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Re: finally killed pinworms!!!
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: finally killed pinworms!!!

Hi Jules,
Sorry I'm a bit short on time but wanted to give you a reply. It does not matter if you take oxygen pills, that would not help or hinder pinworms either way. Internally pinworms thrive on sugar, or anything that is converted into Sugar like white bread. Rice doesn't turn into the type of Sugar that white bread does, so it is better as a staple food, but brown rice is even better than white rice. You're safe with quinoa, vegetables, but I would limit the fruit even though that is natural Sugar and is still healthier than processed food and sugar.

If oxygen pills help you keep taking them because like I said it will not make any difference one way or the other with pinworms. When I talked about oxygen in my original post I meant when the female pinworm comes out of the anus to lay eggs on the skin outside of the body. Once the eggs are on warm skin and can get some oxygen with the warmth, only when they have both then they can hatch within 3-5 hours, then crawl instinctively into the anus. They have been around for thousands of years and have infected both humans and animals. It's really gross, but I suppose there are still worse things out there.
I'm not a scientist but I have learned that much.

I think I know what you read when you were talking about how worms could possibly end up being in the nose, very scary thought. I'm sure that is possible but very unlikely unless someone were to literally pick their anus that has eggs or worms get it under their fingernails and then pick their nose. From what I understand, that would be the main way someone can get pinworms in their nose. The only other highly unlikely way of getting worms in the nose would be if they scattered because someone took way too much ivermectin. Ivermectin is technically a horse do you warmer but is very powerful and kills all sorts of worms. I myself took a couple of doses of it when I exterminate on myself months ago. I only took half a teaspoon and not the full syringe of ivermectin, and let me tell you that I felt all sorts of horrible things. I was even worried that I wouldn't possibly go blind from taking too much. I would caution anyone against ivermectin or same actor in gold which is supposed to be even worse because of its carrier substance that even kills horses sometimes. Ivermectin is theorized to scatter parasites all over the body because they literally are running away from the source that's killing them. But I seriously doubt that they would end up anywhere above your neck .

Of course I don't know you, but I've had nothing but good results with the protocol I described in all of my posts. I strongly recommend the pirate until paranoid as it paralyzes the majority of the worms and at least has a slowing of facts on the bigger stronger ones. If you follow the dosage of 8 tablespoons per day 12 hours apart, for five days in a row that would probably destroy the majority of them. Then you just have the bigger stronger ones that survived but there are fewer in number. And then just follow the protocol that I followed. I have not had any scattering as they call it.
I also recommend pure tree resin organic Turpentine two days in a row 2 tablespoons each day mixed in plane honey as bait. It kills them. Be careful with Turpentine though I would not go more than two or three days in a row and then give your body a break for at least two or three weeks. I've heard stories of people doing 20 times more than I did with Turpentine and they are still alive and well, I'm just more cautious.

A lot of people apparently are like me and garlic can bring their skin so they very careful about that. I've also read stories of people using Teatree oil for something completely different and left it overnight and it burns their skin. So yes there are things you need to be careful about regarding oils. But coconut oil is the most amazing incredible stuff.
I have been putting coconut oil in and around my anus for more than two months now and I have very healthy skin there and it's very soothing and is good for skin. At least human skin. I would never be afraid of eating or wearing coconut oil so to speak. If there are other oils that you were considering putting in the anus, I would be very careful. Research it.

Coconut oil is totally safe though inside and out!
Hope you feel better.


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