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Re: finally killed pinworms!!!
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: finally killed pinworms!!!

Hi, well I suppose you had a different physical response to Pyrantel pamoate, although The first day I took it I felt some nausea and discomfort but it went away. The medicine itself is not exactly the best thing to take throughout the year or anything, but I would really suggest taking the 8 tablespoons per day for five days in a row, if you are able, and see what happens. If you take all 8 tablespoons at once on each day,

i'm sure it will help regardless, but I just don't know that it will work as well as it did for me spacing it out every 12 hours. For me I just feel it's spreading out the doses that would weaken the worms and keep them weakened 5 days in a row so your body has a chance to expel them, at least most of them.
This medicine is meant to paralyze pinworms so they cannot hold onto the colon anymore and naturally get flushed out with bowel movements. So I would weigh all of that and then of course that's up to you, if you try it I would definitely drink a full glass of water after you drink some of it for your dosage. I think the 5 days in a row paralyzed so many more worms then just one or two days dosing that only paralyzes some of the worms but then lets many of them come back in numbers fairly quickly because it doesn't keep them paralyzed. I feel that the five days is really important because it keeps them so weak that the majority of them start getting flushed out of your body and then you're left with only a few stronger ones to deal with. You also might want to remember that with less worms, there will be less egg laying. If they are allowed to just roam free basically, there is more mating inside the colon which leads to more females getting pregnant. It is really disgusting to know that the worms are not just living in the colon, but mating inside The colon, eating your food, as well as pooping inside your body and releasing their horrid toxins inside the colon. All of this irritates the lining of the colon and your health in general as the immune system doesn't know what to do as it overwhelmed.
They also say that the colon affects more than digestion, it also creates serotonin just like the brain does, it also affects emotions and magnifies other conditions neurologically. The colon is similar to the spine in that it is a major component of our body that affects our every day quality of life.

I also think that by using 5 days in a row continuously, weakens all of them, even the stronger bigger ones, because going a little overboard with dosage, they have no chance to recover and get so weak. I'm sorry if it seems I'm repeating myself. Sometimes literally as my microphone dictation sometimes types out what I just said a second time, and I have no idea why sorry.

because Pyrantel paralyzes most pinworms except the strong ones, the smaller ones are too weak to hold onto your colon anymore and that you can just flush them out by going to poop.It also gives more days to have the opportunity to poop out the dead ones, sorry for the graphic nature of the topic. all of them. It also gives more days to have the opportunity to poop out the dead ones, sorry for the graphic nature of the topic.

As far is the final solution, that was doing the 5 day Pyrantel pamoate a second time, and in the midst of that dosage strategy, adding in the soft Earplugs 24 hours a day, unrelentingly except showers or removing the anus plug to poop.
Using the cut off clean glove finger (with foamy soft ear plug inside it) and inserting it about an inch into the anus to literally block any worms trying to come out to lay eggs. You will know that it is in the right place to block them because the little muscles around the beginning of the anus will move slightly and it will naturally be pulled and just maybe another half-inch by the body, which is a good sign that it's in the correct place to block the worms.
This makes a complete and tremendous difference, as any eggs in your home can last up to three weeks and if they are inhaled or ingested somehow, you have to repeat the process.
but if you are using the blocking anus method there are no more fresh cycles of new eggs and any current eggs that are already out will die within three weeks or less. Be very aware of the possibility of touching the door knob or other object especially in the bathroom, and then making the mistake of using your bear finger after that to rub your eyes, or use your hands to eat. If your bare hand touch something that has eggs on it that are not visible to the naked eye, then whatever you put your hand on like food, will go back inside of you to reinfect and start the whole process again. I put almost everything away in my bathroom with very few items left on the counter, because when the toilet flushes even with the lid closed, a few eggs can still get sent out into the air on the sides of the toilet, so I wash my hands carefully and use paper towels to wipe them dry and then threw it away. This is better than using a hand towel that could have just a few eggs on it that were launched from the toilet flushing. I would also put your toothbrush inside of a little plastic bag inside a drawer, the last thing you want is to brush your teeth with eggs on your toothbrush. It gets really annoying how many things you have to do to prevent getting eggs on your fingers or inhaling them.

