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healing delicate skin with coconut oil and pinworms pyrantel pamoate
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Published: 4 years ago
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healing delicate skin with coconut oil and pinworms pyrantel pamoate

Hi Stein,
I'm trying not to use my first name anymore just to kind of protect my identity, maybe I'm worried about it too much but you can refer to me as 'Japan'. I certainly hope that no one else got pinworms from me in the bathroom at my previous job before I understood it, but it is possible if someone did they might actually go to cure zone and then recognize me and get upset. I promise I'll do my best to respond to them more urgent matter in a couple paragraphs have to explain about garlic. I don't think it will really make any difference if you continue the pirate till paranoid, I would keep the dosage regardless, I don't think it's gonna hurt the: when it passes by the anus or anything. I would still feel comfortable to continue taking it as you already have. I would just make sure and wait to eat any garlic and definitely don't put any garlic and the Eunice again. Or if you do in the future, wrap the garlic with some kind of mesh covering so that maybe the garlic fumes get in there but the garlic want her to scan again. Not sure I have not tried that myself.

Anyway, I don't think that eating the beets would cause bleeding. If your body is not used to eating a certain type of food, it may need time to build up digestive enzymes. That could cause some upper G.I. discomfort, but I wouldn't really worry about the beets. I know right now I'm talking about eating garlic versus putting it in your anus, but I wanted to explain how it works for people and when you cut open garlic it gets even more potent. Whether you eat it or put it on skin.I would worry about the garlic on your skin. I absolutely love garlic, and I know it is powerful antibiotic, antiviral, and definitely anti-parasite. I have tried eating garlic raw a few times and each time my tongue would burn and the inside of my cheeks, my body was shaking for about 5 minutes and then I had a stomach pain for about two or three hours. I am for whatever reason more sensitive to garlic like many people, but there are plenty of other people out there that can eat it raw with no problem, and I'm jealous of them.

The only way I can eat garlic as if it is either cooked, or diced very well into tiny pieces in mixed with something like all of oil or mashed potatoes. I would never eat garlic on an empty stomach again. Your question reminded me of all that and there is an older article I think from Australia that talks about how garlic can be so good for you but then also do some pretty powerful harsh things to the lining of the stomach and colon etc. I agree with it that it it somehow affects the nerve endings and I just the plants natural way of protecting itself from being consumed I guess. Garlic is still really good for you. People just have to find a way to safely eat it. Well at least some people. In the future you could always consider juicing the garlic with the juicer machine ($30ish) from Walmart or target, and add lots of vegetables like carrots that also fights parasites. The other day I cooked diced garlic with diced onion and lots of tomatoes. I never eat garlic by itself anymore.

So you have to be careful when you eat garlic or especially if you put it on your skin. I completely sympathize that it was out of desperation and excitement of killing off the worms to put garlic in the anus, I considered it myself but thought I should not take a chance on burning the delicate skin. Since you have already seen some bleeding, that means that the allicin in the garlic has likely burned a little hole through the mucous lining of your colon skin lining and or anus. Of course I'm not there to look at it, not that I could or would (sorry) but I do care that you are scared and sad and hurting.

How much bleeding is there?
Like a few drops on underwear? Or is it more than 30 drops equivalent? If you go to the ER, I'm not sure that they can really do that much although I might be wrong. My first reaction if it happened to me is of course to use my beloved coconut oil because I know it heals skin very well and it's very gentle and has no chemicals at all, Plus coconut oil is antibacterial as well so that's definitely what you want to consider is how to prevent bacteria from now getting into the damaged delicate skin and there as poop passes through it and obviously has bacteria.

If the pain is extreme like you can't sit, or can't function at all hardly, you might need to go to the ER. I don't know how bad it is. I would see how the pain does today and then decide if it's A possible ER trip that will be expensive and that your doctor may just write a simple prescription for some cream that may not do much good. The few times I've been to the ER in my lifetime were a complete waste, with only one exception. If I were you I would not automatically run to the ER just yet, I would give it a couple days and then decide. If you start feeling really ill all over, then I would go to the ER right away, so that you will not die a week later of septic poisoning which happens when poop and it's bacteria gets in your bloodstream, that's actually really serious. But chances are it's not that bad and you know yourself well so unless you're feeling like you're horribly ill and nauseated continually and or your bleeding a lot, otherwise I would skip the ER.

