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CureZone Newsletter Issue 212: Curing Body Odor
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Published: 5 years ago

CureZone Newsletter Issue 212: Curing Body Odor

CureZone Newsletter Issue 212

Curing Body Odor & Bad Breath


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My Fecal Body Odor Cure & Cystic acne cure!
I have had on and off fecal body odor for a year to two years, and have been odor free for two years. I’ll spare you the horror stories of me sitting in class and everyone being disgusted, or the paranoia and scars sprouting from it.

Treatment of TMAU with Fecal Transplant

Curing Fecal Body Odor !
About 3 months ago I stopped drinking coffee at all. My life changed. No more body odor, no more bad breath, no more shame.

"fecal body odor" - my story and cure
When I finally figured out what my problem was and got to a place where I could sit in a room and have a normal conversation, be treated like a normal person, I literally cried of happiness..

Video: Vegan banana girl doesn't need to wash anymore!

How I CURED my Fecal Bad Breath Odor, you can too.
My Fecal BB could fill up a room.

How my son cleansed his bloodborne body odor

Fecal Body Odor Success At Last!
I came to a conclusion that FBO originates in the gut because a lot of people mentioned leaky gut and IBS.

FBO ( Fecal Body Odor ) success story
I was following this forum every day and night for approx 5 months..I used to say to myself that I’m too helpless to share my story - I used to sit and cry alone bcz I felt that my life is finished..I prayed for God to take me bcz I couldn’t take any more torture.

Finally got rid of the terrible body odor

Castor Oil: The sure cure for all Chronic Lung Diseases (Must Read)
I have been suffering from Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Bronchitis and numerous systemic tuburcular ulcers for 7 long years.

Finally Winning My Battle with FBO

Cured of BO and TMAU at long last...

I finally got rid of my Fecal Breath after 18 months!

week 6 on Lugol's...breakthrough!

my Fecal odor cured!

body odor gone!!!!!!

Results of my Liver Flushing so far

This was the cause of my body odor all along!!

Body odor and yeast infection, parasites

I finally got rid of Bad Breath!

Prostate problem CURED 100%

100% Success What works for me and my body odor, and hopefully you too!!

My feces, urine, garbage, sewer body odors are now completely gone!

The Cure - Take it Leave it

Body Odor & Bad Breath can be from liver too!

My Bad Breath Cure: Clean Your Tonsils and How to Do It!

Fecal, Fart, urine, Garbage & fishy odor cured!!

TREATMENT THAT WORKS, FBO (faecal body odour) for over 10 years

Candida body odour

Cure Body Odor: Stop bad habits, exercise, and eating healthy

How I got RID of tonsil stones - without surgery or "cleaning".

Vitamin C, diet and exercise for bad breath.

Tonsil stones solved

Chronic constipation and smelling like poop specially in the armpits.

Change your diet, Change your Body Odor

Body odor resolved with aip paleo

How I cured my Body Odor

Believe me: Body odor has to do with what you eat.

I have gotten my life back

Within a day after quitting, I noticed a weight was lifted off my shoulders

Leaky Gas IS CURABLE!!

Stopping fecal body odor in 3 days

I haven't had a sinus infection since about 2000 or so

Cured...sharing my answer

Gluten free diet

Success, Good info

My body odor has reduced incredibly after years of suffering

Fecal body odour

I cured my body odor with lemons and pineapples

FMT Cures Acne

Poop breath cured after feeling embarrassed for years, My breath smells like poo!

after 24 years of bad breath and body odor, I am now odor free!!

Huge Compilation of Fecal Body Odor Cures

I'm partially cured, for now. Here's how.

Im Cured, nuff said.

This cured my body odor, READ GUYS and MY STORY

Cure for fecal body odor?

You can improve your odor!

There is Always Hope !!

after 19 years i am no longer suffering. follow the steps below

body odor natural remedies coconut water

Oil Pulling

Praise Report: Vegetarian diet and Body Odor

Castor Oil: The sure cure for all Chronic Lung Diseases

After 20 years of living with this awful condition, I've explored every possibility

Body odor cure, fbo - here it is. This WORKS!

After 13 yrs I cured my Body Odor!

I cured my body odor (bad breath)

I'm 80% sure that I don't smell anymore

this is what helped my body odor!!!

Fecal body odor reduced by elimination diet and remove sensitive foods

Human probiotic transfer? Cheshire

Ozone and Magnesium having massive positive effects...

Im free from bad breath and body odor!

How to rid your self of fecal odor and BB/Regular Body Odor And BB

Bad Breath - Tapeworm

Sulfur, rotten egg odor cured in one day with this tea

chronic fetid tonsillitis caused my bad breath -- tonsillectomy cured it

A Great Tip for BadBreath! Clean out those tonsil stones!

I'm cured !

Here's how I cured my nasty odor...

how i cured fecal/body odor

"READ: Colon Cleanse is the Cure!!!!

mercury poisoning causes bad breath and body odor

Results of my Liver Flushing so far

chronic fetid tonsillitis caused my bad breath -- tonsillectomy cured it


Tonsillectomy Cured My Bad Breath After 13 Years!

Body odor is gone

I think i have found a cure for fecal body odor

colonic is the answer


Got cured after 20 years of bad breath

My fecal body odor cure

Tonsils stones completely gone

Fecal Body Odor Help

My Experience with body odor

"Cured" for over a year now (for flatulence and leaky gas sufferers)

Diet change; again.

celiac body odor

My 5 years of fecal odor.. its all gone!! Amazing!!

cure for unexplained fecal body odor--truly real--please try it now!!

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE cures BAD BREATH works read please no bb for 3 days!

Stinky breathe and odor is the part of the past

instantly cured strange odor

Overdose on Vitamin C for bad breath.

For anyone who smells like feces:

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