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Pyrantel Pamoate, pinworms and dog deworming
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Published: 4 years ago
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Pyrantel Pamoate, pinworms and dog deworming

Good for you Stein. Your humor is funny, resurrecting itself, etc.

I don't have any pets now but I did used to have a tiny dog that slept at the foot of my bed. Did not have any problems then but have heard lots of stories of people having their pets dogs and cats sleep near their head, and they end up getting worms and other parasites. Even a form of ear mites, scary.

I would consider deworming your dog as well, especially for any type of pinworms or worms that would come out of the poor dogs anus. Your dog may have a different kind of parasite infestation that may or may not be contagious to humans I don't know. Something to consider to protect you and your dog from reinfecting each other.

Also, I noticed one time a couple weeks ago when, as embarrassing as the graphic detail is, the ear plug started loosening and coming out and there was an itch and I was horrified, because i'm pretty sure that that was a little worm that had snuck out and was trying to lay its eggs. I showered immediately made an entire new plug, and even threw away my underwear. Did not want to take any chances. For you or anyone who uses the soft ear plugs to stop the worms from coming out check every two or three hours to make sure it is not loosening or falling out.

Also, I would advise you, especially since you have a dog, that you get a really cheap mattress bag cover. A plastic one that covers the entire mattress and zips around the sides, you could get a really cheap one on Amazon for a few bucks. As much as I love pets, knowing what I know now, I would never never let any pets sleep on my bed ever again not just to protect myself but also to protect them. If I ever get a dog again they could sleep in their own little tiny bed next to my bed but not on my bed where I sleep, just my opinion.

I just corrected A bunch of typos from my microphone dictation, sorry. Hope I didn't miss anything.

As I learn and research on an almost daily basis, I also just read that there are certain types of Tapeworms specific to different animals such as pigs, the pork Tapeworm makes cysts that have eggs in them and often cannot be killed even with thorough cooking heating, this includes bacon well-done crispy. The cysts are often eaten and people don't even know it. Google PORK CHOPS AND SODA and Watch how someone took two raw pork chops, poured any kind of sugary soda on them and a tray let them sit for two hours and worms started coming out of it. Seriously. I am thinking twice before I eat any kind of meat frankly. apparently one of the reasons why pork or pigmeat these days is because these agricultural farms put cows and pigs in tight cages and stalls where they cannot turn around (sad torture) and thus eat and sleep next to their own poop, which means they ingest and breathe in eggs from the poop. The tidy packaging at the grocery store lies to people to get money...the majority are not 'free range' on some happy grassy hill with flowers. Nope. Warehouse prisons, which eating traumatized meat full of stress hormones cortisol isn't healthy to eat. You'd be safer hunting your own meat. Seriously!

once the Tapeworm cyst has triggered biological responses to start hatching in a very biologically friendly environment, and supposedly pork Tapeworms are the hardest to get rid of and the nastiest.
If it were me I would skip any kind of pigmeat all together. You don't want to see the pictures. Oh, and please please people don't eat sushi anymore, who knows what internal pets you may have. Raw meat is not safe.

And well obviously I cannot guarantee anything and I'm not a doctor, not that they know anything anymore, I really would not even worry about the 4 tablespoons of pyrantel pamoate twice today, it's not the healthiest thing to drink for long periods, but five days is not a big deal. I would guess that the liver would probably start getting irritated after 30 days or more, not that I would ever do that.

If I ever have this crap again, personally I would probably do it for 10 days straight, 8 tablespoons a day because these little bastards are crazy difficult to kill and get rid of. It is possible that some may build up a natural resistance to pyrantel even with one exposure or overtime, so in a way if you have to do a second round it would make sense to double up the number of days.
Of course none of them can build up a resistance to a physical block, such as the ear plug.

Drink plenty of water to help flush things out of the system, wether you are using Pyrantel or not. Don't forget to turn the disposable gloves inside out when you're finished with them so eggs are not launched into the air and close the lid on the toilet when people flush! Sometimes when I have really reflect on all of this, I think how the heck is anyone ever supposed to get rid of this if the Eggs or so microscopic, and can float in the air were people breathe (especially in bathrooms!) or stick on walls and are supposedly viable for up to 3 weeks.. It's craziness.
One time I even pondered if the dinosaurs have pinworms, and pictured a giant tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur rubbing its butt on a tree. Maybe that's what killed the dinosaurs? LOL.

Well stein another people best wishes for your battle stations and contain the infestation and eventually you will win.

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