The only other sad possibility is that if someone else in your home has pinworms and they don't know it or they don't treat themselves to get rid of them, the eggs from them can reinfect you. Especially if you have sex, eggs from their anus could get transferred to you. The eggs only continue farming and then hatch within a few hours if they are on a warm oxygen rich environment on the skin. If they were just on the walls or floor etc. there is no warm and biological stimulation for them to hatch. I think that being on the skin signals the eggs to start the completion process of hatching and then instinctively crawling into the anus. I still don't understand how these creatures even involved, but it's really gross. They've been around for thousands of years apparently.

So you really need to treat anyone who lives in the household with the same technique. Unless they are a child under the age of 14, then I would ask a doctor you trust. Maybe a smart doctor would say cut dosage in half, I'm not sure. Otherwise the entire whole cycle starts over again. That's why I think it's best to use the earplugs in the anus for at least a month or more, so that there are not any new or fresh eggs to worry or wonder about. Treat other people that might have caught the eggs and are now also infested. The last thing you want is for your spouse, or whoever and then you continuously re-infecting each other for years. And I have read this thing, he's disgusting creatures, can literally continue for years. That's why it is so important to just bite the bullet so to speak go through the five days and just 'bomb' the hell out of these freaks with all the force you can muster. If I ever get these again I'm combining everything all at the same time. I would probably even toss in the ParaGard and chewing fresh cloves and getting some Wormwood just to absolutely massacre the creepy bastards. You can even add in garlic, just put it in something like all of oil because it can burn skin or a little bit of the throat and tummy. It is not permanent, but it really can burn if you're not careful with garlic. I tried eating raw garlic and my whole upper body was revolted and it was very painful and took me a day to get better. However you can always cook garlic and a little fry pan, let it cool and then put it in a little bit of olive oil and then eat it. Garlic is a remedy for just about anything .

But never put a garlic in your anus, that would burn your skin and be very painful. Carrots, or carrot juice is also supposed to make worms very sick. Some people try pineapple fasting, but I was too afraid of the Sugar in it. Pineapple contains bromelain which is supposed to help kill some worms. You can also eat coconut of course like I mentioned in my original post. Coconut is so amazing.

If you add in turpentine, that's excellent. From my learning and from my experience, drinking 2 tablespoons of Turpentine (with bait) per day for about three days in a row accomplishes a similar feat: it keeps hitting at the worms over and over and they become so weak and they cannot hold onto the Colon anymore and they become very sick as well, so it is very difficult for many of the worms to hold onto the colon and then again just get flushed out and poop.
It's sort of like throwing little pebbles at a vulture that's perched on the fence, it really doesn't knock it off it just irritates it. But if you threw a bunch of big rocks five days in a row, it's going to fall down injured and struggles to hold onto the fence since it becomes weakened. Not that I don't appreciate birds, but that is a simile I can think of.

Pinworms are smarter than they would seem, and the few stronger ones that are left after Turpentine and Pyrantel pamoate will be very aggressive as the sense that they are the last ones. These creatures are very sturdy and in a way scary.
One night I even felt what I believe is a bigger one literally trying to push against the side of the ear plug to get past, but it could not. The ear plugs are soft enough to not hurt the anus, yet big enough to block pinworms because they fill basically the circumference of the anus itself. Frankly if someone feels like one is not going to block the entire anal tunnel, that I would just put two plugs together in one little cut off glove finger and do the same thing, to make sure that the anus is completely blocked and pinworms cannot come out to lay eggs ever again.

It's not that hard to get used to, a little awkward At first, but then as it starts working, it's like euphoric relief that these little disgusting creatures can no longer hijack my body. More of my dignity returned. More hope for a normal life returns. What's 5 days if you can get that accomplished. The alternative of doing nothing is frightening and unthinkable to me.

They can lay hundreds, and some say even around 1000 or more eggs every single night. Do the math on that and imagine an entire colon being infested with hundreds of pinworms. Then it would be even more difficult and take even longer with more repeated dosages to get rid of them and get their numbers down.

