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My Bad Breath Cure: Clean Your Tonsils and How to Do It!
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Published: 3 years ago

My Bad Breath Cure: Clean Your Tonsils and How to Do It!

I finally cured my bad breath and want to share the story so others can do the same. I created a website with more info. See my first blog post below.

I had bad breath. It was obvious. First a good friend mentioned it, then a co-worker, then I overheard a few comments and saw people's expressions change when we were talking. Something had to be done. But what? I already brushed my teeth regularly. So I started flossing religiously too. No change. I learned how to check my breath (lick the inside of your wrist, wait 15 seconds, and smell). I was doing it obsessively and realized my problem was even worse than I thought. I even noticed that my breath still stunk right after I brushed. How was that possible? Where was it coming from?

Online research made me question my diet. Should I stop eating cheese? For me that would be a major sacrifice. Garlic? It didn't seem to matter what I ate, the stink was still there. I decided to get my wisdom teeth out, something that had been recommended but never seemed necessary since they didn't bother me. Maybe the pockets around them were trapping food and causing the smell? This seemed like a great theory and I looked forward to ridding myself of the odor.

Unfortunately, the smell only got worse during the healing process and then remained once the holes closed up. What the heck?! Where to from there? I started drinking apple cider vinegar and gargling salt water. You name it, I tried it. But it seemed like the smell was just out of reach for these methods. Finally I read something about tonsils and tonsil stones. After the first time I stuck my finger that far back and caught a whiff of the grossness, I knew I was finally onto something.

I used my finger to remove my first few tonsils stones. I did it in the shower and made myself gag a lot, but every stinky morsel that came out made me want to go back for more. My dentist had given me a mouth syringe after my wisdom teeth were removed, the perfect tool for rinsing tonsils and flushing out tonsil stones. I used it to remove what felt like 20 or more small stones.

Getting more and more familiar with my tonsil area, I pulled the flap of skin that guards the tonsils and found a huge hole. I think years of debris and bacteria were resting in that hole with no escape. I started flushing that hole twice a day with a solution of water and vinegar. Sometimes I would gag a little or my eyes would water, but I didn't care. Within a week, my bad breath was clearing up. I could check it any time of day and it wasn't atrocious. This was a major breakthrough. And it kept improving.

I now flush my tonsils every couple of days. Sometimes I find small stones but usually I just flush out whatever saliva or debris is trapped there. At one point I thought I would have to live with bad breath for the rest of my life, chewing gum, brushing after every meal and avoiding talking too close to people. It amazes me that the solution was so simple, so inexpensive and just sitting there in the back of my mouth the whole time.

Everyone who has tonsils: start cleaning them immediately! Make it part of the routine. I improved the quality of my life with a few simple tools for about $10. I don't know why this isn't common knowledge yet, but hopefully it will be soon. I decided to make a website to tell this story so other people won't suffer as long as I did. #badbreath #tonsils #tonsilstones #itsyourtonsils

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