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Re: HELP! How many different parasites can one person have? Eek!
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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: HELP! How many different parasites can one person have? Eek!

Hello! It's been a long battle - I think (hope?) that some of this is partially undigested food. I seem to be digesting food much better now but still have the parasites.

I discovered I have flukes after doing coffee enemas - little red tomato peels and some larger ones and tried the herbal route but the cancer link scared me so took two courses of Triclabendazole for a hefty sum! Thanks to this site and Dr. Chieu as it's difficult to come by. Haven't seen any since my last dose - but still need to do a Liver Flush to see if any are hiding in there.

I also believe I have Ascaris - maybe Tapeworm and probably something else (small tiny black worms). I also regularly see black flakes (almost like seaweed or algae pieces, about the size of a penny? and I have NO idea what that is - I doubt it's food I've eaten because I still see it after I did a fast and there was nothing inside me.

I've been tested at clinics multiple times with negative results (like everyone on here!) so it's really hard to say what I have - which makes it doubly hard to treat. I've lived/worked in about 30 different countries in Africa/Asia in the last 15 years - and I'm just not sure where to start anymore! Nonetheless, I zap regularly, adhere to a strict anti-Candida diet (I have systemic candida which is highly linked to parasites) I took herbs for ages (Wormwood/Black Walnut/Cloves) in addition to some anti-fungals for Candida (Oregano, Caprylic Acid) and Papaya Enzymes. I started to see some ropey looking things in my stool and decided to take Albendazole for 2 weeks - I'm halfway through now - feel mildly better but haven't seen anything in stool. I've previously tried Albendazole and Praziquantel together for about a week but had a hard time with the fat consumption required as it made me ill.

My stomach has calmed down the last couple days - not as much popping and fluttering. But I still suffer from systemic candida e.g. vaginal thrush for nearly three years straight now and candida in my stool and urine - and severe gas.

I've developed a few new symptoms - TERRIBLE night sweats where I drench the bed. And a dull chronic pain that moves about in my left abdomen (worm cluster or And terrible, terrible night sweats and foamy urine. I've also developed this horrible chronic pain in my left abdomen - I'm not sure if it's a worm cluster or fecal matter from constipation? And most recently I've been passing huge blood clots in my stool - at first I thought they were flukes but they're just clots. And now I have such severe lower back pain I can no longer do yoga or walk/stand for very long. I've checked with doctors, it's not my kindeys. Either way I'm scared - all this effort seems to be making me worse!

I also worry that with my zapping and herbs and drugs that I'm a) causing liver/kidney damage and b) encouraging scattering. It's easy to get paranoid with this stuff, but I'm just not sure as I can't find a doctor to help me. I've found a parasitologist in London Dr Michael Brown but he's nearly £450 per session and I'm worried he'll just tell me I don't have them with a negative stool sample like the last two doctors did.

I've not given up though - my plan is this:

- Finish Albendazole Protocol
- Conduct Liver Flush
- Do Hulda Clark e's Ascaris Mop-up e.g. L-Cysteine and Ozonated Olive Oil
- Continue Coffee Enemas
- Take Vit D, CalMag, Papaya Enzymes, Milk Thistle and occasional anti-fungals throughout

If you or anyone has any idea on the above let me know! I would never wish this on anyone - and this site has been my foundation in not going absolutely crazy with all this!


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