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finally killed pinworms!!!
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Published: 5 years ago

finally killed pinworms!!!


If you have pinworms, read on, I have spent almost 4 months fighting this battle, with some things helping immensely, but I just found the final solution and the worms that are remaining are all dying now/dead!!!

I started a few months ago with the typical pinworm dosage of Pyrantel pamoate (1 ounce, then another ounce 2 weeks later which only stunned them for a day or two at most) and it only worked for two days and came right back, just like lots of other people on many forums have also mentioned. I then got food grade diatomaceous earth powder, and using only disposable gloves each and every time, I gently placed some food grade DE around and slightly in my anus. I felt some difference immediately that night but the smaller worms did not seem to be affected as much as the bigger pinworms. when I say a bigger pinworm, I mean about an inch long. I saved one after scouting it out of the toilet with a plastic spoon and put it in a airtight sealed plastic bag, this was not poop or food, it is clearly a worm. So disgusting.

I tried consuming liquid ParaGard (pretty good at stunning them for a week but only while you are taking it daily, they come right back when you stop taking it), along with Wormwood , and actually eating raw cloves and garlic as well, which all seem to help weaken them tremendously, but still some survived. I think these liquid herbal remedies do help, but I don't know that they cure. There is certainly nothing wrong with adding them to your regiment of battle with horrible pinworms. It is far better to keep them weakened as you do the rest of the following, which I feel now After reading so many other people's stories and struggles, and experimenting on myself using various methods including ideas from other people that helped them. This is a very long posting, but I wanted to give back and help other people, because I know when I was desperately searching for help, learning from other people's successes and failures and just their stories really helped me. Well this is a very long explanation, this will definitely give you relief and help, And VICTORY!!!


TURPENTINE organic tree resin: I ordered a small bottle from a company in the southern United States that exclusively produces this with no other chemicals. Please do not go to a paint store and get Turpentine paint thinner, because that has added chemicals that can really harm your body. However organic Pinetree resin only Turpentine does not hurt you and kills other parasites besides pinworms. Be sure when you take a spoonful of Turpentine that you add half a teaspoon of granulated Sugar or simple honey. Sugar or honey literally acts as WORM BAIT and they start devouring the sugars and eat the turpentine along with it before they know what happened to them. Try to drink as much water as you can, at least one full glass of water right after the turpentine should help get it rolling through your system. That is what you want. I had 2 tablespoons of this pure turpentine mixed in with half a teaspoon of honey once a day for three days then stopped. On the first day I had a tiny Tummyache and odd feeling in my colon, but it did not really hurt. It went away after a couple of hours. At the end of the second day, after the second dose, I went number two in the bathroom looked in the toilet, and was grossed out by what I saw, it look like a small mound of jelly like glob substance, and it was not food.
At the end of the third day, when I went number two again and using a plastic utensil again in the toilet (wearing a medical mask so DONT INHALE POSSIBLE EGGS FROM The TOILET!) I pulled out a 2 inch long fully formed intact worm that was dead. I waited five days to give my body a break so I did not experience too much die off symptoms, such as a light headache, or feeling nauseated, mixed in with wonderful feelings of renewed energy, which really illustrated to me that this old remedy of organic turpentine that was used for centuries before apparently really does work.
However, as I learned the hard way, even being a clean and hygienic person, the pinworm eggs can float in air and end up on walls, in the air in the bathroom, etc. So a new batch came about and I repeated the turpentine, and i Think it again killed about half of them, but still not all of them, as I suppose the strongest one survive. That is slightly problematic but I learned how to overcome it...See next item here... by the way, be advised, pinworms are smarter than you think. It's really scary that they are not as dumb as I initially believed. They are very aggressive when they think their numbers are dying off, so be a prepared psychologically and emotionally. These creatures are trying to hijack our bodies, eating our nutrients first, before our college n can absorb them, meeting inside the colon, and using the anus as a tunnel and then laying eggs on the skin next to the anus. It is gross and horrifying. These creatures are trying to hijack our bodies, eating our nutrients first, before our colon can absorb them, mating inside the colon, and using the anus as a tunnel and then laying eggs on the skin next to the anus. It is gross and horrifying.
It is OK to cry, I know I have, but then I got really mad. Prepare yourself that this may take up to a month. Don't give up the fight, if you are careful in how you do things and very disciplined, you will win. You can eventually kill off all of them.

