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Re: i need matt’s protocol for tapeworms and ascaris, urgent help!
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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: i need matt’s protocol for tapeworms and ascaris, urgent help!

No worries and a great post by you I must say. That's all the doctor's do now is chalk everything up to see a shrink because they don't want to be bothered and don't care to investigate things never putting aside their egos for once and actually investing their time into a patient. Now it's all about how many patients can we see in one day because they only care about money and themselves bottom line. I have sores and lesions all over my body from this disease some have become blackened in my skin I saw a internal medicine doctor her name was Kelly Wickstrom from UofA who told me she couldn't see them well she must have been blind because their all over me and leave scars in my skin granted she was a resident not an attending but like you said that's what you get when your sick, poor, and have crappy health insurance. She told me to go see a shrink. I'm not crazy and I'm really, really sick right now and they failed me in every aspect possible. I hope some of them get what I have so they can feel my pain and go through it all firsthand themselves. Cause what I have is extremely infectious and contagious. I even watched it spread to my kids, ex wife, mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, and family pets too. My mother thinks she just has bad Arthritis not realising that I spread this to her and that's what's causing the severe arthritis. T. Whipplei bacteria causes horrible, excruciatingly painful full body Arthritis especially in the spine. Which is the pathway the bacteria takes to get into your csf and brain. I wish I was a scientist because what I've unlocked is huge and like you said it's become a global issue that's being covered up or they are just that naive to it. I wish I wasn't sick and could write papers on this stuff because one day it will get to the right person and they will investigate it that actinobacteria/actinomycetes is the cause of most if not all diseases right now. Then the floodgates will open and when they find a cure for this it may be the cure for cancer and all sickness and disease. The only reason I figured this all out was because God showed it to me and revealed it all to me. So far looks like curcumin may be the most natural potent cancer drug out there right now. Doctors need to humble themselves and stop acting like they know everything because flat out they don't but will never admit that. Most of the old timer good doctors don't exist anymore which is very sad for a lot of people and their families. I blame technology for a lot of this. But yet if it wasn't for technology I would have never figured out that I have whipple's disease. It's just a matter of time before these doctors get sick just like us. They will be helped though because they can prescribe themselves whatever they want that's the difference between us and them right now.

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