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Cinnamon by MH
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Published: 10 months ago

Cinnamon by MH

There are literally hundreds of essential oils sold around the world.

I originally wanted to collect the top 10 most successful essential oils that relate to human health. That list grew larger and I hope to keep it small or at least under 30 varieties and always have the top "10"

For 2018 I had to order cinnamon oil--------I can only imagine how bad it can taste.

Cinnamon has been something people suggest is good for diabetes and I have no clue and never want such experience. The same types suggest the essential oil is potent and some even suggest a potent de-wormer---so when they or someone suggest an essential oil will help remove worms---I have to ad it to the LIST. often you may only find 1 source saying such things---so in every case you have to self-experiment……….THE GOOD THING should always be this---an essential oil made correctly with nothing but steam---will never be anything more than "good"---so if people like cinnamon powder or sticks, then the essential oils is just part of that bark---nothing more.

The only suggestion I have read on this one is 1 drop daily for lifelong prevention, with mention the author believes it kills worms in the kidneys. Naturally there is never anyway to prove or disprove such a thing and always just the authors opinion and today--thanks to the internet everyone is an author……SO THE GOLDEN RULE APPLIES ALWAYS---------if an herb is good, it is always GOOD.

When you look at most any store selling herbal products---you often see different prices based on each herb---with the perception that all herbs are worth a different price. YES, there are herbs that take more time than others to harvest and herbs that you must kill the plant, etc. and others herbs that are easy to obtain and never kill the plant or tree………..BUT IN REALITY what the real price shows is HUMAN TIME---how much time is involved.

With most essential oils there is never going to be more than 1 grade per year…….and only made once per year---when the season was best for production.

SHIPPING is a huge part of the total price. IF YOU WANT TO INVEST YOUR $$$$ WISELY invest in shipping………shipping never goes down and they always make $$$

There are essential oils like rose oil that can take a field of rose bushes to make 1 bottle of oil---so we expect those oils to be out of the reach of a working person.

LUCKILY the health essential oils are not in the perfume markets and they taste bad; so generally they are made for the health markets and "reasonable" to some degree. "IF" you consider your consumption rate at 1 drop per day---actually they are extremely cheap, because an ounce is going to last years.

Those that I believe to be the best on earth----seem to not be rip offs and know labor is real expense and the shippers make up 1/3 the total cost to retail. So in general, when buying bulk gallons or barrels, the prices are very similar to each other. YET in the store world---they will up the rates for essential oils that they know the public have heard of and believe must be the ones to try first---such as Frankincense and Myrrh --these 2 herbs have to be known more than all other herbs because of biblical history.

BUT the weirdest thing is how some very common and easy to grow plants that you would think would be loaded with oil----can often be extremely expensive as an essential oil.

Now consider the flue season and how those in charge of your flue season are preparing to tell you how to prepare for nuclear war……………….in my opinion, what I call Air Freshen Formula / method is more important today than ever before…….

I know the air freshen method can be taken and advanced endlessly -----but there has never been enough interest by people to waste my time making anything greater than the original formula. I HAVE to believe that people just do not get the AIR FRESHEN METHOD-----because if they did, it should be one of the greatest parts of herbal history. IN TODAY'S WORLD, the air freshen method should be made larger to include the entire living space 24/7 or at least while people sleep. IN CASE of war times--it would be used 24/7 non stop.

The one thing BOOK 3 teaches is that on the day the radio tells you millions fell over in the cities on DAY 1---that is the day you lock your doors and seal the cracks and wish you had maximum air freshen -----and keep in mind, in those days, odds are you're electric goes off too… a little investment in a few solar panels and few batteries would be worth more than gold……….the day electric goes off---they can keep their gold, I will go for free electric.

LUCKILY the air freshen machines use tiny little motors that use very little electric. I am not certain but if you remove the reducer plug in, it may even be 12 volt system and 12 volt has always been the most ideal and cheap electric to ever produce.


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