PYRANTEL PAMOATE 4 tablespoons TWICE A DAY, for 5 Days: THIS PARALYZES PINWORMS!!! So basically 8 tablespoons per day, the first 4 tablespoons in the morning, and the last 4 tablespoons in the evening. With or without food. I only felt slightly nauseated from this on the first day, but then after that it has zero effect on me, which was good. You will need to order a large bottle from Amazon or eBay or a separate company online. I got a 16 ounce bottle for about $22. I am so glad I did this. This is the exact same ingredient in over the counter 1 ounce pinworm treatment, or the exact same prescription from a doctor that is again just 1 ounce of the same ingredient, and you don't really even need a prescription for it anyway. You can get the same 1 ounce bottle over the counter or from the doctor. The problem is that they only suggest dosing 1 ounce once a week for 2 weeks, which is like sprinkling a glass of water on a house fire, it does barely anything.
So instead of spending a couple hundred dollars buying 16 to 20 bottles of 1 ounce from Walgreens or Rite Aid, you just need to which is like sprinkling a glass of water on the fire, it does barely anything. So instead you just order a bigger bottle and save buy A generic larger bottle and save like $170 approximately. You do not need a prescription for this. You do not need a doctor for this. I also did this full bottle of pyrantel pamoate strategy a total of two times in five weeks (5 days of 8 total tablespoons). This is in my opinion half of the cure.

It is a very important part of my success. Very few worms survived this and most came out in my poop. There was one moving in the toilet, next to all of it's disgusting little buddies that were all dead. It was so liberating. It was also very motivating that what I was doing was actually working and killing them off.

However there were still some that survived, to my frustration. Apparently I am not the only one who is experienced this, where some of the worms or somehow biologically able to build a resistance to this ingredient, or they are just very strong worms that weakened greatly nonetheless.
At night, and to my horror sometimes during the day, I could feel the sudden itching from a worm coming out to lay eggs around my anus. The itching feeling is actually them wriggling their bodies violently to expel 1000 eggs nightly. You can YouTube it, although it might give you nightmares. Itching is a danger sign that the worm has already laid its eggs on your skin.

I was also horrified on a few occasions, when at first I thought it was my imagination, but realized later it was true that a very slow and confused pinworm crawled up my back and try to lay eggs in the middle of my back and it was sudden intense itching. I got a powerful shower spray nozzle and started spraying not just my whole body, but even spring up my anus twice a day in the morning, and before bed. Which really helped a lot. After my second round of using my strategy dosage, I only felt a pinworm or to moving much slower than before trying to lay eggs at night only..
after my second round of using my strategy dosage, I only felt a pinworm MOVING MUCH SLOWER than before trying to lay eggs at night only. So the pyrantel pamoate is half the weapon that kills them, leaving only a few and even making the few that survive much slower and much weaker. This gives you much more energy within your body so that it is not struggling and overwhelmed. The pirate until pamoate basically gets rid of about 90 percent of the pinworms with only the strongest left to destroy. So next...