Only taking one day of Turpentine might do a little bit of good, but nothing like three days turpentine in a row of bombing the hell out of them with it. Also the more turpentine you drink with honey or Sugar as bait, the more worms you will expel.
I liked waiting until the morning when I have not eaten for many hours and they are also hungry themselves. That way when they sense Sugar in honey or the sugar by itself (powdered sugar), they want to eat, but then start realizing that they're being poisoned and it's too late for them.

It is really important to add bait to the turpentine, as they will sense that the turpentine is not food or edible without bait. Their appetite for sugar or something very sweet like honey is very tempting for them and they will start eating it and that will poison them and kill many of them.

I would say someone could go even for five days with turpentine 2 tablespoons per day, on top of the Pyrantel but then I would give the body a break for a week after that. From what I have learned I would not take more than 2 tablespoons of turpentine for more than a 3-5 days in a row maximum. Then wait a week to give your body a break. At most I would only do three turpentine strategies in one month and then give your body a break for a few weeks . Basically the same amount of time you use turpentine, should be the same amount of time that you give your body a break from turpentine. I researched everything I could on the Internet, and even watch peoples YouTube videos of them showing dead creatures in their toilet after using turpentine.

If you take turpentine make sure you get the kind that has no other ingredients in it. It is different from turpentine that one would buy the paint store for example, that is not safe. The organic turpentine is 100 percent Pinetree resin.

To simplify you can think of it like this:

the Pyrantel pamoate for 5 days in a row Takeaway hiding places for 'soldiers of the enemy' (worms) leaving them completely vulnerable, weak, or already shot to speak.

The turpentine with honey or sugar bait, poisons those remaining soldiers and makes them fall down and they are helpless, with the exception of the last few that happened to be the strongest ones, but even the strongest ones remaining will still be a lot weaker than they would've been without the dosage. You now have the advantage over the last remaining ones.

The physical blocking using the soft earplugs in the anus with some coconut oil (vermifuge that dissolves the top layer of their skin discouraging them from crawling past the circle of coconut around and in the anus) is what will neutralize and render helpless the remaining strong ones that cannot get out anymore to lay eggs.
surround them with a metaphorical brick wall (plug in anus that they cannot get through,) and the lifespan even of an adult pinworm Is not very long, so they have nowhere else to go and will just die behind the brick wall (plug).

To be sure I would do the anus plugging for at least three weeks or a month. Then the last remaining ones (and the most aggressive and smart, seriously...will finally die and they will just come out eventually in the toilet dead, and hopefully you will have the same success I did.

If it were me, I would rather choose to have 5 days of some nausea or temporary discomfort to put an end to stubborn pinworms, or they can go on for months and even years from what I understand. Using the ear plugs after that or even along with it, it's just sealing their doomed fate and protecting you so that they don't keep laying fresh eggs out but keep the cycle going.

If you think your body can handle it, I would even do all three at the exact same time especially if you have a more heavy infestation. This will be massacring most of them.

Whether it is you or someone else that might be reading this in the future and you feel desperate to get some control back instead of feeling like worms are taking over your body and your quality-of-life, I would not hesitate to do turpentine, on top of /within the five days of pyrantel pamoate, and at the same time start the anus plugging and just continue from there. That would be like dropping the atomic bomb on them.
You can decide what your body can handle according to how you're feeling, but do remember that parasite die off symptoms vary per individual and depending on the type of parasite from what I understand. You may feel nauseated and a little sickly for a few days, but that just means they're released toxins and creating a little flatulence, tummy feeling a little weird sometimes, maybe a headache, although some people don't get any headaches, and in my opinion is so totally worth it for the quick results. What they call die off symptoms, including the gases that are released as they die, are all signs that you are succeeding in killing them. I am braced my minimal die off symptoms as relief that it was working for me.

If you only do a couple days of Pyrantel Nd nothing else It's like taking nail clippers in to a gun fight.
Make major effort's to weaken the heck out of these creatures...I would say bring a tank with you to the gun fight and just blow them away!!

hope that helps.

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