However, maybe the dr could write a prescription for some type of anabiotic cream it could help you. Sorry I don't know much about that. I just know that everything I put coconut oil on heals up well and feels better. It certainly couldn't hurt you. If there's a tiny area of perforation in the lining of the colon the only concern I can think of right away would be bacteria.
But the colon is a very powerful organ so it may be nothing to worry about it another day or two.
If you do not use or want to find coconut oil from a health food store or health section, I would be very careful to put any kind of chemicals in the anus because you don't want to further irritate the healing skin.
Definitely don't put anything else up there like garlic. The plug in a glove finger may slightly irritate the skin but it should be sanitary enough to not cause any damage, but the plug touching the skin may interfere or slow healing possibly.
If it were me I would go and gently put coconut oil around and in that part of the anus for the garlic was throughout the day. I don't think there's any such thing as too much coconut oil. It will stain your underwear and pants though and make it look like you have some kind of oil in the butt area, so I know you're a guy, but you may have to actually purchase pantiliners or thin maxipads and put it in the back of your underwear so it doesn't seep through your underwear and pants while you're sitting at work or something. It's either that or depends. Or put plastic lining from a plastic bag in there or something I would have to experiment on that.

If you cannot or don't want to use coconut oil, the only possible over-the-counter cream I would consider using if it were me would be some kind of triple Antibiotic cream that they sell in the pharmacy. I would get anything that would try to kill or fight bacteria can at the same time provide gentle moisture for the skin to help it heal. If you get an Aloe Vera plant you could probably put plenty of Aloe Vera in there too. (Using only the clear gel like substance inside the plant, you have to tear open their green plant skin to get to the good stuff. )
But if you buy just processed Aloe Vera gel it also has added chemical perfumes probably which is not good for skin trying to heal at least in my opinion. Vaseline would not be my first choice but I don't think it would really hurt, it might protect your skin by ceiling it from bacteria so you might wanna use a glove to put some Vaseline throughout the day up in there, same thing as the coconut oil though, it will go through your underwear and pants and leave some kind of oil stain on year-end so it will be visible to other people and less you put something in your underwear to prevent it from soaking through. So you would need to cut some kind of little self made plastic attached to the inside of your underwear, or as funny as it sounds like a maxi pad with in one and just lined it up with where the anus would be touching the underwear, or just get depends.

Or you can do nothing and give it a day or two and see if it starts getting better on its own, which it probably will, unless the burn went so deeply that you don't have to worry about poop coming down and causing minor infection where the skin is vulnerable.
I don't think it's an all out emergency unless the pain becomes so overwhelming that you can barely handle it or if the bleeding continues for more than 2 days and/or gets worse, as in more than like 10 drops of blood a day.

If you have a bowel movement and the pain is excruciating, I would take that seriously. If it's just sore and somewhat painful but then after you finish going to the bathroom it's just a little sore and gets better then I wouldn't freak out about it. You may or may not have to delay putting in the ear plug pinworm remedy for a few days that's up to you.

You have my sympathy, I know that's got to be really depressing and frustrating because you were just excited to fight the pinworms. I totally understand that. I did ponder on the idea of myself there a few days ago. You have my sympathy, I know that's got to be really depressing and frustrating because you were just excited to fight the pinworms. I totally understand that. I did ponder on the idea of myself there a few days ago. Don't despair and all his heart, eventually it should heal and eventually he will be OK. Unless the burn is so bad that you need surgery to close off the perforation and put stitches in the skin, that would so not be fun at all. I really hope it's not that bad. I would still take it seriously enough and take protective measures and be very gentle with yourself and the skin. I would not do any animus if you do those. Try not to have anything irritate the skin further and let it heal.

I'll say a little prayer for you and your healing.


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