RAW VIRGIN COCONUT OIL: I spent about $40 on a huge jar of raw coconut oil. It is the most wonderful substance I have ever use for my health. It has no chemicals, and is antiviral, antibacterial, AND acts as a VERMIFUGE THAT BREAKS THROUGH PINWORMS OUTER LAYER SKIN!!! I also learned that coconut oil has MCT's which basically boost your immune system, and has a special fatty acid that helps dissolve the outer layer of warm skin. It does not hurt humans at all. It has no chemicals. People even use it as lotion. It is very greasy and might leave panties or pants so but if you put it around your anus. I actually wore a maxi pad, and later simply war depends twice a day, so that the coconut oriole would not stain clothes, sheets, etc. YOU MUST USE DISPOSABLE GLOVES AT ALL TIMES TO APPLY COCONUT OIL (or anything in general) IN And AROUND Your ANUS!! If you do not use disposable gloves, and you are not careful to get out the second or third pair if needed, you could be getting the tiny microscopic pinworm eggs on your fingers, under your fingernails, and your hands and spread them more to yourself all over again. I used vinyl disposable non-late text gloves. I have probably gone through $100 worth of disposable gloves, but know that I kept the infestation at the lowest levels because of that. The coconut oil is very gentle and actually relieving to skin. I started placing a small glob of coconut oil slightly in the beginning of my anus, and gently around my anus and a full circle, so that if any worms came out they would be exposed to the coconut oil and it would disturb the surface of their skin. Now I noticed it was getting to the point of three or four nights a week with no symptoms at all, or a few days a week I could actually feel one or two worms starting to come out of the anus moving around, then actually going back inside as if they were afraid to continue out. How now I noticed it was getting to the point of three or four nights a week with no symptoms at all, or a few days a week I could actually feel one or two worms starting to come out of the anus moving around, then actually going back inside as if they were afraid to continue out. However, well this eliminated even more egg laying, there were still some bigger and strong ones left, but I knew I was winning at least most of the war. Don't be afraid of the bigger ones, when you only have a smaller number to kill, you're actually closer to finally winning. It is actually a good sign. Just imagine doing nothing, and having on only the big ones in there but also hundreds and hundreds of little ones all laying eggs every night. I cannot imagine doing.
That would give them the ability to continuously multiply forever basically. You do not want your colon to be full of thousands of little worms. That would be a worst nightmare. Paralyze the heck out of most of them, and then the stronger ones will be only a few in numbers and you can totally handle them and kill them off.
If I had never done these things, I would have multiple infestations probably have hundreds or more of pinworms living inside me, coming out nightly to lay their disgusting damn eggs, and supposedly within 3 to 4 hours the eggs hatch and the tiny baby pinworms crawl inside your anus and up into your colon, to have the whole cycle starts all over again and ENDLESSLY, it is insane.
Also, very important, be aware that you cannot feel the tiny pinworm eggs that are floating in the air after you pass gas or poop, I decided to get cheap cloth medical masks and wore them in public bathrooms, especially at my work, and especially when handling worn panties or pants laundry. I wore the disposable gloves and a medical mask and carefully moved any underwear and pants that might have a few eggs in them separately. CLEAN YOUR TOILET WITH RUBBING ALCOHOL OR SPEAY BLEACH AND WEAR A CLOTH MEDICAL MASK WHILE CLEANING SO YOU DONT INHALE ANY EGGS! I also would strongly recommend wearing yet again disposable gloves and carefully turn them inside out and threw them away in a separate plastic bag in the trash bin. Do not leave gloves laying around exposed to air that you have used around your anus or the toilet, turn the gloves inside out ! I got a separate large trash bin with a closed wood with a plastic bag inside of it, and I think it's made a big difference not re-infecting myself with stupid worm eggs. You have to be very hygienic and aware of what your hands might touch.

I got a separate large trash bin in my bathroom with a closed lid with a plastic bag inside of it, and I think it's made a big difference not re-infecting myself with stupid worm eggs. You have to be very hygienic and aware of what your hands might touch.

One last thing that's very good about coconut in general. I read that people in India would eat shredded coconut to try and expel worms from their colons. Eating coconut is very healthy for you, whether you have parasites or not. Feel free to research on your own about it.

Last and final protocol to MAKE PINWORMS DIE!!!

This is an experiment I did on myself as a last resort, and it is the one that finally worked! I thought of it when I was really fed up with how I still had a few worms a few days a week, and thought what can I do that can physically block them from coming out And laying their damn eggs.

What can I use that they cannot build up a resistance to? I looked around my bathroom desperate and saw my soft foamy earplugs, and got the idea that saved my ass literally! They should do this at doctors offices or invent something a little easier to put together and make a new pinworm cure with it, because it works! It FINAL SOLUTION...

