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Re: finally killed pinworms!!!
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: finally killed pinworms!!!

Well I would keep consistent on my dosing schedule of 4 tablespoons of Pyrantel pamoate around 7am and then the other 4 tablespoons around 6:30-7pm. I really believe that this twice a day kept them very weak for five days in a row, which is also good as I had the advantage of having them very weakened and mostly paralyzed (except maybe the bigger stronger ones just slowed), and then added on the rest of the strategy whether it be Turpentine on top of it, and or other anti- parasite meds like Wormwood , ParaGard liquid which is a combination of Wormwood and other meds.
I also would make sure to eat plenty of fiber such as beans, any kind of rice but especially brown rice is better, because as they are weakened and or paralyzed they cannot hold onto the colon very well and then come out with somebody's poop. Gross but very effective.
I just viewed it as I will sense the change in the reaction in my colon and adjust my strategies accordingly. That's really all I have left to answer, the rest is up to you and everyone else who reads this. Feel free to drink as much straight black coffee as possible, as it helps the colon go number two.add in fresh cloves to chew or even put in your coffee. Raw cloves are almost as good as garlic, and all worms, not just pinworms absolutely despise and hate cloves. Think of cloves as little bombs that knock them out and leave them mystified And horrified. So really there is no rule about adding other meds, like Wormwood , or garlic and cloves, just lay on the strategies as much as you can together to just destroy the crap out of them. With every layered strategy on top of pyrantel, you're just getting rid of more and more of them. I think I already wrote this in my original post, but be very aware that also during this time there may be one or two adult ones that in my opinion or in a panic and will desperately try to come out and lay their eggs as they sense their numbers are seriously diminished. I'd say by the third or fourth day of Pyrantel pamoate expect that one might try to come out in desperation, especially during the day, as they are smarter than you would think and are sensing that maybe they have an opportunity during the day instead of just at night.
I didn't experience much in the day unless they were desperate or confused after a few days of nonstop Pyrantel, but when they did try they were very aggressive about it, I think because they realize they were the last ones.
Like little wormy nazis, expect them to be merciless and send out their strongest. Then just pour on (drink-eat) more of whatever extra you have....garlic, turpentine, cloves, wormwood, etc. Still keep the hygiene routine consistent though, because even if you get rid of whatever's left in your colon, and they don't lay any more eggs, there could still be some previous eggs that are tiny and microscopic and are all over the toilet seat, or any areas around laundry that might've been exposed, as I have read they are light enough to float in the air, really scary.
So be aware of handling underwear items very slowly and carefully and better to put them in a separate bag and then very gently put in the washer and dryer. I would also recommend daily either spraying bleach all over the toilet seat and especially the underside of the toilet lid where flushed dirty water jumps upward during the flush, assuming you are wise enough to close the lid before flushing the toilet as worm eggs could be launched in the air everywhere otherwise. Carefully with gloved hands, spray all over the toilet lid seat, and underneath the toilet lid, and even inside the toilet with spray bleach or rubbing alcohol to kill any microscopic warm eggs. The toilet area is probably the most likely place that you could get reinfected and have a whole new batch of worms start in a couple of weeks. So I would use gloves, paper towels to throw away and let the alcohol rubbing alcohol or spray bleach let either one sit on the toilet to kill eggs for at least 2 minutes. Then wipe off with paper towels and throw them away, inside a plastic grocery bag is better and safer.
A few weeks ago I read on a different block that a man who works in a lab had tried to destroy the microscopic eggs using various substances and I will quote him he said they were "hard to kill and hearty". He was astonished at how difficult they were to kill. Apparently the eggs have some little outer shell but it's difficult to penetrate. I also added to my cleaning regimen after I use the spray bleach all over the toilet white distilled vinegar. I would also consider doing the same with spray bleach or rubbing alcohol, again wearing disposable gloves the entire time, all over your bathtub and shower handles, and maybe even your interior shower curtain to be safe. Be encouraged to wipe down doorknobs and light switches.

And definitely, definitely put your toothbrush inside a little plastic bag inside a drawer or cabinet. Imagine flushing the toilet and little eggs fly everywhere and then end up on your toothbrush were you would ingest or inhale them all over again, you want to avoid that. Protect your toothbrush carefully. Don't leave out cups in your bathroom that you might use to swish water in your mouth, put those in a plastic bag inside your cupboard or cabinet to be safe.

I will say that eating garlic (raw is good if you can tolerate it, but it set off my nerves and burned my throat, so I had to cook mine. You can also mix in chopped little pieces of garlic and olive oil to help protect the stomach lining.
Garlic but it set off my nerves and burned my throat, so I had to cook mine. You can also mix in chopped little pieces of garlic and olive oil to help protect the stomach lining. Garlic is also very helpful with any parasites and was even noted as an ancient remedy by Hippocrates himself thousands of years ago. Avoid the sugar, including white breads, unless it's Sugar or honey bait mixed in with organic pine tree resin Turpentine to destroy the little bastards. Archaeologist and scientist have apparently found evidence of pinworms and their unhatched eggs inside dead people such as the Essenes in ancient Israel, and apparently even before that. So these little monsters have been around for thousands of years, probably because people and animals did not realize that they're a little thousands of microscopic eggs can actually float in the air or end up sticking to external surfaces and then the person or animal keeps getting reinfected over and over.

Be as paranoid as you want, wipe down walls, doorhandles, light switches, or especially anything in your bathroom. It can only help you. Make sure that you spray the tub from the back to the middle to the end down the drain to make sure and wash out any potential eggs that might've been washed off of your body. Be vigilant because these little creatures can turn into populations and become harder to deal with, but if you use the above strategies, I hope within a month you will feel like you probably have no more pinworms, and send the little bastards to hell.
Consider disposable gloves one of your best friends in life, it will make a difference.
Good luck.

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