope of treatment. She was a young N.P. they had hired from an endocrinology office. She suggested I see an infectious disease specialist who would be trained to deal with cases like mine. I realized at that point there was no use in going back to her office. She knew we were suspecting intestinal permeability and that I had a gut infection so how hard was it to believe that this protozoa infection had spread to other areas? Oh well I said, at least I will see a specialist soon and surely she can help.

I saw the infectious disease doctor not long after I left functional medicine. I discovered almost immediately it was a mistake. I brought my significant other with me that day to discuss the issue and also thought it would help him to see what I was going through as well as confirm he was not at any risk of contracting this. She laughed in my face and told me leaky gut only happens to HIV patients and that the blastocystis hominis was considered to be part of my normal gut flora and would always be there no matter what. She sent me out the door with labs for an HIV test (which was negative) and said I needed to only trust information that came from the WHO and CDC(which by the way have lengthy articles on all sorts of parasitic infections). That was the worst $200 I had ever spent.

I had really sank to a low point by then. Drinking and pills were seeming to be a better way out of the misery than living inside of a real life sci-fi horror movie day in and day out. I knew it wasn't right or what I wanted so I worked through those
feelings and was some how able to find a strength within me I did not know I had. I started to read every legitimate article and forum I could find relating to my condition and found hundreds if not thousands of others suffering just like me. The same stories from their medical experiences. The same struggles of not being able to find help. The same reactions from their family and friends, disbelief or complete disassociation from them.
I had an important and critical choice at this point, I could either stay in this misery or go out and explore my own healing remedies. There had to be someone that had managed to beat this, surely there had to. I often wondered if maybe the reason no one knew whether or not the writers on the forums had gotten better was that even If they had would they really want to go back onto the forums to write about it? I can't say I would want to, simply because it's so awful and re-visiting it would be difficult. In fact, most report needing psychological help, not from delusional parasitism but from the medical nightmares they experience on a daily basis from clueless untrained and sometimes criminal doctors.

I came to work one morning, dragging as usual and my boss had a grin on his face and told me he had found someone who could help me and that she would be able to tell whether or not I had parasites. I sighed with relief, this was it, I finally would get the help and care I so desperately needed. Finding her would turn out to be no mistake. In fact it was a true blessing. She was an energy healer who helped me clear some resentments I had been holding in my gallbladder as well as fear in my kidneys and trauma in my heart. This was a huge breakthrough to my healing process but would not entirely be what I needed to clear the parasites.

I searched for parasiologist in my area which seemed like my last hope for this. I couldn't find anyone.I finally discovered a kinesiologist who had written a biography on his website about going through a similar experience. In fact his story was quite similar to mine. I called and setup my first appointment and sure enough he confirmed I had parasites, and not only did I have them, I was infested! This news was relieving and terrifying all at the same time. Could he really help me? Could he be just another person out there trying to make money off of the sick? I mean, everyone else wrote me off as a crazy lunatic or sent me away saying I needed to find someone who was trained to deal with my situation because it was not within their training. I took a leap of faith and started following his protocols. The first protocol involved diatomaceous earth and ivermectin and a bunch of probiotics and enzymes. I had quite a serious reaction to the ivermectin and had to stop taking it which I knew would only prolong the journey but I could not handle it since it became neurotoxic to me very quickly. The second protocol involved turpentine. Yes seriously, turpentine. Not from the paint store, it was Pure gum spirits Turpentine made by humico. I was more scared of this than any other protocol I had tried. Again he was right. The first day I took the Turpentine it felt like I had dropped a bomb in on their little colony. I could sense their fear and doom. I stirred them up so bad I could feel them moving faster than ever before and then they started biting me! That's right they bit me all over. It felt like an stepping on ants and having them crawl all over me and they were biting but inside my body where I could do nothing but pray for it to end. I admit at this time I was contemplating an end to my life. I could not understand how any human being should have to endure this kind of pain and suffering. Eventually the moving lessened and the biting stopped. My brain cleared out within a day or two. My cognitive thinking skills improved, the pain was gone and I could stay awake longer each day. It was as if the old me was back! That lasted about a week before the symptoms started to creep back in although my fatigue had stayed mostly gone. The movements were still there so I knew they weren't gone. I believe I killed off some major bacteria or fungus or other smaller pathogens. I learned through this process I also could function much better and with less pain if I took Epsom Salt baths daily. It was time consuming but worth the relief. After discovering the baths I found lymphatic brushing to provide relief for my chronic sore lymph nodes. I also started taking note of the supplements that helped. For me it was methylated B12 for energy, vitamin D, large amounts of probiotics, progesterone, magnesium for better sleep and regularity, and l-thianine for mental clarity and anxiety. I finally started to understand why the root cause of my illness was so complex. I also could see that my healing was much more involved than just healing my body. It was mind, body and spirit! I'm on the third protocol which involves using mimosa pudica It's an herb that kills parasites. So far it seems to be working. I have expelled more parasites and parasite eggs than you could possibly imagine. The movements are lessening each day and I think their days are numbered. Clove oil has remained important to have in my system as well as it deters new eggs from hatching. This experience has begun to lead me back to a better place in my life. A life I wasn't so sure I'd see a few months ago. I've had enough energy to get up and clean the kitchen every day and also stay awake until at least 11 p.m. at night which is huge!

There were other signs which helped me to realize something was really wrong. Right after the accident, maybe a month after, I began to exercise at a local HIIT gym. I wasn't feeling great but thought if I began to exercise again I'd get back into shape and feel better. Looking back I can see I really was a trooper. My heart rate was always high in class and by high I mean it ran over 220 bpm for sometimes 20 mins of class. The only other people who had heart rates that high were either very over-weight individuals or the older men. I'm 38yrs old and 125lbs. The 60 yr olds had better heart rates than I did. I could tell I was struggling but kept on going being told by the coaches that some people's heart rates just run higher. Another problem with the workouts was that I would get home and immediately pass out from exhaustion. The jogging would hurt my right rib cage and caused it to flare up and feel torn up inside also. I also ignored it thinking eventually I would get stronger and better. I went to see a cardiologist and was cleared for heart problems so I kept going back anyway. As a result I finally wore down my adrenals. After a year and a half I had to stop exercising completely.

Another contributing factor to my illness was getting braces! I did this about six months after the accident. I told myself I was going to start taking better care of myself and thought this was symbolic of that. I also wanted to realign my bite and straighten out some teeth that had shifted over time and thought if I waited any longer I'd never do it. I had no idea at the time that this would further damage my gut and also help create the perfect environment for parasites and pathogens to live as the nickel against my molars with fillings was actually acting as a battery creating an electric charge allowing a more toxic environment for me. They are set to come off in a month and I'm pushing for sooner.

The journey is not over and like the kinesiologist explained, it's a marathon not a sprint. I know I have been given this experience for a reason, am closer to God and am able to see the blessings and miracles all around me. I WILL heal from this because God Will. One day when this is behind me, my body is still and my feet are grounded back to the earth my mission in life will be to help others get through their troubles. I thank God for his grace, mercy, strength and healing he brings to me on a daily basis and for also allowing me to recognize the synchronies which were a firm message from my guardian angels to pay attention to my health and life situations.

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