SOFT FOAM EARPLUGS IN MY ANUS: yes, I actually did this and it worked. I used one glove on my right hand that was clean, put it in my coconut oil jar and got a little bit maybe a dime size of coconut, gently put it about half an inch inside the beginning of my anus just like before, but then turn that glove and find out threw it away, got a second clean glove and cut off one finger of the clean glove, PLACED ONE FOAM EARPLUG INTO THE GLOVE FINGER, and very gently slid it into about an inch up my anus carefully and slowly with the coconut oil so that the skin would not be torn or irritated. And very gently slid it into about an inch up my anus carefully and slowly with the coconut oil so I also noticed that while I do not like anything being inside my anus, but I made an exception this time and it did not hurt, and it was so worth it!! Make sure you are very gentle and careful to make sure the glove finger length you cut off a whole glove is long enough for some of it to be hanging out so you can pull it out when needed. Don't put it so far up that you actually lose it in part of your colon, even though you would probably just poop it out, you do not need to put it way up there. Just about an inch in is enough to block the worms from coming out.
Also, the first few times I accidentally had it fall out in the toilet (ONLY USE A DISPOSABLE GLOVE ON Your HAND TO RETRIEVE IT TO THROW IT AWAY... I would not flush it down the toilet because you don't want the toilet to overflow, even though it may not cause any problems. Never really use an earplug that fell in the toilet, as all of the microscopic germs in toilet water would have already instantly infected the air plug, so just throw it away and get a new one ) when I went to the bathroom, you may need to get a separate glove to wear on your hand, gently pull it out and keep it inside the clean glove, go to the bathroom, wipe yourself clean, with yet another clean disposable glove and repeat the coconut oil process so that it is gentle and glides right in. I used one newly gloved finger to place it about an inch up inside my anus very shortly, and it is only mildly uncomfortable for about 10 seconds. I went through an average of two maybe three separate foamy earplugs per day, including especially wearing one at night. PINWORMS CANNOT MOVE PAST THE EAR PLUG AND IT BLOCKS ALL OF THEIR EFFORTS TO COME OUT, FORCING THE HIDEOUS CREATURES TO SLOWLY DIE INSIDE, AS ADULTS CANNOT LIVE MORE THAN A FEW WEEKS TO ONE MONTH MAXIMUM!!!! NO MORE EGG LAYING!!

The only possible way that the adult worms near the anus could possibly get the eggs out into the air again, and this is a little gross but true, would be if you were naked and farted in/on the toilet. So make sure that you close the toilet lid when you flush the toilet, that Helps minimize eggs that would otherwise float in the air!! Not closing the lid on the toilet when you flush can just launch the little eggs into the air, were you can inhale them, or your spouse who could then get infected and keep re-infecting you, so don't let that happen. Also, if you are using a bathroom at work or public stall, have everything already grabbed it with you to run out of the stall with the door already unlocked as soon as you flush the toilet or you risk inhaling microscopic eggs (ESPECIALLY IF YOU POOPED or farted, eggs are more likely to be around the toilet!!! if that toilet does not have a lid. I would just use my foot to press the flush lever down to minimize my chances or risk. All of these little things add up to help protect you.

I have spent about an hour speaking my words of experience into my phone dictation microphone, so please excuse any typos. I understand that it is so disturbing, disgusting, and horrifying experience to have any worms, any parasites at all.

Those couple of days where I stand and confused pinworm actually crawled out of my anus during the day at work and try to lay eggs in the middle of my back. I went and bought a long arm scrubber to scrub my back, wash carefully in the shower, and later threw it away. I also packed a plastic bag with the following items in a clean Ziploc bags: about 10 disposable gloves in one bag, to depends underwear if needed, and a small plastic bag of about 10 tablespoons of coconut oil in it. This way if needed, I could use it during the day for emergencies. When I say emergencies, I mean if I felt itching I knew that meant a worm was out and laying eggs. This was all before the plugging my butt idea with the soft foam your plugs inside a smooth glove finger in my anus. Yes, it sounds crazy until you do it and see that it's working.

I would also recommend that you clip all of your fingernails pretty short so it is difficult for any eggs to get caught. I became abscessed wearing disposable gloves with almost every bathroom experience both at home and away from home. I feel like it only helped me protect myself more. Every step you take to minimize the chances of eggs floating in the air, you are helping protect yourself and reducing their numbers.

If I were you, I would never never never touch around your anus with your bare finger. NEVER!! Not even in the shower, I would use the shower spray, and or a freshly gloved hand before you touch anywhere near your privates or the anus.

If you were half asleep and you feel one come out and the itching begins, that means that the worm has already expelled it's eggs onto your skin, so be very careful and scratch ONLY through your clothing if you have to.

Otherwise, if you take the 5 days of liquid 8 tablespoons of Pyrantel pamoate (TO PARALYZE MOST OF The WORMS), on top of meticulously keeping the anus PLUGGED BLOCKING WORMS SO THEY CANNOT LAY EGGS 24 hours a day, EXCEPT WHEN GOING PEE/POOP, or SHOWERING), as the very basics of my strategy that finally finally finally killed them.

