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the sunrise clinic
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Published: 7 months ago

the sunrise clinic

The sunrise clinic was the correct genius of the late Dr. Hay

A facility where all humans were phone free, food free and educated for 14 days as they experienced the cure for all disease using orange juice and a few other things………located beside the slings that supplied the miracle product that allowed the colon to cleanse………needless to say, when Dr. Hay died, the gov took over and disposed of the facility and last I heard a hotel sets on the location.

ANYONE can make their own home their castle and re-create every best known cure all treatment facility on this entire planet for extremely little cost-----BUT they are not going to shut down their kitchens, their phones and remove all temptations.

Such a clinic would have to block radio waves
take all cell phones away
make sure no staff or anyone had access to non human foods
all patients choose and pay for the treatments they wanted to experiment with.

MOST of these past great treatments cost nothing to do-------such a facility would be all buildings to house the visitors-----they could not be called patients or the world governments would go into melt down and send in the national guard to protect their citizens.

IF you collected all of the past great therapies, from sun, to air, to freedoms in so many ways… could provide them all at very little cost---basiclaly all the cost would be in your buildings and personal AKA BABY SITTERS.

The old fellow I called the amish healer might have dozens of extreme near dead cancer patients dropped off in his driveway over night---and he HAD ONE RULE----you bring your baby sitter and I believe his cost to stay on the property and under go his cure all was $15 per day.

"IF" the dying person ###### or complained at all----he told there is the drive way---get out of here……so the job of your baby sitter was to help you keep your mouth shut and do not bring your worldly complaints into his life…IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, you do it, if you want to complain---get out.

Such a clinic would be legal because there is no drugs, no booze, no surgeries and basically just a hotel with allot of facilities and a lawyer that can protect the facility form the endless crazies that would try to cause harm. A M.D. or Chiropractor could be a liability or a must---depending on how good your lawyers were… is like this:

"IF" you have a dog at your house and some idiot comes and sticks their hand out and your good doggy bites the invading stranger----it is an accident, BUT, if you have a warning sign saying BEWARE of MY DOG--------and that dog then bites someone, your screwed, because you admitted ahead of time your dog would do injury…………..this backwards theory could apply to a clinic, in that if your M.D. and Chiropractor have any $$$, the bad visitor's lawyers could try to sue them.

BUT IN REALITY a true hospital should cost little more than the building to hold the patients…………….because NATURE PROVIDES THE CURES for almost free.


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