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Re: silver ions vs particles
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Published: 9 months ago
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Re: silver ions vs particles

I would not characterize Mesosilver as "junk"; it is simply "misbegotten." It was developed at a time in the past that Colloidal Silver was not well understood. The manufacturer developed the process which was a high percentage of particles of silver, rather than silver ions. That is not easy to do, and they took pride in it. They also asked a high price for it and still do to this day. The process is not practical for people to do it themselves. Their websites are very professionally done, and they spend a lot of money advertising.
The fact is that there is an overwhelming amount of university-level research showing that silver ions are at least 100 times as effective as uncharged silver particles. Here is an example:
I quote from the article above:
"The following silver compounds and silver are listed in Martindale: the Extra Pharmacopoeia: silver metal, silver acetate, silver nitrate, silver protein, and silver sulfadiazine (26a). The silver ion can be generated by electrolyzing the silver metal or dissolving the silver compounds. It is known that the electrically generated silver ion appeared to be superior to the silver compounds in antimicrobial activity (3, 4). However, most of the aforementioned studies which determined a mechanism of action of silver used silver ions produced from silver compounds like silver nitrate or silver sulfadiazine, and thus there has been limited research on the electrically generated silver ion. Recently, a laundry machine that emits electrically generated silver ions was developed for hygiene, namely, in order to prevent easily transmissible bacterial and fungal skin infections from being transmitted by contaminated laundry. In particular, it can be beneficial to hospitals and homes in which immunocompromised people (the elderly, children, and medical patients) or pets may dwell. Our previous study demonstrated the antifungal activity of a laundry machine that electrically generates silver ions (14). In the present study, we used conventional plate counting, flow cytometry (FC), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to investigate the antibacterial activity and mechanism of action against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli bacteria of a silver ion solution generated from the laundry machine.It is known that the electrically generated silver ion appeared to be superior to the silver compounds in antimicrobial activity."
It should also be noted that this manufacturer has set up some so-called "independent forums" to create the impression of a great body of happy users.
The only forum that I know of that is active in the Colloidal Silver area and independent is:
It was set up by investors in precious metals and is funded by donations from members. You will never see an ad there. It is open to everyone but is rigidly moderated to avoid anyone or any company to take advantage of the forum. I started a thread there about making Colloidal Silver four years ago. It now has almost 300 replies and 24,000 views. It is an excellent resource for anyone to gain unbiased knowledge about making colloidal silver. It is interesting to note that there is an effort on this forum to initialize the naming of ionic colloidal silver to EIS "Electrically Isolated Silver". That would properly distinguish the modern product from the antiquated concept of colloidal silver as relatively large particles kept in suspension by their Zeta potential and Brownian motion. It is also worth noting that Mesosilver was introduced at a time when many of the "colloidal silver" products consisted of silver oxide particles in water with instructions to "shake vigorously before use."

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