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i need mattís protocol for tapeworms and ascaris, urgent help!
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Published: 3 years ago

i need mattís protocol for tapeworms and ascaris, urgent help!

First of all, please excuse my errors of spelling, English isn’t my native language, but I will do my best to be as descriptive as I can. I am not sure if to tell the story long or short, thou. Maybe if I choose the long version it will help somebody, who knows… So, I will share my story here, just like so many poor dear fellow sufferers wich I embrasse and wish them happy healhty lives. I would like to give a special hug to our amazing ICU! Thank you ICU, thank you so much, God bless you, you’re a special soul, for sure.


Last year, in September, tired of being tired, with muscle spasms al the time, huge brain fog - lack of patience and concentration, bad migraines, vertigo, shortness of breath, members weakness, hair falling, constant dehydratation (immediate peeing almost right after drinking water/tea, without known kidney problems) … being exhausted to use one word, and thinking I’m too young to feel this crappy, I decided to follow a turpentine protocol, after reading about it on net, guessing that I have parasites. I wasn’t to careful with the dosage, not knowing my heavy infestation, so I took a first teaspoon of turpentine with one teablespoon of sugar. After one hour I felt dizzy and clear in my head at the same time, really strange, and some kind of a hot rush, agitation in my whole body, from toes to especially head. The other day I woke up with soreness, burning itchiness and tactile discomfort on the entire body, plus nausea and constipation. It was an indian summer, still hot but not that hot, practically I couldn’t stand any clothes on me, not even sheets! Seeing myself in the mirror was shocking, I looked like having bad case of chicken pox on my neck-clavicle area, armpits, abdomen, back – the lumbar/thorax area, inguinal, inside of the hips and the foldind inside area of members (don’t know how to say it). Thousands of red spots (dried, not pustules) pulsing and yelling to scratch it bad. It was how exactly Dr. Daniels described candida infestation being eradicated too soon and too brutal with turpentine, trying to exit each and every pore. Poor ignorant me… The good part was that the candida’s death, the bad part… my possible death if continued this manner. But that was just the beginning of my nightmare! In the evening, something atrociously scarry started to move in my belly, legs, hands, chest, head, everywhere! Long, endless, burning crawlings!!! On my neck, over my back (spine), whole cranial area, from my belly to my head, crawlings!!! Very long crawlings everywhere! Long horrifying criters was bothered, dangerously annoyed in me by turpentine! The turpentine was blowing up the cover, they couldn’t set still and quiet anymore! They were already diseminated long time ago! I was loaded with big deadly parasites, still am! I’m thinking I have a pretty good mental ground  still surviving the deep fear and desperation I feel since that night, and if I’ll make it, nothing will ever bring me down. I’m an insomniac since – like I’m guarding/watching my body when it’s most vulnerable and they are most active.


I slowed down with turpentine, started again small, few drops per day and took it for over a month. I reached the teaspoon per day only in the third week of the month. I took the turpentine daily, without pause, I was desperate, shocked, scared, not knowing what else to do. I did enemas daily, changed my diet – quit coffee, sweets, carbs, you know the story, for alkalizing, drinking enough water etc.. The turpentine was good for me in many ways, killing candida, expelling few other strange parasites, probably ropes, ascaris. But that’s it, “few” is where turpentine stoped. My huge infestation is with tapeworms, turpentine only agitates them, that’s it.

After turpentine I tried everything: DE, MMS, clay, food grade hydrogen peroxide, Lugol, Dr. H. Clark’s protocol, zapping, fasting, tapping (EFT), crying, praying, crawling myself on the floor, nothing seems to work. Not even ICU’s protocol for tapes! I took Yomesan for one week just to stick to the protocol, but these demons crawled on my head when they sensed it! Praziquantel and Albendazole seems to numb them a bit, but not near killing. I’m sure it is a matter of how to take it and with other combinations maybe.


I refuse to let myself beaten and defeated by these monsters inside me, although it seems I have slept on my own tail. How can a person be that numbed not to admit that something so grose and deadly is living inside and feasting with… myself???! I almost understand the doctors that doesn’t want to admit that we are speaking the truth, with disemination cases in particular. I had my share with “delusional parasitosis”, thank you very much. Even my former fiance doesn’t belive me! He’s not former for no reason. I am alone, isolated, not willing to be melodramatic, not willing to give up, but cannot help feeling helpless. It’s just me and you, the curezone world. Please, help me, I’m a severe case of many adult tapeworms and other parasites infestation, but mostly and badly tapes. I know I have tapes because I expeld two with an horror method ( sitting with the butt in a bucket with some warm sweet milk). And even if didn’t expeled, I knew it’s tapes, only they can be that long.:((((( I will talk about the method with milk, if somebody is interested, but all I can say is if you have heart problems (I have a healthy heart, at least ), seriously, do not do it. I did the method twice, and second time, after sitting with my butt stocked in the bucket for a half an hour, after the entire monster crawled into the milk, I passed out for a few seconds. Didn’t realise that was a small faint, I was on my knees and in my mind I thought I rest myself in the bathroom – I was confused. I cannot describe how it feels to go thru this experience, it’s unhuman. But I was desperate and it was a blessing that it got ridden myself from two long monsters. It is so hard for me to talk about this.


I try the hollistical approach of healing myself, in need to understant why I attracted this experience. And I’m feeling that the answers are: “to fight for my own life”/”to take (back) control of my own life”/”to learn how to love myself”.  At one point these affirmations was kinda bullst to me, but now, dealling with these, not anymore. Reading and try looking on a different perspective, all seems having sense. The parasites are… accepted only in animals and children cases. Why? They have something in common, maybe linked to counsciousness. The children are in primary states of it, more instinctual, the animals… are just animals, without counsciousness. Maybe for us, the adults with these kind of parasitosis it’s an wake up call for growing up, taking back control of ourselves and lives, but gently, in an adult manner, with love, especially for ourselves. Also, because they are dark creatures are linked to our unconcious, to our Shadow, again, can be linked with, yes, instincts. I don’t think it is  a coincidence that they are living in belly/inestines/sexual organs, the most instinctual area of ours. The monsters attack the liver – “ the one who lives”. I try to meditate imagening myself being flooded inside with warm white-yellow light, to “fry” them, ‘cause they hate light, hate life. Maybe they are the mirroring the depression, they feed with negative energy like anger, fear, letting go ourselves in the bad way etc..


I read about Matt’s protocol, I looked for his messages to find the protocol, I even pm-ed him two times asking him directly, not being rude or anything like this, but nothing happened. This protocol seems a little different, for heavy infestation like mine, from what I’m guessing and reading.  Hopefully, Matt is doing great now and not staying much on CZ. Maybe someone who knows his protocol (if it is tried even better)  will help me, I don’t think Matt will be upset if I get the protocol from somebody else.

Any input, advise, observation, question, feedback, something, anything, please, feel free to express, thank you so,so much!

P.S. I try to understand quickly how this site goes with q&a’s, technically speaking, hope not to miss anything.


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