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5 years later, here's what I know ...
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Published: 5 years ago

5 years later, here's what I know ...

I haven't posted here in a long time , I figured i'd come back and share what I have learned.

I thought yeast and fungus and parasites were my problems . I was wrong . those were symptoms of my problems, not the problems themselves . Yeast ,fungus and parasitic infections are the result of a compromised immune system.

After years of trying to rid myself of these issues and only making mysekf worse and worse I started to explore other issues . I now believe the root cause of these things to be viral infections . I'm positive for EBV and HSV 1. Physical and emotional Stress , hormonal change or imbalance , toxin exposure , RX meds, seasonal change , poor diet and sedentary lifestyle are among things that will keep these viruses active and viral counts high .
When I started working on boosting immune function rather than trying to attack pathogens directly my oral thrush began to clear for the first time in forever and many symptoms started going away. I started to feel normal again and didn't feel fatigued or anxious or depressed , I was stuck in 'fight or flight' for a long time .

the problem is that once these viral infections are systemic you have to balance immune function slowly . If you rush things you will get autoimmune symptoms , the immune response to these viruses can cause a lot of collateral damage to any cells they are infecting . It's all about finding balance.

I screwed mysekf up big time trying to clear parasite and yeast directly taking all sorts of dangerous herbs and supplements without having a clue what I was doing , and the stress of the whole process made me deteriorate even further letting these viral infections flourish in my body .

My advice is to simplify everything , get a low stress job that requires some physical activity (delivering pizzas was great for me, and was the only thing I could attempt as I had been pretty much bed ridden for several years ). The biggest step to getting better is keeping a positive attitude and avoiding stress . I wish I knew this stuff several years ago because I developed serious neurological issues trying to self treat candida and parasites . Herpes family viruses are implicated in tons of autoimmune diseases, everything from Arthritis to multiple sclerosis and ALS to Parkinson's .

As far as diet goes I do best with high carb , moderate protein , and low fat /no dairy . Staying active thruout the day is big too , especially after eating . Have goals for each day and a set routine . Get rid of all the supplements and herbs and keep things simple . You can add in supplements as you get better .

Get tested for all 8 of these viruses as well as Lyme disease . Don't do anything drastic trying to cure yourself , keep things simple .


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