If you have any questions, you can write to me privately, or post publicly and I will do my best to respond quickly. I cannot even imagine the hell that I would be in if they could just take over and reproduce nightly. I do not want anyone else to have to go through this anymore. Doctors will tell you to just take 1 ounce one day and then repeat in two weeks. From my experience and from reading all the other stories, this never works. All it does is we can them for a day. You have got to take 8 tablespoons a day or even more, to actually permanently disable them to where they are either dead or very very weak and they move much slower. I am sorry to say that while there are some very nice and good doctors out there, the majority of doctors will end up telling you that it is just anxiety, or something stupid like that. I would love to go back to that one doctor I saw and said that the stool test was negative.
Other people stories I have read over and they had the same experience: the doctor told him it was anxiety and the stool test came back negative. What is even more ridiculous is that pinworms would not likely be in the stool as they latch onto part of the colon. What I really appreciate about the pyrantel pamoate is that they can no longer hold onto the colon and get flushed out with poop, and less they are one of the stronger ones.
What I really appreciate about the pyrantel pamoate is that they can no longer hold onto the colon and get flushed out with poop, and less they are one of the stronger ones. I have two separate Ziploc bags with two separate worms that even a month later or still fully intact with tiny little features, especially the bigger one. That is proof in itself. I would skip the doctors and just go straight to ordering the pyrantel pamoate of whatever brand you choose, go to Walgreens or Rite Aid or wherever and buy yourself about three weeks worth of soft foamy earplugs and expect to use an average of two per day, one during the day, and wondering the night. Definitely definitely definitely GET DISPOSABLE GLOVES!!

Get scissors ready to cut fingers off the gloves to also use to put the foam ear plugs inside, it goes in more smoothly, and instead of having gross disgusting little eggs on the foam earplugs, you are better protected with the ear plug inside the vinyl (non-latex, whatever you prefer) glove finger. Don't forget the coconut oil, which you can either buy online or in a health food store to care for the delicate skin inside the anus. That skin may become slightly irritated with daily insertion or removing of the covered plugs. The coconut oil not only ask as a vermifuge to the worms, it also protects your skin from damage. Obviously never put these ear plugs into your actual ears after using them in the anus, I am assuming that that is totally obvious.

If you want to, (ike bombing the hell out of their masses, getting a major battle won) you can always add in even one round of turpentine for a few days, don't forget to add the Sugar or honey bait, its important that the worms start eating the sugar without realizing they are already being poisoned.
Change your diet to exclude processed foods, white Breads and pastas that turn into sugars, and absolutely stay away from any kind of process sugar desserts, candy, soda etc. If you eat dessert, you are basically feeding and empowering the worms. Don't do it or you are just making it worse. The more sugar they have, the more powerful they will get. Think of it this way, vegetables are your new best friends. I ate a lot of cucumber and zucchini in the beginning with tomatoes, and that really helped me get used to it and not be hungry. I then added in beans and more vegetables like peas, green beans, carrots, and any other non-starch vegetables are good.

Try to eat all vegetables with no or very little fruit. Beans, Brown rice and/or quinoa is also good to add. Eat as much shredded coconut to your delight. That can only help you, including coconut milk and or coconut drinks. You can research it yourself and learn about why coconut is so good to each and they marvelous benefits your body receives from it.

Do not drink sugar (NO SODAS!) and absolutely stay away from any kind of processed sugar desserts, candy, soda etc. Try to eat all vegetables with no or very little fruit. Brown rice or quinoa is also good to add. Again please do not drink or eat any sugar!

Supposedly worms can also inject into your colon hormones that signal your brain to crave more sugar to feed them. I am not joking. It is some freaky and scary evil stuff. Be very careful inhaling in public bathrooms, even in your own bathroom, and please save yourself using my suggestions.
It took me around 4 months to learn all this and finally figure this out. You do not have to live with worms crawling out of your ass every night. That is so ridiculous.

It is worth it to spend probably around $100 total or so on these various items and it will change your life for the better. Doctors did not help me. I feel like it actually save some more money to treat yourself. I've also read tons of stories over these months, with everyone basically saying the same exact thing: doctors don't even know what to do, or they don't even believe you. It is pretty difficult to actually catch a pinworm crawling out at night as you were half asleep and they are very tiny and hard to see.

Please be very meticulous and hygienic when wiping your self after poop, wearing a glove is better, or at least using a ton of toilet paper. Don't let your fingers touch any of the skin near your anus for a good six weeks or more. Just to be sure!

Best wishes to all. Be strong, be disciplined, and you will win this war. I did. Good luck everyone.

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