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Re: FLUKE DRUG PROTOCOL: Praziquantel & Albendazole
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: FLUKE DRUG PROTOCOL: Praziquantel & Albendazole

I have/had Tapeworm and fluke also. According to Mattk3, it's vital to get rid of the flukes first.

I have taken multiple rounds of 10-21 days of Albendazole plus Praziquantel interspersed with niclosamide from March-Sep with 7 day breaks in between. I developed pain around my liver at times, but it came on stronger when I was off of the meds and I realized that it was from the parasites rather than drug toxicity. Most of the time it was subtle, but several times the pain around my liver was moderate, but continuing with the meds alleviated it. Liver massage and a good bowel movement often seemed to help.

I'm currently on day 75 of continuous Albendazole plus Praziquantel (I'm 65 kg and taking 200mg Alb + 1200mg Prz 4 times per day for a total of 800mg/1800mg) with Vit D3 plus natural dairy calcium. I've added in Ivermectin the past 18 days. And at times have done itraconazole or ketoconazole to manage fungus. The anti-fungals are synergistic with the Albendazole and I think may have helped get rid of a lost parasite that has been floating around in my chest.

It was about the 33rd day of continuous treatment before I passed flukes. The past few days sensations in my liver area and chest have gone away. I have also had symptoms of something in my head at times. Mattk3 claims high dose vit D3 plus calcium will kill flukes in the brain.

The shorter duration treatments mainly seemed to go around in circles for me. The continuous treatment has also been cyclic in results so far, too, for that matter, except I never noticed dead flukes being passed before. I'm thinking I may need to add in piperazine and diethylcarbamazine along with some supplements as per Mattk3's Ascaris123 document. It does seem like I am passing out less worms and flukes the past week. And there has been a subtle but gradual spiral upwards; emotional and mental symptoms have improved the most with a whole layer of anxiety/depression/mental fog that I didn't realize I was in being lifted. The physical symptoms, however, have been cyclic and I attribute that to parasites fighting back with massive egg dumps that I've not cleared quickly enough.

Enemas have helped. Mattk3 says supplements like MSM and magnesium citrate are helpful, but they are not readily available in my country so I haven't tried them.

So, based on my experience, flukes and Tapeworms are tenacious and the short term treatments weren't effective; and the medications have not created any noticeable toxicity even though I have taken massive quantities of Albendazole and Praziquantel the past 9 months.

Oh, one thing that I did find effective was eating 200 g of unsweetened desiccated coconut (with water) on an empty stomach followed by some sort of laxative (magnesium citrate); an Indian study in Rajasthan found it as effective as niclosamide for intestinal tapeworms. I had massive die-off symptoms when I did it. That might be a good thing to add into your toolbox; the caveat is that it might drive parasites into hiding; so taking it in conjunction with more systemic drugs like albendazole/praziquantel may be a good idea. There is also a woman on youtube that claims that eating a few teaspoons of coconut butter slowly (chewing letting c.b. linger under her tongue) daily expelled liver flukes; that's on my list of things to try.

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